Adamo Software – Team Building Splendor Race 2021

Successfully hosted a team-building event in November 2021, our Adamo Software team offered a memorable night to all staff in such a special period.

On the weekend in the final week of November 2021, our team building splendor Race had done after three weeks of preparation. It was such a special event for us this year under the travel restriction due to the spreading of COVID 19. This event was held as our recognition for all team effort in such a busy time.

Adamo understands the challenge and pressure of software outsourcing teams suffering from overwhelming projects currently running. Accordingly, a relaxed event would be medicine for lowering working stress. Also, it helps with adjusting workability for strictly fighting for the common target after.

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Company team building: The first Adamo trip in 2021

One thing needs to be confirmed that it was not an easy task to hold an outdoor event at this time. Not belonging to internal resources, we had to attend to the regulations imposed during COVID times. After significant consideration, we all agreed that corporate fun days were necessary to form the company spirit at that time. Also, the company team building presents our promise of company welfare for all employees.

Team outing ideas and Concepts: How Adamo prepare for the trip

Adamo Software Splendor Race, starting from the concept of the Clan war, were four teams paying four great clans to win the throne. With four challenges launching throughout the team building day. The team selection was done one day before team-building day. We also voted for 4 patriarchs leading their clan.

Obviously, company team-building focuses on tying up the relationship that all the excursuses propose no to fierce competition, but funny mood. Interleaving with the team-building exercises, we had a free-style concert with food, live music, and lots of laughs.

Company team building activities

Day 1: 27 November 2021

12:30 pm: Attendees arrive  

12: 40 pm: Check-in time   

1:00 pm: Departure  

2:30 pm: Arrival at Team Building destination  

3: 15 pm: Sweet party  

3:45 pm: Main team-building exercises  

6:00 pm: Gala Dinner with favorite live songs & BBQ party  

8:00 pm: fire camp time  

8:30 pm: Free activities  

Day 2: 28 November 2021  

8:00 am: Breakfast  

9:00 am: Photo pose time  

11:00 am: Lunch  

12:00 am: End – Departing to Adamo Office  

Team building exercises with timelines

Team-building exercises 1: Word crush  

Team-building exercises 2: Best team photos mini contest

Team-building exercises 3: Ball game

Team-building exercises 4: Candy game

Team-building exercises 4: Game of keeping balance

What did we get with outdoor team building 2021?

Corporate fun days of stress-free moments

Exciting team-building games deter stress and pressure during the hard-working time of all Adamo members.

Tie up the bond among the Adamo family

Fighting for the only one target was the goal all teams had to follow. After the trips, we have seen an optimistic move in the relationship among members. We are truly family instead of only colleagues.

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Improve team-work skill

Company team building activities give us opportunities to nurture the team working skills in a fun mode. We had time for planning, discussing, task allocating, and team managing, which are core skills in real work.

Inspiring company message

Not only a company, but we are also trying to be our homies to share an unforgettable moment together.

Nurturing Corporate spirit

Our final purpose of outdoor team building refers to building a special time for Adamo members to overcome challenges. Whereby they would thoroughly by knowing the meaning of company cultures. On top of that, we expect to warm up the bond between colleagues.

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