DishDash is a multinational company specializing in providing comprehensive solutions in the field of FnB. The company's targeted market is large-scale corporations in Singapore, Sydney & Melbourne. This meal kit subscription brand has the mission of forming fully- prepared nutritious meal options for their clients' employees.

The USP in DishDashs' service is the diversity of service packages that they provide meal packages for lunchtime, an intimate event, or even pantry administration. It is a potential market while homemade meals are becoming a worldwide tendency among millennials. So, DishDash required an integrated technology solution, a platform to arrange orders, delivery, inventory management of food according to customer needs, and ensuring smooth workflow between every food supplier.

What We Did

Behind every successful project is a dedicated development team. We developed an ecosystem that included mobile apps, super admin web, and progressive merchant web app to satisfy the demands of all users in the process.

  • The platform allows clients to order food on their demand, personalize choices for each employee, generate special dietary requirements, and nutrition planning.
  • As the platform brings customers diverse meal choices, the operation integrates real-time customer needs and the distribution capabilities of suppliers.
  • Reporting panel ensures the monitoring and analysis of wellness insights, actionable needs, and demands of customers.
  • The optimized delivery process keeps dishes stay in a hot, delicious, and fresh state. The technology makes sure the uniform quality for all delivered orders, including the multiple restaurants & cuisines required ones.


The system is put into use with powerful and smooth performance, ensuring to meet the operational requirements of DishDash and to improve the service quality. Not only remaining at offering custom daily meals for businesses, but the current system also accommodates special services such as occasional online ordering (birthday, internal party) with unlimited items available. Client companies used and satisfied with this brighten service are also businesses with outstanding corporate culture: Google, Hubspot, Spotify, or Paypal.


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