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Native mobile application development is specifically coded for a particular operating system and can provide optimized performance compared to web apps or hybrid apps.


Native App Development Services for Android and iOS Platforms

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As native apps require separate development efforts for each platform, it must be considered carefully when choosing this kind of service.

At Adamo, we can deliver native mobile application development fitting your requirements and budget. Our skilled professionals ensure to bring you a high-quality and seamless integration with other devices’ features native app. Our native app development solutions are installed on Android and Windows.


Explore Our Native Mobile App Development Services that Adamo Offer  

As a premier software development company, Adamo Software has experience working with many business sizes across industries ranging from travel, digital healthcare, fintech to media and entertainment. Besides, we have expertise in working with and using different native mobile app development services. Explore here our services that you can receive when working with us.


Custom Native App Development

We craft bespoke native applications for both iOS and Android environments in various industries. We are confident that our tailored solutions will meet your unique needs and contribute to the success of your business.  


iOS Native Mobile App Development  

For iOS native app development, we utilize Swift and Objective-C, which are highly suitable programming languages within the Apple ecosystem. These languages not only allow us to create robust and efficient apps but also facilitate the maintenance of legacy code, ensuring smooth transitions and updates for your application. 


Android Native App Development

We develop Android-native apps primarily using the official Android languages - Kotlin and Java. We also leverage Android Studio, Gradle and other tools to enhance app efficiency.  Our native app development is geared towards delivering top-notch Android-native apps that meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. 


Quality Assurance and Software Testing 

At Adamo, we prioritize high performance for each solution with our QA processes and software testing. We apply XCTest and XCUITest framework for iOS and JUnit framework for Android, and a combination of automated testing methods for thorough coverage.  

Why Partner with Adamo to Build Lucrative Native Mobile App Development Solutions

Having a wide range of experiences and technological expertise, software engineers at Adamo understand various tech stacks and their applications. Explore here to see how your firms can get benefits when working closely with Adamo team.  

Enhanced Security Measures 

When it comes to developing native applications, security is always our top priority. We implement robust security measures to ensure the safety of your data and user information. Our approach includes secure data transfer, encryption protocols, and effective permissions management, enabling your business to maintain data security with confidence. 

Tremendous Mobile App Solutions 

We offer a range of additional services to complement our native application development, including quality assurance and testing services, UX/UI design, DevOps engineering, as well as the option to assemble a dedicated team for your project. 

Highly Engaging Models

We offer three engagement models depending on your specific requirements. This provides you with flexibility and scalability on choosing among staff augmentation, dedicated teams and end-to-end software outsourcing models.  


Proud of Having Grasped Recognitions Along the Way

It is proved by our efforts and excellent workloads, coupled with the satisfaction from distinguished customers. With its recognition from trustworthy organizations, we continuously believe that our solutions benefit their business performance.  

Process We Follow to Build Native
App Development

Our developers at Adamo have full capacity and strong expertise to unlock the whole AI development process acquired to offer lucrative and cost-effective software solutions.


Requirement Collecting

Document first to ensure clarity and capture clients' requirements.  

Designs, Wireframes & Mockups 

We aid clients to generate an interactive user interface design ensuring user-friendly mobile app.  

Prototype Demo

After finalizing and approving designs, we help clients to create phototype for projects.  

Adapt Changes & Confirmations

Clients can suggest changes in the expected platforms. We'll proceed promptly to confirm that.  

SEO Optimization

At Adamo, we are open to helping clients to promote business by optimizing SEO services, for example.  

Support and Maintenance

We support as for each committed terms in our agreement and offer support monthly or yearly.  


We are ready to help clients with final testing process, UAT, training and deployment and launch as well.


With clients' approvals, we start developing solutions with suitable tech stacks and deliver results  

Native Mobile App Development Frameworks

Apple and Google are likely to provide different sets of native mobile app frameworks and libraries as well that are designated to operate in the iOS and Android operating systems. As being utilized compatible with distinctive languages such as Swift (iOS) and Kotlin (Android), these technological tools provide a great deal of functionalities which are crucial to develop, improve and optimize such native mobile apps. You can see the different frameworks of native mobile app development services:  

iOS Native Mobile App Framework

  • Ulkit
  • SwiftUI
  • Core Data
  • Core Graphics
  • Core Animation
  • AVFoundation
  • MapKit
  • HealthKit
  • SceneKit

Android Native Mobile App Framework  

  • Android SDK
  • Jetpack
  • Android NDK
  • Material Components
  • Room
  • WorkManager
  • LiveData and ViewModel
  • ExoPlayer
  • Google Map Android API

Native Apps vs Hybrid Apps: All You Need to Know

Native and hybrid apps will have their own pros and cons. In certain circumstances, this approach can be preferable than the other. Read here to explore the differences between native apps and hybrid apps.  


Native Apps  

  • Native apps are often generated for platforms. They employ languages, mobile app frameworks and other effective tools that will be used for iOS or Android as well. As they are optimized for these platforms, they can leverage different features for hardware and APIs, along with better responsive performance compared to the non-native mobile apps. They can integrate seamlessly with the design principles and offer user-friendly interfaces.
  • Native apps can perform better as they use features which are unique to each platform. It can connect to different devices’ features like camera, sensors and so on. It helps improve the functionalities and specifically offer better user experiences.

Hybrid Apps  

  • Hybrid apps offer a higher level of flexibility. Developers can use a single codebase for iOS and Android, making the development process more efficient and faster. Besides, it can make the maintenance process easier as any change made can apply for the whole system. Hence, developers can apply new features and implement updates frequently and seamlessly.

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Adamo Software can endorse you to continue handling over your mobile app development projects at any phase and confidently accelerate it forwards  

F.A.Qs related to Native Mobile App Development Services

As a premier mobile app development company ranging from native mobile apps, cross-platform apps to progressive web applications, Adamo is confident in offering you the best and the most optimal mobile app solutions.  

Key benefits of selecting native app development solutions over hybrid solutions?

Native app development services can provide a higher degree of performance, premium user experience as well as entirely accessible to devices’ features compared to the hybrid mobile app solutions. Besides, native apps can interact seamlessly with the hardware and software of different devices, which leads to faster implementation and responsive interfaces. In addition, native apps can be customized and provide more complicated user experiences, coupled with specific designs.

Can native apps be developed for both iOS and Android simultaneously?

Certainly. iOS and Android native apps can be developed at the same time. However, this requires separate development efforts for each platform because they are tied to a specific operating system. Consequently, while this approach ensures the best performance, it can be more costly and time-consuming compared to cross-platform development approaches.

How can performance and user experience be improved in native app development

Native app development improves performance and user experience by leveraging platform-specific optimizations, utilizing device features, providing a seamless user interface, offering offline functionality, and delivering a highly responsive app.

What advanced features allow native app development to enhance user experience?

Native app development offers a wide range of advanced features contributing to an enhanced user experience such as ability to access to device features (camera, GPS, gyroscope), native UX/UI design, sending push notifications directly to users and integration with third-party services.