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Hybrid app development uses native app features and varied capabilities, along with the providing of companies and software engineers on the way to the leverage of HTML5 mobile app development.


Hybrid App Development Services 

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Fundamentally, hybrid apps are considered as native apps that can run most of its user interface in the embedded browser elements. To end-users, native apps and hybrid apps can be undistinguished.

At Adamo, we provide a hybrid app development solution which is robust, feature-stimulated and developed to ensure scalability and security, along with the ability to deal with any business requirements and IT needs.


Discover Top-Tier Hybrid-Web Mobile App Development Services Potential 

At Adamo, we specialize in agile hybrid application development, leveraging cutting-edge features and technologies to provide innovative solutions to meet your business needs.


HTML5 App Development

Our team of hybrid application experts will work closely with you to design and develop secure and highly scalable HTML5 apps that fully align with your requirements and expectations. 


React Native App Development

By leveraging fast development and great performance of React Native platform, our developers bring you a robust, lightning-fast hybrid mobile app. 


Flutter App Development 

Our developers are skilled in harnessing the potential of Flutter, enabling us to create powerful multi-platform hybrid mobile apps without compromising on performance. 


Hybrid App Migration

If you are looking to migrate your existing app from one tech stack to a hybrid app framework, we can help you make the transition effortless, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a hybrid app while maintaining optimal performance.   


Hybrid App Design Services

Our design process begins with a thorough understanding of your target audience, demographics, and user experience requirements. We then create detailed personas, prototypes, and wireframes that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of your end-users.


Hybrid Application Integration 

To supercharge your hybrid app with superior functionalities, we offer integration services with external plugins and services. By seamlessly integrating these elements, we enhance the performance and overall customer experience of your app. 

Why Utilize Hybrid Mobile App Development Solutions? 

Hybrid Mobile App Development Solutions are gaining popular because of its undeniable benefits:  


Enhanced Cost-Effectiveness

  • Hybrid mobile app development solutions are self-evident cost savings compared to building separate apps for Android and iOS platforms.


  • Maintaining a hybrid app is much easier due to debugging different versions. This is because all the code could be stored in one shared repository.

Prompt Deployment

  • As hybrid mobile apps utilize existing web technologies and methods without the need of coding from scratch, it is faster to deploy them.

Speeding-up optimization

  • Hybrid apps feature, with all resources and libraries preloaded into the major package, allowing for faster loading time.

Proficiency Enhanced by Hybrid App Development Technologies  

When it comes to hybrid app development, there are several frameworks available that offer unique advantages and capabilities:  

React Native App Development

React Native is widely regarded as one of the best frameworks for hybrid app development thanks to its various advantages including reusable code, pre-build components, modular architecture and third-party plugin facility.  


Flutter App Development

Flutter is a versatile UI toolkit that allows developers to design visually appealing, and natively compiled hybrid apps for mobile platforms.  


Kotlin App Development 

Kotlin is a modern and widely adopted programming language that is gaining popularity in the hybrid app development space. 
When it comes to hybrid app development, there are several frameworks available that offer unique advantages and capabilities 


Proud of Having Grasped Recognitions Along the Way

It is proved by our efforts and excellent workloads, coupled with the satisfaction from distinguished customers. With its recognition from trustworthy organizations, we continuously believe that our solutions benefit their business performance.  

Process We Follow to Build
Cross-Platform App Development Solutions

Our developers at Adamo have full capacity and strong expertise to unlock the whole AI development process acquired to offer lucrative and cost-effective software solutions.


Requirement Collecting

Document first to ensure clarity and capture clients' requirements.  

Designs, Wireframes & Mockups 

We aid clients to generate an interactive user interface design ensuring user-friendly mobile app.  

Prototype Demo

After finalizing and approving designs, we help clients to create phototype for projects.  

Adapt Changes & Confirmations

Clients can suggest changes in the expected platforms. We'll proceed promptly to confirm that.  

SEO Optimization

At Adamo, we are open to helping clients to promote business by optimizing SEO services, for example.  

Support and Maintenance

We support as for each committed terms in our agreement and offer support monthly or yearly.  


We are ready to help clients with final testing process, UAT, training and deployment and launch as well 


With clients' approvals, we start developing solutions with suitable tech stacks and deliver results  

Obtain Success with Adamo's Hybrid App Development

Adamo Software can endorse you to continue handling over your mobile app development projects at any phase and confidently accelerate it forwards  

Native Apps vs Hybrid Apps

Discover main differences between hybrid apps and native apps as following tables:  

Native App DevelopmentHybrid App Development
TechnologyUtilize platform-specific languages (Java, Swift, etc.)Employ web-based technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
DevelopmentRequire a distinctive codebase for different platformSingle codebase for various platforms
PerformanceHigh performance and responsivenessLower performance compared to native apps
CostVarious codebases leading to high levels of development costsSingle codebase leading to the cost-effectiveness
PlatformDistinctive for each platform (iOS, Android, etc.)Cross-platform compatibility (iOS, Android, Web-based)
User ExperienceUse native user interface elements and featuresConsistent user interface cross platforms lack a native look and feel
AccessibilityFully access to different device feature and APIsLimited access to native features and APIs
Offline ModeRestricted offline functionalityAbility to operate in offline mode

Why Choose Adamo Software as Trusted Hybrid App Development Company?

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced hybrid developers, possessing a deep understanding of various frameworks and technologies. We ensure to deliver top-notch solutions that meet your requirements and expectations, help enhance your business operations.   

Customized hybrid app development solutions

We understand that every business has unique requirements and objectives. That’s why we strive to provide customized solutions with specific features, integrations with existing systems, and a unique design, helping your business set you up for long-term success in the ever-evolving digital landscape. 

Agile methodologies

We follow agile development methodologies, which enable us to deliver projects in a flexible and iterative manner. We prioritize collaboration, adaptability, and quick feedback loops. This approach ensures that we can respond to changing requirements effectively and deliver high-quality hybrid apps within your desired timeline.  

Active support and maintenance 

We provide active support and maintenance services to ensure the smooth functioning and longevity of your app. We understand the importance of keeping your app up-to-date and secure, and we strive to provide ongoing assistance and updates to ensure optimal performance. Our dedicated support team is readily available to address any issues or concerns that may arise post-launch.  

F.A.Qs about Hybrid Mobile App Development Services  

As a premier mobile app development company in Vietnam, Adamo Software has experiences in developing many mobile app cross-industries, explore related issues related to hybrid mobile apps.  

What are the basis concepts of mobile app development?

Mobile apps will be divided into two concepts of Native App and Hybrid App. Particularly, native apps are smartphone built explicitly for mobile application operating systems. Meanwhile, hybrid app is a web-based app that utilizes HTML5, and JavaScript used in the native containers and loads most of the data on those pays as a user navigate.

What are the benefits of hybrid apps over native apps?

Maybe the biggest merit of selecting hybrid apps over native apps is a reduction in development cost. Businesses do not have to build another application to deploy and operate on different platforms. Besides, hybrid apps developed by Adamo Software, a premier mobile app development service can function efficiently on various platforms and reduces the marketing efforts and costs. Additionally, hybrid apps can remove the essentials of interface directly with mobile devices.

What are types of hybrid apps that you can develop? 

Our skilled hybrid app developers specialize in developing various applications for many industries such as healthcare, fitness, financial services, e-commerce and online shopping, travel and more.

What are hybrid apps and how are they different from iOS and Android operating systems?

Hybrid apps are the combination of both native and web-based applications. Hybrid applications are fundamentally created on HTML 5 and JavaScript, and then it is included in native container functionalities to access various native platform features.