Welcoming Visitors: How Software Companies Should Do In The Receive Visitors Season


Visiting business partners is a great way to enhance long-last relationships among business operations. Welcoming visitors to software companies is necessary. 

The customer is the lifeblood of any business operation. Whether firms meet them face-to-face or online meetings, customer visits need intentionality. Welcoming visitors in person provides a precious chance to show their care to all clients. Besides, the world is open to traveling, and it is time for people to commune and organize intensive meetings with clients. It might be the first time with their business partners in person instead of online. 

Creating the connection between clients and companies helps foster business relationships. Thus, firms invite their clients to visit their offices for further intimate meetings. It is a meeting or an informal meeting with a software development outsourcing company and see how software companies do in the receiving visitors season. 

Welcoming Visitors: Why do firms need to prepare for customer visit plans? 

When meeting with clients in a meeting or an informal visit to the office, some key things help make a good impression and build relationships. Besides, client visits to the office also impacts on customer loyalty. Here are some reasons why a firm like a software development outsourcing company needs to plan for client visits. 

Firstly, companies will make a great impression on their business clients. No matter what your firm offers, you are not just selling a product or service, you sell people behind it. Vision and service play into the perceived value of products and services. All components come across deeply when the clients visit offices in person. A zoom meeting call is not enough time to understand more. 

Secondly, firms can greet their clients better if they plan a client visit. Everything happening during the client visit will show how companies care about their customers. It also helps depict a much clearer picture of who your client is. For example, a software outsourcing company like Adamo Software has planned a detailed and intensive client visit agenda before clients come to Vietnam. There are activities for guests to participate in during their business trip. Additionally, Adamo prepares a client welcome packet for their clients as a convenient gift. 

Meeting clients in person is a motivational boost for companies. Regarding a software outsourcing development company, most clients are foreigners, so organizing a client visit to the office with an intensive client visit agenda. Thus, firms must prepare a detailed client visit agenda for all guests planning to visit your office. 

Client visit to office: promising goals of your client visits 

Defining a custom visit plan with potential goals helps firms get the most out of the time. For example, if your clients are international, scheduling a client visit with goals ensures they will have a meaningful business trip. Here are goals to consider when making a client visit agenda: 

Understand office meeting invitation message

If you visit the office, you will hope to foster a long-term business relationship with them. Thus, understanding business trip goals helps meet your products with their requirements. In-depth conversations are hard to conduct through a quick phone call or any online channel. 

You welcome a client to visit your office, you expect that you and your customer will discuss existing projects and future business relationships. Thus, understanding the office meeting invitation message you send to your client is essential for client visit plans. 

Collect feedback 

After welcoming visitors to your office, you should collect their feedback about the business trip. Client visits provide an opportunity to collect honest and up-to-date insights into what your clients require. For instance, a software outsourcing development company organizes intensive meetings between clients and development teams to discuss existing projects. Clients and developers have a chance to eliminate language barriers through Slack or emails. 

Build referrals 

In person, client visits are a perfect time to ask for and give referrals. If clients mention any pain points and difficulties, you will know the company to solve them. Furthermore, customers see your working environment or how effective your workers are, they might refer you to their friends as your clients. For instance, after visiting our office, one of the business clients introduced his friends to our office for another project. 

Discover business opportunities in case of upselling 

An in-person meeting helps firms define the problems of their clients. It helps uncover business opportunities for your operation. Defining potential value-adds helps foster effectiveness for your business and have cross-selling conversations. For example, clients meet in-person development teams: developers and designers for intensive discussions about their business landscapes. Besides, they can receive expert advice from our teams. It has opened another business opportunity for our clients with their business sides. 

Provide testimonials and case studies

Client visits can be a great source of content: pictures, video testimonials, and evidence-based customer visits. Executing client visits helps in-house marketing departments collect marketing materials. 

Customer visit plan: how software companies prepare for a client visit 

Preparing things before client visits 

Before your clients visit, ensure that you will update them on the state of customers: you talk to whom and any issues that need to be solved, etc. Moreover, firms should prepare for guests such as accommodation, transportation, support visa application, tourism activities, workspace. Firms can prepare a client welcome packet for their customers. Here are some client welcome packet templates for you to consider: 

  • Welcome & Office Meeting Invitation Messages 
  • Service Package Overview 
  • Communication 
  • Client visit best practices 
  • Tools and resources 

For instance, as a software outsourcing development company, Adamo will send a detailed business schedule for all clients before their arrival. It will show how much Adamo, a software outsourcing development company cares about them. 

Decide those who participate in the meeting

Setting up a meeting between clients and company leaders: the CEO, the founders, or the VIP of the functional team. Back to the reasons behind the client visits to your office, you will know who will meet with clients. Once clients have a meeting scheduled with leaders in a company, plan the rest of the day around meeting with other team members. 

Set up intimate dinner for your customers

When a client visits your office, firms should take our clients out for dinner or a coffee talk as a token of appreciation. It is a great chance to get to know your clients better outside the working environment and foster business relationships. 

Having dinner with business clients will be a great option during the client visit plan. You choose the restaurant offering every diet and has a good atmosphere for conversations. Besides, choosing a place for dinner also shows the culture and cuisine. For instance, our previous clients who visit our office are from Hong Kong. Adamo takes them to enjoy Vietnamese cuisine at the first dinner. At the end of the business trip, they take Adamo’s team to a Hong Kong restaurant. That is how we exchange culture in terms of gastronomy. 

Produce a follow-up customer visit report 

At the end of any project, producing a report will be necessary. Creating a wrap-up customer visit report for internal teams helps evaluate the pros and cons of your client visit plan. The customer visit report covers: confidentiality agreements and who in a company you share contact information with. 

Furthermore, this customer visit report can identify action items during the client visit. It includes any positive things during the meeting and any risks or chances. You can also copy the customer visit report for your clients. It will show that your firms are listening to the concerns and you follow up. 

Wrapping Up Welcoming visitors to your office is a great way to foster business relationships for your business. It is time to get back out there and face-to-face meeting with clients. As a software outsourcing development company, Adamo thinks welcoming visitors to our office is a must to enhance healthy business relationships. Thus, it is essential to prepare a detailed customer visit plan.


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