Professional and Innovative Dedicated Team

Adamo's talent dedicated software developers in Vietnam desire to be parts of your offshore development projects with the abstract ideas, which require small steps in space to grow. Working together to transform raw concepts into a complete IT solution, our dedicated team have assisted clients clearly identify their objectives and goals.

Why chosing Adamo's Dedicated Team

Dedicated team

Skills and Expertise

Adamo is a family of local dedicated software developers in Vietnam, combining both hard and soft skills. We are experienced engineers with strong expertise in the latest technologies.

dedicated software development team

Scaling Velocity

We offer flexible contracts tailored to different requirements. As the scale of talent market in Vietnam, we guarantee qualities and quantity dedicated offshore developers that fit your needs.

dedicated development company

High Loyalty

At Adamo, we respect your core value in building software. Our dedicated software development team actively share detailed progress and consistently updated your expectations.

How a Dedicated Development Team is Integrated?

The core priority of our dedicated software development service focuses on your requirements. To supporting clients integrating a custom team, we glad to introduce a standard team governance framework.

Dedicated Development Team - Kick Start

Kick Start

Concerning business and technology challenges when start forming a dedicated team:

  • Assign hiring managers and host interview with your confirmed candidates.
  • Identify specific requirement based on your business's status.
  • Build core human and infrastructure resources
hire dedicated developers Ramp Up

Ramp Up

Adjusting and optimizing your dedicated development team scale throughout on-time performances:

  • Fully complement necessary infrastructures serving the plan.
  • Hire the rest of the team with additional criteria.
  • Officially establish and manage working progress.
hire dedicated developers Operate


Considering support services from out dedicated team: payroll, management, governance, and consulting:

  • Design and approve a consecutive improvement plan
  • Monitor the real practices, detect and fix deviations.
  • Define and optimize KPI to calculate the performance.

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