This Ebook gives you the latest technology statistics and the worldwide IT outsourcing market pre- and post-war in Ukraine. Let’s see the impacts of the 2022 war on the large outsourcing centers and the revolutionary movement of the global IT industry.

What's Inside?

  • A close-look overview of hiring IT offshore before the 2022 invasion. 

  • A whole picture of Global IT outsourcing: Up-to-date statistics & facts 

  • Projected market size for IT outsourcing in Ukraine without war. 

  • An evitable impact of the 2022 invasion on the whole technology world. 

  • The future downturn of the big player IT outsourcing countries. 

  • The opportunity for new IT outsourcing destinations in the future. 

  • A predicted movement of the Global IT outsourcing market.

The Reconstruction of Global Tech - Outsourcing Market as Impacts of Ukraine War 2022

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210 x 297 mm


10 pages

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