Web Design and web developments, are they different?

Web Design and web developments, are they different-2

I remember when I started the first steps in the web development world, it took me a long time to differentiate between a web designer and web development. In the beginning, I thought that web designer and web development are the same, their responsibility is creating an app. Yeah, you know, my thought is not correct, but also not a wrong answer. Let’s check the blog today and find the correct solutions with Adamo Software!

Why did I say my thought is not totally wrong?

Because both web development and web design are the steps in the process of building a website, they are used to develop web, but they are a different step in the whole process.

Who visualizes a web idea?

The answer, of course, is web designer. As a web designer, they will work closely with the client and use their imagination skills to visualize the website idea to a graphic design, which suits the style, purposes of the business. From their task, people can see how the web will look like, how the web will interact with the customers, what is the flow when visiting the web…. This task plays the main role in attracting and keeping customers stay longer. 

Remember, web designers’ main responsibility will be:

  • Using design software like Photoshop, AI, Framer, Sketch to create the layout design 
  • Having good senses and skills in graphic design 
  • Experiencing in user experiences, user behaviours to know where to put the CTA button, how to arrange the layout, image, and format of the site. 
  • Always updating the design trends in the world, to keep design consistency and attractive.
  • Always reminding the client branding to apply on the website as colour, style, typography…  

Who turns the idea into reality?

After receiving the design from web designers, the web development team will be the one who turns the idea on the paper to reality, where people can experience the real website. Even they are web developer team, their roles in the team are different. There are front-end developers, back-end developers who have different roles, positions, and skills but they collaborate together to make sure the website after being completed will be in the best condition. Some main roles of web developer include:

  • Building the actual interface where the end user will visit and interact with the business. 
  • Using some programming languages and knowledge as Javascript, Magento, PHP, My SQL, …
  • Front-end developer provides the markup design to back-end developers to implement to the website. 
  • Back-end developers create the frame of the website 
  • Web developers can use the same development environment to code and build website structure. 
  • Storing all finished web development versions and is always ready to be backup if need.  


After differentiating web designers and web developers, do you think they know anything about the others’ responsibility? Actually, web designers have an idea of what web developers have to do to visualize their mockup design and vice verse. Because the main objective of the project is finishing the website development and satisfy customers, web developers and designers have to cooperate with others to develop their own skills. 

Full stack designer vs full stack developer

When you search for an outsourcing software development service, you may see the world of full stack developer or full stack designer where the leader can do the job with the support of their assistants. 

1.    Full stack designer

Full stack designer means the designers who can develop the front-end of the website, they have a responsibility in the UI/UX of the website, as well as are able to develop the front-end by HTML, CSS and Javascript. While they can code the website front-end, they can see how the real website looks like during the designing process and update the design if need.

2.    Full stack developer

Other related words of the developer are Full-stack developer. They are the people who can work with both front-end and back-end scope of work. 

Let’s check the graphic below, then you can fully understand and remember the full stack developer and designer. 

Finally, you should know that both designer and developers who create the magic to convince the investors and also attract end-user to optimize their living standard, and even you are web designer or web developer, you’re still the part of the software development team and should cooperate together to effectively success.


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