The importance of electronic health records is proved in all aspects of hospital operations. Fully integrated EHR software supports you in managing patients, prescriptions, code encounters, and even your revenue cycle management.

Electronic health records definition

Together with health fusion EMR, electronic health records form a digital ecosystem that improves the quality of care for healthcare providers. An integrated and comprehensive EMR software performs in managing patient medical records and automating the workflows of your operation, including medical, financial, compliance, or administrative. Top software companies like Adamo always specialize in agile software development services to ensure the custom solution suits your requirement.

Dominant benefits of electronic health records

Improve management process

EHR software with custom features can provide business analytics tools to keep track and align the business utilization and patient data. By measuring quality metrics, you and your staff can improve the quality of patient care via a consolidated health platform.

Reduce human medical errors

Providers use modern EHR software during patient encounters to take notes and capture relevant information. All these valuable data are accessible and can be quickly recalled as needed to reduce mistakes, such as in emergency cases, treatment plans, or prescribing medications.

Improve user experiences and health outcomes

Electronic health record technology enables healthcare professionals to provide the best care possible. Via secure patient portals, users can easily access their tasks sorted by critical levels with all information needed. Besides, custom features are designed for visually indicating personalized patient charts.

Save time and maintain profitability

The process of diagnosing and treating patients becomes faster and more efficient than ever via video chat or call in mobile devices. The seamless integration also saves time in charting, scheduling physicians’ workflows, and speeding up reimbursement.

We turn your ideas to tailor-made software

Electronic health records for specialists

EHR systems in hospitals

Using certified electronic health records drives reduced healthcare costs and supports interaction between health providers and their patients. Your operation would be well-arranged to comply with health care demands and keep patients as their primary focus.

EHR software for small practices

Your business model has specific requirements for custom EHR software and the agile development team. Our electronic health records software empowers our team with solutions for particular niches like opioid management, substance abuse management, or pain management.

EHR software systems used by physician offices

Specialty-specific functionalities are indispensable elements of electronic health records and electronic medical records for healthcare practitioners. We fulfill the lack of particular tools and modules such as cardiology practice and medicines, or abnormal stress tests.

EHR systems for other healthcare providers

One of the most excellent advantages of EHR software is the capacity for handling your tedious and redundant tasks. This solution can well combine with health information exchanges (HIEs) to ensure the continuous sharing of vital data processes securely and privately.

Custom your electronic health records implementation

Package EHR systems in healthcare

A typical package Electronic health record software need some following software:

Outpatient management
Inpatient management
Intuitive dashboard
Multi-resource calendar
Patient encounter notes and chart
Electronic prescribing
Electronic bills
Medical records
Billing information
EHR software for behavioral health

Healthcare software development for the behavioral health sector would provide a fitting connection for both providers and doctors:

Integrated patient portal
Data confidentiality
Secure messages sending
Agenda overview
Advance payment
Laboratory data management
Pharmacy management
Payroll Management
EHR software for mental health

While mental health app becomes the new norm in the market, software developers should consider the below features:

Comprehensive dashboard
Inpatient registration
Secure messaging
Uploading documents
Flexible calendar
Integrated prescription
Credit notes
Inpatient billing
Discharge summary

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