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Our experienced cross-platform app development services put client requirements at the heart of our business model. We prove our expertise by delivering apps with cost-effectiveness, scalability, and versatility. 


Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Services 

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At Adamo, we are confident in delivering cross-platform mobile app development solutions that fit diverse business requirements and budgets. Our skillful software engineers can ensure to bring you the most optimal and high-quality software solutions. Additionally, it can seamlessly integrate with different features of devices when developing cross-platform mobile apps.

Unlike native mobile apps, cross-platform development gives the app an ability to run in multi-platform. If hybrid app development is also solution to expand app scalability in other platforms. Cross-platform app development also has its own advantage when offering different UI for each platform to boost the user experiences.


Dig Into Our Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Solutions Adamo Provide

For many years, cross-platform development was on top of our mobile app development services based on clients’ choices. Our striking cross-platform mobile development delivers a quality-rich app with great UX/UI designs and attractive features sets. As an outsource mobile app development company, we can offer a wide range of options for your projects with a quality and delivery time guarantee.

Cross-platform development aims to create a single software application that can run identically on iOS and Android operating systems. As a premier software development company, Adamo has experience in working with different mobile app development solutions. Explore our cross-platform mobile app development solutions at Adamo.


Strategy and Consulting 

With a profound industry-specific expertise and technical knowledge, Adamo team helps you to beat speed bumps on the way to success in the market.  


Cross-Platform App Design

Our development team can excel at designing custom UI/UX that can have positive impacts on attracting target audiences across platforms.  


Responsive Web Apps

Build mobile apps that can have a single codebase with a feature of interaction UI for experienced users towards any mobile device being utilized.  


Cross-Platform App Migration

Keep existing data and make sure a secure migration of the mobile app and cross-platform web apps to a wide range of single codebase structure and framework.  


Cross-Platform App Supporting

At Adamo, we offer cross-platform mobile app supporting and maintenance services helping guarantee the most optimal and reliable performance.  


Cross-Platform App Upgrading 

Ensure your mobile app will be up to date with different latest advancements with our cross-platform development services to stay ahead in the market.  

Why Partner with Adamo to Build Lucrative Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Solutions

Adamo provides professional and skillful cross-platform app development services fitting every unique requirement. We analyze each project and custom our expertise based on the nature of clients' needs. We have the full capacity to deliver software outsourcing solutions from the beginning to the end. 

End-to-end cross platform app development 

We are home to dedicated developers, UX/UI designers, testers, QA engineers with in-depth experience in cross-platform development. We serve you the full cycle of the app development process from gathering ideas, wireframing, designing, developing, testing, Quality controlling and releasing. You can get full reports of the development progress whenever you want by communicating with our team. 

Experienced cross-platform app developers with a competitive rate

We launch our business in Vietnam with a rich source of talented software developers and affordable labor costs. Our cross-platform development serves at competitive rates while keeping the high-quality and functionality of the app. Our development team understands the process and skillset of cross-platform development to apply them creatively to your projects. 

Keen client conversation and Agile development methodology

We respect Agile and Scrum development to speed up development time and eliminate errors. Taking on a unified and completed process, Adamo dedicated developers enjoying high appreciation from clients for their high performance in work. A project would be divided into sprints that you can handily add enhancement for boosting the productivity and capacity of the team. 

Add-on Maintenance and support services

You have our promises of offering preventive support services throughout and after the project execution. Your cross-platform apps and infrastructures could be maintained as our add-on services to ensure our work satisfies your plan. The technical support period highly depends on each project condition and signed software development contract. 
IV. Proud of Having Grasped Recognitions Along the Way  
It is proved by our efforts and excellent workloads, coupled with the satisfaction from distinguished customers. With its recognition from trustworthy organizations, we continuously believe that our solutions benefit their business performance.  


Proud of Having Grasped Recognitions Along the Way

It is proved by our efforts and excellent workloads, coupled with the satisfaction from distinguished customers. With its recognition from trustworthy organizations, we continuously believe that our solutions benefit their business performance.  

