Online shopping now became a worldwide trend in almost all industries. Customers' purchasing behaviors are well-trained by leading marketplace app and marketplace websites. Let your brand speak by joining the digital marketplace game with our agile software development team.

Digital marketplace buy and sell

Both in traditional or high-tech ways, marketplace distribution always plays a crucial role in growing your business. We provide designed marketplace apps and websites that perform in the e-Merchant process step by step. Not only leads the company to eCommerce success, but our agile software development team helps you face a high level of the current competition in the market.

Objectives of marketplace app and marketplace website

Expand the visibility of your brand

As one of the top software development companies, Adamo understands your first objective is to build a trust-worthy image for the brand. Our experience in e-commerce integration with payment providers and shopping carts can ensure the most secure digital marketplace for the purchasing process of each seller and buyer.

Bring real value to customers

Shoppers and vendors always reach for effective communication in the social marketplace. Also, customers themself communicate with each other and share recommendations. Marketplace apps customized for social media like Facebook can let customers get in touch directly with the vendors.

Form and power your online store

Vendors can generally encourage your own social marketplace to reach out to new target audiences and to validate your products launched by getting clients' opinions. With comprehensive experiences, our application developer will help you to minimize the efforts by recognizing your needs immediately.

Leverage omni-channel selling

As social networking touches the number of 75% of all internet users, multi-channel integration is a considerable strategy for your business in the long run. Our skilled developers will design a software product based on your business needs, help you to keep up with, or even surpass your key competitors.

We turn your ideas to tailor-made software

Who needs marketplace web services?

Small or mid-sized eCommerce business

You want to build a seamless customer journey, independent from the platform and policies of third-party. Your operation will become sustainable and cost-effective if you invest appropriately in your custom marketplace systems.

The healthy online marketplace model

Your subscription provider brand is developing, and you are searching for software outsourcing services to complete the system with advanced features such as deferred payments or device-compatible. The marketplace app enhances your brand with many disruptive solutions.

Companies working in niche marketplaces

The niche industry is on the rise for wholesalers and retailers. You have to represent appreciated values to stand out from the herd. Your brand will be able to create an engaged, active community, and nurture relationships with clients.

A local business based on Facebook marketplace

Sooner or later, you need a stable platform for your business activities. Consider the custom marketplace app or marketplace website as the indispensable element in your sustainable growth strategy that you can level up your business scale to the independent term.

How to get designed marketplace included social features

Customized module with social elements

Marketplace software development commonly attaches with a list of social features, enabling connecting purpose:

Social Login
Chatting section
Payment Options
Liking section
Following news feed section
Personalizing newsfeed
Private messaging
Private comments
Public reviews
Basic package for marketplace app

Commonly a typical marketplace app and website leverage the following features:

Location Tracking
Content promotion tools
AI-driven development
UX and intuitive interface
Order Management
Payment Management
Payment providers
Shopping carts
User-friendly design
Outstanding sections for a marketplace website

For advanced marketplace app and website, we highly recommend the below features for social businesses:

Admin Login
E-commerce integration
Recurring and deferred payments
Automated transaction processing
Automated machine learning
Smart search system

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