Not just an application for interacting between people, the video, and messaging app also offers your business several solutions in the marketing and HR department. Our agile software developers promisingly design your custom chat app, including advanced features as document sharing or exceptional filters built-in.

Best group messaging and video call app

We provide a robust system that handles the scale of billions of users. Typically, the video and messaging apps with end-to-end encryption can ensure complete security for each of your members' connections. As one of the top software companies, the agile software development team from Adamo offers intelligence-powered services based on our central expertise and the latest technology.

How custom video messaging apps help you

Gain revenue in creative ways

By providing specific experiences like longer calls, unlimited sticker options, or other primary and paid features, you can entertain your end-users and increase their simultaneous amount.

Solve your business' communication issues

Your management process becomes much easier if you can fully keep track on-time. Via instant messaging app platforms, your team members are assigned to urgent tasks even when managers are not presented at the office.

Build a healthy relationship with your clients

One of the most effective ways to seek and maintain your potential customers' attention is the video and messaging apps. A brand needs instantly respond to users' queries can gain their trust.

Support your advertising campaign

Nowadays, advertisement of commercial videos works more dynamically on streaming apps. In your custom platform, you are free to display promotional digital posters to increase brand awareness.

We turn your ideas to tailor-made software

Assorted companies using custom video messaging app

Online retailer

Virtual meetings, voice, and video calls are good choices to stay in touch with your international customers. Your B2C or B2B business activities no longer depend on traditional distribution but still stand lively and reliable.

Webinar organizer

Your services may mean for multiple formats like work conferences, school classes, or focus on a single one. Our custom software development ensures strong performance on all devices from desktop, mobile to tablet. The integrated dashboard for the host offers the best-organized experience.

Messaging and group video app provider

For creating more touchpoints and engage more users, your product must always keep updating and catching new technology. Our agile software development team provides add-on features for best group video call apps as games included, or great AI filters built-in.

Company switching to remote work

The rapid increase in the popularity of video chat apps due to the quarantine is not just a temporary trend. In a global-scale corporate, your custom web app system is the best way to ensure a productive and secure workstation.

Recommended features from the agile software development team

Messaging, chatbot for online sale

For an online business, chatbot for instant messaging play a central role in keeping customer attention:

Social Login
Caller preview window
Screen sharing
Push Notification
Real-time messaging
Low latency call
Conditioned messages
Multiple Language
Conferencing enterprise platform

In supporting online conferences, enterprises should consider the below features to optimize the performance:

Location Tracking
Profile Management
Menu Management
Contact List
Order Management
Video and Voice Calls
Group Calls
Text Chat
End-to-End Encryption
Video Chat and Entertaining App

We gather here with some trendy features for custom video chat or entering the app, which should be the futures of video and messaging apps:

Admin Login
Virtual background
Custom stickers
Custom masks
Custom Emojis
Virtual Noise Cancellation
Sharing Location

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