PHP web development: The right tech for savvy software development projects


PHP web development is a lot to explore. PHP is a server programming language, which is a powerful tool to build a dynamic and interactive web application. 

PHP is considered one of the most popular scripting languages today. Although nowadays lots of newer alternatives like Javascript, Python, etc, PHP still gains popularity each year. As the oldest language, PHP web development focuses on the programming environment. For example, WordPress, one of the most common web hosting, is run on PHP. 

About 30% of web development companies globally run on WordPress. It’s essential to say that PHP web development is highly approachable for web development for various reasons. Most software developers use PHP in web development for its being customizable and easy to maintain. PHP web development comes with a wide range of benefits. Explore more of this right tech for savvy software development projects. 

Use of PHP in web development: The reason why?

What are PHP web development services for? 

Programming languages have reduced in quality. However, it’s different for PHP web development. Currently, increasing demands and yearly updates have delivered these improvements. Backend written by PHP developers is not just a database adding to your front-end development. 

PHP web development is much more, like data gathering, integration with mobile, etc. Hence, PHP has gained favor for its efficiency, easy-to-handle different tasks, user-friendly, and cost-savings. For some eCommerce software development projects, PHP is the best option for its light syntax and quick onboarding. 

Web development companies choose PHP: The reason behind this

The simplicity of PHP web development has both pros and cons. Offshore development teams don’t use PHP for complex systems of software development projects. However, developers will use PHP web development for commercial projects since it offers an easy-to-handle solution for programming sides. 

PHP web development is faster and easier 

Currently, web developers prefer using PHP for web development services since it takes less time. Projects are going to be released into the market faster. Thus, developing MVP with PHP web development makes it easily reach target audiences in time. Since PHP web development is quite relevant and topical. 

Moreover, web development companies will find PHP developers easier than others. As one of the leading web development companies in Vietnam, Adamo have a bigger pool of talent to choose from. 

PHP web development service is cheaper than other technologies 

The rates for PHP developers are cheaper than other types of programming languages, about 15%. So web development companies are easier to find and hire PHP developers. PHP web development also supports many database options like MSSQL, IBM, and Oracle OC18. Since it supports lots of database systems, offshore development teams are easy to handle data and redirect it. 

  • My SQL
  • IBM-DB2 
  • Oracle DB 
  • Cubrid 
  • dBase 
  • filePro 
  • FrontBase 
  • mSQL 
  • Paradox 
  • Tokyo Tyrant

A guide to PHP framework for web development 

PHP framework is a platform to build PHP web development since it provides libraries for common features, and functions. PHP framework helps cut down the time for writing the original code for developers. Explore the best PHP frameworks for software development projects. 

Best PHP frameworks for software projects 

Explore some PHP frameworks that will help your custom software development projects, based on popularity and ability to handle. 

Laravel – The most popular framework for PHP web development 

PHP developers use laravel as a PHP framework for its free and open-source. Here are some reasons why developers should choose Laravel: 

  • Laravel has full features which help configure and customize complicated applications, authentication, encryption, routing, MVC architecture, etc. 
  • This PHP framework is expressive with speed and security features. Laravel is also flexible and evolves with web development trends and statistics. Besides, it’s easy to get started with Laravel Homestead, a pre-packaged Vagrant box – a virtual development environment supporting PHP, web servers, etc. 
  • This framework requires creating a distinctive admin panel to manage and edit content. So if several stakeholders need to access the system, a CMS might be a better choice. 

Symfony – A perfect PHP framework for web applications 

  • Symfony has many features and offers a flexible component system. It’s easy to install and configure on lots of platforms, making it the perfect choice for developing custom software development. 
  • Symfony flexibly allows integration with other vendor libraries. However, if beginners want to use Symfony, it’s a little bit hard since Symfony targets advanced developers. Additionally, sometimes Symfony is slower than other PHP frameworks. So using PHP web development for projects, developers should consider. 

Codelgniter – PHP framework for its speed and footprint with a 2MB document size 

  • This framework encourages developers to use MVC architecture, but PHP developers can code by other architecture paradigms as well. It’s also easy to install and set up. 
  • Codelgniter supports multiple caching methods which help speed up web development projects. Besides, this PHP framework has an easy and extensible learning curve compared to other PHP frameworks. 
  • Disadvantage: Codelgniter releases are quite irregular, so it might not be an excellent option for a web application that needs regular updates. 

CakePHP – PHP framework supporting building web applications rapidly 

  • CakePHP is easy to install since it needs only a web server and a framework copy. This PHP framework offers a strong security feature for encryption, password hashing, SQL injection prevention, input validation, etc. 
  • Key features: modern frameworks, validation, great documentation, and premium support for PHP web development. 
  • Cons: It can be restrictive for its strict follows of conventions, thus it might not be the best choice for PHP developers who need to ship fast. 

PHP website templates: Our suggestions 

To create a perfect website for your project, you may find lots of standard WordPress themes. However, sometimes those PHP website templates are not enough. That’s why our PHP developers pick some outstanding and impressive PHP website templates for your needs. 

HTML, CSS, PSD: PHP website templates for business

This PHP website template helps you create an entire website for any project. Business templates offer 5 different pages that you will easily edit and customize to meet your needs. Also, Business Template #01 has a full function for jQuery, and Ajax Contact Form. 

An educational or Courses HTML template – LevelUp 

The PHP website template, LevelUp can be used for various purposes and websites. Our PHP developers strongly recommend it for educational projects and online courses. This PHP website template is easy to customize. Also, it has many useful features: a contact form, personalized emails, and more. It is created by HTML5 and CSS3 and works well on most browsers. 

Web hosting HTML5 template – SPY – PHP web design 

If you have a project related to hosting business, our PHP developers will suggest SPY. It is perfect for custom software development projects since it offers great design choices and useful features. This PHP website template gives you the possibility to use 26 subpages that are customizable based on your needs. 

Is PHP web development still relevant in 2022 or later? 

Lots of people wonder if PHP web development works for software projects. PHP is convenient, easy to learn, has many useful features, and detailed documentation. More importantly, it has a huge community of PHP developers. Some may call PHP old, however, we can see PHP web development as one of the classics in the programming languages. Web development companies still use PHP for their software development projects to have tremendous advantages and popularity. 

When choosing the development language, software developers in Adamo will consider the pros and cons of each option. Developers can use PHP to build any website in 2022 from landing pages and simple WordPress websites to complicated web platforms like Facebook. Last but not least, PHP web development can be the right tech for any savvy software development project. 


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