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An overview of dating app development for love finders


Youngsters are looking for dating apps to make friends, so investing in dating app development is a great business idea. Read on how to create a dating app. 

The technological landscape has influenced many aspects of our lives. Digital transformation also has an impact on how people find their love and relationships. According to a report, over 45% of Americans used dating solutions in 2019 and about 20% admit their relationships started online. The similar figure is the same in some countries. So the most popular way of meeting a partner is through dating apps. 

With its high demand for dating via mobile apps, the dating app market is also expanding. Many mobile app development companies see dating app development as a potential aspect to grow. Although there are lots of mobile apps for dating solutions, only a few applications satisfy users. So what are the reasons behind this? Read our guidelines to know how mobile app development companies create a dating app. 

Dating app development: Why is it so popular? 

Let’s have a look at some statistics that show the user size of dating apps in the United States. According to Statista, 48% of U.S residents between the age of 18-29 have used a dating mobile app. A survey showed that 48% of users had dating experiences online for fun, and 41% of them found friends. Over 50% of users stated that they had great dating experiences. Moreover, about 10% of users confirmed that they committed relationships and got married to someone they met online. According to mobile app development stats, 63% of online users have been worried about getting their mobile devices infected with spyware, etc. With outstanding statistics, dating app development is becoming an ideal aspect for mobile app development companies to invest in. 

Creating a dating app: What, Types, and Features 

What is a dating app? 

Dating apps connect people who have the same interests, like romance, casual sex, and relationships via mobile apps. People login in to dating apps to view photos and chat with other users via video calls and chat rooms. In the past, there were some dating sites, for example, and in 1994 and 1995 respectively. There are more than 196 million people using dating apps in the world, and that figure is expected to increase by 80 million by 2024. With the huge number of users, mobile app development companies start jumping into dating app development. 

Different types of dating apps: Over 100 dating app development growth each year 

According to a report, more than 100 dating apps are developed each year. People use dating apps for having fun, finding friends, and more. As a mobile app development company, offshore development teams integrate multiple dating app features to develop dating apps. Here are some types of dating apps: 

Proximity-based dating apps

The type of dating app offers users to view and connect with dating profiles located nearby to their geolocation. Therefore, it provides a higher potential for developing a good relationship among users.  

Matching algorithm-based dating app 

The matching app works on building matches among users based on their common interests, etc. During the first time registration, users show various queries and ask for choices for user interests. In dating app development, offshore development teams use its database to make potent matches to the user.

Game-based dating app 

Dating app development with game-based dating has taken to a new level. Dating app features with games boost the engaging nature of the mobile app. It also acts as a common interest amongst dating app users. The type of dating app allows users to connect with others through texts, voice calls, video calls, etc. Thus, mobile app development companies always focus on developing dating apps with gamification. 

Niche-based dating app 

The niche-based dating app helps reduce the whole competition in the dating app market since it is for a specific audience. However, the type of dating app also suffers from a limited number of users. Dating app features in the niche-based dating app mean for senior residents, animal lovers, etc. Tindog, SeniorMatch, etc are some common niche-based dating platforms. Mobile app development companies consider the niche-based dating app one of the ideal aspects to create mobile apps. 

Dating app features you should know 

Fast and simple sign-up

The dating app feature allows users to register quickly through social media platforms, emails, and contact numbers. 

User profile creation 

Offshore development teams develop intuitive interfaces for each type of dating app. Users update their personal information to create a user profile. It can be a nickname, self-description, age, gender, weight, ethnicity, relationship status, and fields of interest. Augmented teams allow users to show or hide their personal information.

Geolocation navigation 

In the dating app development process, developers create dating app features like geolocation navigation. Users connect with profiles of nearby places. It allows them to share, receive, and navigate locations for meet-ups and dates for dating. 

Search Filters 

Users can access research profiles by filtering amongst linkings and preferences. Some of the interests are currently online, interest, age limits, ethnicity, etc. 

Connectivity requests 

Users navigating via dating apps will be able to connect with other users. They can accept, send, and reject requests through simple taps. Offshore development teams can block the dating app features to handle notorious users. 

Match feeds 

Dating apps allow users to view and connect with those that he or she has matched through the app. 

Chat and calls 

Chatting and calls are one of the most popular dating app features. It offers chats and calls for both voice and video services. Besides, offshore development teams integrate love emojis, catchy phrases, etc are essential UX designs for online lovers. 

Social Media Integration 

Dating apps allow users to share social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram, etc. The dating app feature supports faster relationship development amongst love finders. Social media integration also boosts the credibility of dating apps amongst users. 

Admin dashboard 

The dating app feature is for the administrator and managing committee of the dating apps.

Dating app development example: How to make a dating profile for the first time


5 tips for outstanding profiles: typical dating app development

Nail the first impression for any dating app development

The first impression is essential for users if they want to make friends or find lovers online. Profile photos should be clear and centered, the epitome of the user in one picture. If potential users aren’t attracted to your first photo, they will never read the rest of your profile. 

Reveal more about yourself through photos 

If a person likes what they see, they hope to see more. Users can post a variety of photos about themselves and ensure that each shows different aspects. It is essential to post where you have been and what you like to do. 

Write enough about yourself 

A dating profile should be a short snapshot of who you are and what you are doing. Users should be pithy and witty, don’t overthink it. 

Swipe right when someone’s in doubt 

If you see yourself on the edge of like versus dislike, you should always make the first move. You should be open-minded in the first stage since many people are too judgemental and too quick to do silly things. They might miss out on such great guys. Users should be bold and make the first move since they have just never known. 

Try a paid dating app 

You should put yourself out there by trying some paid apps. In some cases, a paid dating app means you have a wider pool of fish in the pond. Besides, offshore development teams also put more dating app features in a paid dating version. Since it means that you can like or message with an unlimited batch of matches. 


How mobile apps enhance dating app development experiences

Dating experiences like psychological dating games

Various dating options make users feel a lot like playing a game, so it will change dating experiences for users. Dating app development involves areas of the brain that makes them into a kind of sport. It releases endorphins with each match. Dating apps keep users swiping. They can look at their advertisements, for example on Tinder, and pay a monthly fee for extra features that make them find matches easier. When creating a dating app, mobile app development companies with project owners want to create fascinating dating experiences via games. 

Dating experiences: Love at first swipe 

In 2012, Reports from the University of Chicago found that online dating couples had lower divorce rates than partners who met offline. They continued that anonymous online communication would produce greater self-disclosure and stronger feelings of affection rather than face-to-face communication. Love finders might have better dating experiences since they would have more engagement after a long time of chit-chat. Maybe users love the first photo of their partner while surfing dating apps. 

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To Sum Up 

The presence of dating app development has changed romantic relationships of love finders. With its technological advancement, dating app development has more potential to grow for social networking apps and market. The dating app features have supported users a lot in terms of finding their lovers online, and even spouses. If you want to develop such impressive dating apps or turn your business ideas into reality, contact us now. 

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