Top Custom Software Development Company in 2023: Top 10+ in Vietnam Market


We list the Top 10 custom software development companies in Vietnam. You know more about the best custom software development company and their expertise. 

Software development company services have been booming recently, and Vietnam will be an ideal IT outsourcing destination in the global software outsourcing market. Lots of software outsourcing companies in Vietnam gained recognition since they provide high-quality IT development services and products. 

According to the latest report, the software development industry in Vietnam has witnessed significant growth in the last decade. Around 6,000+ IT development companies and about 500,000 software engineers make Vietnam become an IT hub for organizations. 

The article provides a list of the Top 10 custom software development companies in 2023 and the reasons that make Vietnam more attractive for large companies. Hence, you see how and why software development companies in Vietnam gain so much more recently. 

Software Development Market in Vietnam: The most appealing market in the global 

custom software development company demand

Although India has been well-known as a large outsourcing destination, the country is reaching a saturation point. Therefore, entrepreneurs now move to other Southeast Asian nations such as Vietnam. 

Vietnam’s IT market has experienced a great stride in the past 20 years. In the 2000s, it made up 0.5% of Vietnam’s GDP (Statista). However, there have been huge changes in the past two decades. 

  • The revenue of the software development market in 2019 reached USD 120 billion, with an average increase of 37% each year. 
  • The figure contributes about 14.3% to Vietnam’s GDP, 28 times higher than in the 2000s. 
  • The labor in the IT industry is 7.6 times higher than the national average. There are about over 1 million software developers, making up 1.88% of Vietnam’s workforce. 
  • With technological achievements, Vietnam has been an ideal investment destination for IT giants worldwide such as Microsoft, IBM, Samsung, Intel, etc. 
  • Vietnam has ranked 1st out of the 6 countries in Southeast Asia in the software service industry. 

 The above figures and facts have proved that Vietnam is closely following the changes in the IT market worldwide. Additionally, Vietnam’s labor is young and skillful, about 35 years old. Thus, the software development industry in Vietnam will surely develop in the future. 

Vietnam’s software outsourcing industry: facts and figures 

Digital transformation has boomed during the covid-19 pandemic, making the global software development market increase by 6% (2020). It has reached USD 632.5 billion. According to MarketLine, the global software development market will grow at a rate of 11.3% and is predicted to reach USD 969 billion (2024). 

The demand for software development services also changes. It focuses on solutions and custom applications related to business processes, security, data analysis, and infrastructure. 

By the end of 2022, 70% of enterprises will accelerate digital transformation to transform their operations and enhance customer interactions. The trend will be stronger and make people think of the importance of digitalization after the pandemic. 

What makes Vietnam an ideal hub for IT outsourcing services? Secrets To Be Revealed 

custom software development company in Vietnam

Stable political environment 

Vietnam is one of the countries that have no political instability, so it is easy to work with Vietnamese business partners without constraints.

Additionally, Vietnam is a steadily developing economy. About 90% of the population is Vietnamese and they do not follow any religion. That means there will be few ethnic and religious conflicts throughout the country. 

Cost-effective solutions offered by the best custom software development companies in Vietnam

Lots of companies switch to hiring developers in Vietnam. Hiring software engineers in Vietnam is significantly lower than that in the US and other Western countries. It helps reduce software development costs, saving company budgets, especially for startups. 

Although choosing an IT vendor helps save costs for enterprises, many of them still consider custom software development that they want to build or buy. If you want to find out, read the article. 

The cost to hire software developers in Vietnam is lower than in India, by about 30%. Hence, Vietnam not only offers a large percentage of skillful developers but the cost of outsourcing. Working with top custom software development companies in Vietnam can save your budget in the early stages. 

Diverse technical skill sets are provided by top custom software development companies here

Another factor that makes Vietnam become an attractive IT hub for entrepreneurs is its diverse technical skill sets. The ability not to specialize in specific areas is what makes developers in Vietnam more valuable. 