Process We Follow to Build
Cross-Platform App Development Solutions

Our developers at Adamo have full capacity and strong expertise to unlock the whole AI development process acquired to offer lucrative and cost-effective software solutions.


Requirement Collecting

Document first to ensure clarity and capture clients' requirements.  

Designs, Wireframes & Mockups 

We aid clients to generate an interactive user interface design ensuring user-friendly mobile app.  

Prototype Demo

After finalizing and approving designs, we help clients to create phototype for projects.  

Adapt Changes & Confirmations

Clients can suggest changes in the expected platforms. We'll proceed promptly to confirm that.  

SEO Optimization

At Adamo, we are open to helping clients to promote business by optimizing SEO services, for example.  

Support and Maintenance

We support as for each committed terms in our agreement and offer support monthly or yearly.  


We are ready to help clients with final testing process, UAT, training and deployment and launch as well 


With clients' approvals, we start developing solutions with suitable tech stacks and deliver results  

Tremendous Merits of
Cross-Platform Development

Cross-platform technology has allowed enterprises to create customized systems, software solutions and resources that can be employed on different platforms, which makes them easily accessible to a widening audience.  


Efficient development process

  • Building a cross-platform mobile app can be money-making, enhancing innovative development practices such as code re-using and deploying strategies for cost-savings.

Maximizing ability to expose

  • By creating a cross-platform app development, you can easily access both operating systems on iOS and Android, along with an improved potential to reach larger users throughout the world.

Easy-to-deployment process

  • With the single codebase, cross-platform mobile app solutions can work with many platforms, thus, maintenance and deployment will be easily streamlined, enabling enterprises to boost business easily.

Easy integration

You can leverage the additional features of cross-platform mobile apps by using cloud plugins which provides the ability of scalability and versatility.

Native Apps vs Cross-Platform Apps

Explore comparisons between native apps vs cross-platform apps from the perspectives of an experienced mobile app development company in terms of codebase, accessibility to device capabilities, performance and development costs.  

Native AppsCross-Platform
  • For a single platform
  • Use specific programming language that is native to the targeted platform
  • Sharable
  • Use a common codebase that can be transferred to different platforms
Access to device capabilities
  • Full
  • Have direct access to the exclusive APIs and components of the system
  • Limited
  • Need for an additional abstraction layer and rendering process
  • Seamless
  • Have faster access to underlying resources
  • High, but lags and compatibility issues may occur
  • Have advancement of development tools
Development cost
  • High
  • Require building separate apps for each platforms
  • Relatively low
  • Allow developers to reuse code across multiple platforms

Looking for Trusted Native Mobile App Development Services?  

Adamo Software can endorse you to continue handling over your mobile app development projects at any phase and confidently accelerate it forwards  

F.A.Qs related to Cross-Platform App Development Services

As a premier mobile app development company ranging from native mobile apps, cross-platform apps to progressive web applications, Adamo is confident in offering you the best and the most optimal mobile app solutions. 

What is cross-platform mobile app development?

Cross-platform mobile app development refers to the process of building software applications that can be compatible across platforms such as desktop, mobile and
web apps.

How much does it cost to build a cross-platform mobile app?

Concerning development cost of cross-platform apps depends on a great deal of factors such as the complexity of mobile applications, how much platforms will be required, how much degree of customization is included and if extra integrations with other external mobile app development services are included.

Which frameworks can be used to build cross-platform mobile apps?  

For any development team, software projects can be spanned various platforms, choosing the appropriate framework that can make a significant difference in the project success. In the market, there are common cross-platform app development frameworks such as React Native, Kotlin and Flutter.

Why choose Adamo Software to use cross-platform app development services?  

As a premier mobile app development company in Vietnam, Adamo Software promises to bring the profound expertise to every project development when it comes to drafting world-class cross-platform apps that will drive your business outcomes. We employ our skillful mobile app developers with innovative technical capabilities and all-in skillset in terms of strategy, optimization, testing process and post-launching support and maintenance; therefore, you can ensure that your product can be designed for the desired outcomes.