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Adamo's dedicated software developers in Vietnam desire to be part of your offshore development projects with abstract ideas, which require small steps in space to grow. Working together to transform raw concepts into a completed IT solution, our dedicated team has assisted clients in clearly identifying their objectives and goals.

Hire dedicated developers means you will choose the right partner having a professional hiring process. As an IT outsourcing company, we can work as a software agency to connect you with our abundant professionals proficient in Ruby, ReactJS, NodeJS, .NET, PHP, and other technologies as your needs.

Why hire Adamo's dedicated team



Full-time professionals


Clients extent their contracts

Dedicated team using English for communication

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Clients are using dedicated team services

Skills and Expertise

Adamo is a family of local dedicated software developers in Vietnam, showing both hard and soft skills. We are experienced engineers with strong expertise in the latest technologies....

Scaling Velocity

We offer flexible contracts tailored to different requirements. As the scale of talent market in Vietnam, we guarantee qualities and quantity dedicated developers that fit your needs....

High Loyalty

At Adamo, we respect your core value in building a dedicated software development team. Our dedicated team service actively shares detailed progress and consistently...

Dedicated team model vs. Fixed Cost development

At Adamo Software, we offer a dynamic software development model to you. The two popular options refer to the dedicated development team and fixed cost contract. It is no option that is better than others. It only depends on your requirement at a specific time. Roundly 80% of our clients coming with us by fixed cost contract choose to hire dedicated developers for the upcoming phase since they have entered a rapid growth stage requiring the flexible staffing model.

Dedicated team

Hire dedicated development teams becomes more and more popular, particularly when remote developers lift up due to the global health pandemic. We offer infrastructure, interviews, team management, and administrative support throughout collaboration For those who choose our dedicated team services.

When do you need a dedicated team?

  • In case you planed long-term projects with only a few goals.
  • Your projects can be changing scope at any time.
  • You need flexibility and scaling velocity during the software development period.
  • Suffering labor shortage, You expect to add cross-border skills and technology working with your In-house team.
  • You only have a general idea of what project features need to be added during development time.

What you get in choosing a dedicated software team

  • The dedicated team provides flexibility and scalability, which means you can handily adjust the project scope and software team members at any stage of the development cycle.
  • You can approach the experts' expertise with more affordable cost than using an on-shore development model.
  • We offer real-time task updates for working hours and progress tracking.
  • Full control when you hire dedicated developers in terms of assigned tasks and resource.
  • We hold labor-management costs on our account to cutting down your budget in offering labor welfare.

Fixed cost projects

In this model, the contract would be fixed price that software development companies would deliver the project within a fixed budget. The dedicated team assures to follow all terms and requirements regarding product features specialized in the contract.

When should you sign fixed-cost contracts?

  • Fixed cost model is suitable for short-term projects (commonly 2-4 months) with a fixed project scope.
  • You have well-planned and clearly defined workflows, features, goals, expectation.
  • We are strange to you that you need to test our capacity and skills after hiring a long-term dedicated development team.
  • Building MVPs with strick time for the official launching.

What you get in choosing Fixed cost models

  • You have our vow in respecting your schedule of finishing the final product and budget.
  • Get a clear view and planned of projects due to your prepared goals
  • You only pay the amount specified in the signed contract without non-discussed extra.

We turn your ideas to tailor-made software

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How a Dedicated Development Team is Integrated?

The core priority of our dedicated software development service focuses on your requirements. To support clients integrating a custom team, we are glad to introduce a standard team governance framework.

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Kick Start

Concerning business and technology challenges when starting forming a dedicated team:

  • Assign hiring managers and host interviews with your confirmed candidates.
  • Identify specific requirements based on your business's status.
  • Build core human and infrastructure resources
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Ramp Up

Adjusting and optimizing your dedicated development team scale throughout on-time performances:

  • Fully complement necessary infrastructures serving the plan.
  • Hire the rest of the team with additional criteria.
  • Officially establish and manage working progress.
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Concerning business and technology challenges when starting forming a dedicated team:

  • Design and approve a consecutive improvement plan
  • Monitor the authentic practicing, detect and fix deviations.
  • Define and optimize KPI to calculate the performance.

You have our promises

If you are considering hiring dedicated developers at Adamo Software, your privacy is fully protected. We have ready NDA to sign. You can make sure we take responsibility for any detailed leak. We believe that clients' secrets are vulnerable that need a commitment before any further discussion has been made. That's why we prepare a signed NDA even before our BA analyzes your requirement. We will provide BA documents related to initial break-down feature lists, estimation, and approximate timeline to you free of cost.


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