Premature birth occurs in about 8 to 14% of all pregnancies across the globe. But thanks to the recent advancements in both perinatal and neonatal care, premature infants have a higher chance of survival. After being discharged from the hospital, these infants live under the intensive care of their parents. But given the high risk of them suffering from medical complications, preterm infants require specialized treatment and support aside from  normal family care. The lack of appropriate medical care can also lead to a significant increase in complications, morbidity and mortality rates, as well as healthcare costs. 

What We Did

The Centre for Promotion of Advancement in Society (CPAS) cooperated with Adamo Software to develop eBabyCare, a platform that provides intensive care services and enables in-house health monitoring for early complication detection for preemies, thereby giving premature infants the ideal conditions for normal growth and optimal health.

  • Parents’ assistant: Connects parents and doctors for regular advice via chat, phone calls, messages, and video calls regarding post-discharge care as well as health monitoring.
  • Doctors’ assistant: Allows for the storage and update of health records, and creates reports about babies’ health and growth status. Doctors can monitor the preemies’ health as well as make re-examination appointments.
  • Hospital/clinics’ assistant: Manages and monitors patient volumes and online health services. eBabyCare also provides reports and forecasts about future demand.


This brand-new, easy-to-use IT application offers valuable features such as encouraging participation and interaction, content diversification, and visualization. By implementing recent technologies, this project promises replication at a low cost. Furthermore, issues regarding diseases with a high social impact that require special post-discharge care can easily be solved.

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