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Must-Have Features of Online Food Ordering System

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As income increases, one of the first little luxuries we tend to enjoy is the occasional evening out at a restaurant, or perhaps more often, ordering in. For the latter, where do we go to find the food we want? Online, of course! Online food ordering app is popular because it’s convenient for customers and a proven profit builder for businesses. As more and more businesses are using app-based delivery models it’s worth taking a look at some of the types and features of food delivery apps.

Different types of food delivery apps

There are basically two types of delivery apps; E-commerce and owner platform. I’ve outlined the these and their various sub-types in the table below:

E-commerce Platform AppOwner Platform App
Market owner appRestaurant owner admin app
Personal business owner appOrdering app for wait staff
User appUser app
Kitchen staff app

E-commerce platform

Basically, e-commerce platforms are the core of any online retail enterprise, allowing the front and back end to coordinate. An e-commerce platform is like the foundation of a building, supporting B2B or B2C e-commerce enterprises by providing structure. Simply, e-commerce software enables a business to sell products and services online.

More specifically, an e-commerce platform for ordering food is a virtual market that brings together many restaurants with different menus. This allows customers to easily find and order their favorite food online. Therefore, this kind of platform should include at least three apps: Market Owner, Personal Business Owner, and User.

Market Owner App

Market Owner is the type of app that the manager of an e-commerce platform uses to manage all restaurant members in the food-ordering community. There are some must-have functions to build in this app:

_ Restaurant management: Allows managers control of member restaurants to make sure they follow the rules of the community as well as management of the revenue generated from the e-commerce platform

_ User management: Allows management of user activities to avoid spam and misinformation to maintain an ideal community for users

_ Promotion function: Allows managers to set restaurant advertising to attract customers

Personal Business Owner App

A Personal Business Owner App is used by the restaurant owner to open an e-store on the Market Owner App. Restaurant owners also need a dedicated app to manage their online restaurant and to ensure customer satisfaction. There are some standard functions for this type of app:

_ Logo appearance: Shows the logo or branding of the restaurant

_ Menu management: Allows owners to update their menu, the feature images and the price of each menu item

_ Order management: Allows owners to control all online orders and calculate revenue

_ Promotion management: This function helps managers set up promotion/discount programs to attract customers

_ Review/Feedback: Allows owners to check customer reviews to improve product and service quality

_ Payment function: Allows managers to provide a payment method for their customers

_ Support: Integrated as a quick call and online customer support function

_ Delivery status: Summarizes all orders from beginning to end

User food ordering app

We’ve covered the apps for owners and market managers, now we move to user apps. This type of app is the bridge connecting customers with restaurants, through which they can find and order their favorite foods. Here are some required modules:

_ Login function: Allows users to log in through social media like Facebook or Twitter, or by using their email

_ Account management: Similar to other social media channels, the app should allow a user to manage their account information with some basic functions such as updating passwords, personal information, photos, etc.

_ My Collections: Allows users to take and upload photos of food and share with their friends. Additionally, should allow users to save their favorite restaurant/meal, the location of the restaurant, etc.

_ Friends function: Allows users to add their friends’ contacts to their list and make recommendations while using the app

_ Suggestions: This function can search and filter restaurants and make suggestions based on a type of food, price range, location, etc.

_ Quick Search: Allows users to find restaurants filtered by keywords

_ SMS/Call: Users can use this function to directly chat with restaurant owners for support or perhaps to provide immediate feedback regarding their food or service

_ My Cart: Typical “cart” or “basket” function where customers can review and place their order

_ Promotion Code: Allows customers to redeem coupons, enter discount codes, and find current promotions

_ Delivery location: Provides entry fields for customers’ delivery address

_ Payment Method: This includes some supported functions that allow users to use various payment methods including cash, credit card, PayPal, etc.

_ Review/comments: Provides a space for users to share ideas and opinions

Owner Platform App

Another type of food ordering application is called the Owner Platform App. Different from E-Commerce Platform Apps, this platform is owned and operated by the restaurant owner, giving the owner the right to manage both the application and the website.

There are four apps that operate within this platform: Restaurant Owner Admin App, Ordering App for Wait Staff, Ordering App for Cooks, and User Apps.

Restaurant Owner Admin App

Quite similar to Market Owner App, the Restaurant Owner Admin App is used by the restaurant manager to control the online activities of the restaurant. Therefore, it has the power to manage all component apps as reviewed below. Integrated App functions typically include:

_ Account management: This function allows owners to create and manage employee accounts, customer contacts and order processing

_ Branding: Allows owner/managers to create marketing and branding content and manage their restaurant profiles.

_ Menu management: Allows management of and updates to menus, prices, and order summaries

_ Promotion management: For management of advertising and promotions

_ Report: Allows access to sales records using user-defined parameters

_ Reviews: Owners can use this function to review customer feedback to improve product and service quality

Food Ordering App for Wait Staff

For a restaurant, customer satisfaction depends on not just the quality of the food, but service quality as well. An ordering app is designed to improve service quality by making wait staff jobs easier and more efficient.

_ Menu: As an input gate, Menu allows a waiter/waitress to use an iPad/smartphone to take customer orders and send them directly to the kitchen to help save time and avoid mistakes

_ Process checking: Directly connects the wait staff and kitchen, allowing the waiter/waitress to monitor the progress and completion of an order

_ Payment: Automatically calculates meal cost and prints customer receipt

User App

For customers to place online orders they must first download the required app from CH Play or App store. The standard functions of this type of app should be similar to those of the e-commerce platform user app, such as payment, account management, delivery, etc.

Kitchen Staff App

This is the featured application for the chef/cook to manage both online and offline orders quickly without any mistakes. Functions should include:

_ Order management: Allows the kitchen to manage orders from both online and offline channels, typically based on time of order to facilitate and manage the cooking process

_ Notification: Notifies the kitchen when a new order comes and details special requirements when applicable


Online Food Ordering System may be set up with different features based on the business type and customers’ requirements. Therefore, features and functions are not limited to those covered in this blog. Owners/Managers/Users should be prepared to customize and upgrade functionality regularly to improve processes and keep customers satisfied.

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