School information management systems covering student records management and school databases refer to evitable education software solutions to govern the whole activities across or outside the organizations.

Sophisticated school information system for education institutes

School information management system recently integrated with student record management system and school database management system aims to provide better control in both structure or unstructured information within or outside educational institutions. In practice, school information systems govern academic access, student financial status, student admission, administrative information, and more.

Undoubted advantages of developing school information management system

School information management systems increase productivity.

In practice, the school information system is expected to provide records and tracking automatically with extreme accuracy. The information management system would reduce the time-wasting for data and information maintenance or browsing. By eliminating tons of human tasks, the system boosts the productivities of the institutions.

School information system enables better work quality and data storing.

Education management information system enables digital technology in education, which keeps track of data from several sources of input. That education software solution assists teachers to perform regular tasks and automatically capture workloads for future used. Workload history could be processed on a monthly basis for calculating the performance within the organization.

Offer smooth communication from schools and parents.

With a proper school information management system, staff or teachers have effective communication with students and parents. They can handily share the information, study records, or notification within the school system in digital forms. It breaks the gap between schools and parents by enabling double checks from instant/ real-time communication.

Enable better accuracy and convenience in fee collection.

Payment gateway and fee record embed in the school information management system give a profound picture of fee collection, benefiting both students and school staff. Evidently, students would receive the payment note automatically from the system, while their parents would receive notification of the fee directly. Besides, schools could get real-time reports of the financial status of students.

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School Admission CRM

  • Pipeline Generation
  • Funnel Tracking
  • Inquiry Management
  • Automated Workflow
  • Automated Applicant Rating
  • Online Enrollment Form
  • Finance Management
  • Course Recommendation
  • Electronic Signature

Student record management system

  • Flexible Calendars
  • Integrated Alumni Networking
  • Build-In Gradebook
  • Report Cards
  • Teacher Comments
  • Homework/ Assignment Submission
  • Attendance Check
  • Mail Correspondence
  • Module Scheduling

School database management system

  • Data Mining Tool
  • Reporting
  • Mass Email
  • Integration (Finance & Admission)
  • Timetable Management
  • Library Management
  • Academic Calendar
  • HR Management
  • Vendor Module

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