They have a large skill set from the backend, frontend, full-stack, and database, making them flexible to handle different requirements. 

The major technical skills include: 

  • Database: Oracle, SQL, MySQL, Redis 
  • Frontend: Angular, WordPress, HTML, CSS, ReactJs, etc. 
  • Backend: Ruby on Rails, C, Java, .Net, NodeJs, PHP, Python, etc. 
  • Fullstack developers 
  • Mobile: iSO and Android 

Large IT institutes throughout the country 

Vietnam software development companies can hire skillful developers since there are many IT institutes and universities in Vietnam that have information technology. Vietnam already had 500,000 software developers. The numbers continue to grow, with nearly 50,000 graduating from 153 schools. 

Furthermore, half of the software engineers are under 30, making them youthful and quick learning capabilities. 

In Vietnam, software developers have a solid training foundation in STEM education, and that makes them good at technical skills. In the past, Vietnamese software engineers might not be good at English, especially speaking. However, recently, the education system has improved a lot. It makes Vietnamese students improve their English skills. They are good at English reading and writing, so they can chat and send emails to clients. 

With so many advantages, it is no surprise that Vietnam has become an ideal IT destination for those looking for top-notch workers. 

Top 10 custom software development companies in Vietnam 

1. Adamo Software: One of the Top 10 custom software development company 

As the leading software development company in Vietnam, Adamo Software specializes in lucrative digital transformation and bespoke software solutions for enterprises. It includes the travel and hospitality software development industry, healthcare and telemedicine, fintech, food and beverage software development industry, blockchain, and others (social networking and entertainment, education, retail, and e-commerce). 

Moreover, Adamo offers full-cycle software development services from mobile, and web-based solutions to web applications. Most clients of Adamo are from international countries such as the USA, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and other Western countries. 

Throughout 5 years of establishment and development, Adamo has gained so much to become the top software development company in the ASEAN region and beyond.

Besides, most software engineers in Adamo are young, under 30 years old. So they learn so fast and are sensitive to the dynamic market. That’s why Adamo has become an ideal IT development company in Vietnam. According to Clutch and GoodFirms, Adamo, a custom software development company, has gained: 

Clutch (update in 2023): 

# Top Software Developers in Vietnam 

# Top 2 Ruby on Rails Developers in Vietnam 

# Top 10 Web developers in Vietnam 

# Top 6 out of Top 100 Software Development Companies in Vietnam 

GoodFirms (Update in 2023): 

# Top 4 Website Development Companies in Vietnam 

# Top 8 Mobile App Development Companies in Vietnam 

# Top 10 Software Development Companies in Vietnam 

2. KMS Solutions as top custom software development company 

As a part of KMS Group, KMS Solutions is a technology consulting company in Vietnam, founded in 2009. Clients rely on KMS Solutions due to the high-quality software products, skills, and knowledge of Vietnamese software engineers. 

KMS is dedicated to making a long-lasting impact on society since they partner with non-profit organizations. It provides a fair and new employment opportunity for undergraduate students. In Vietnam, KMS has collaborated with large universities and participated in information technology training activities to attract potential engineers. Additionally, KMS Solutions empower digital companies by leveraging software services, digital capabilities, and fit-for-purpose solutions. 

KMS’s services: 

  • Business technology consulting 
  • Digital apps and platforms development 
  • Digital team 
  • Data & analytics 
  • Data testing 
  • Scaled Agile 

3. NashTech 

NashTech provides vendor-independent solutions such as software engineers and application testing for enterprises. Besides, NashTech is based on extensive experience with sophisticated software solutions to provide mission-critical and high-available solutions. 

Additionally, NashTech tries to create a nurturing working environment for most employees more professionally and personally. As one of the custom software development companies in Vietnam, NashTech emphasized effort and determination to create a second home for its workers. 

4. Rikkeisoft 

Rikkeisoft offers software service solutions for clients all over the world. Besides, their services focus on web/cloud systems, mobile applications, games, blockchain to IoT, business processing, and embedded systems. Thanks to high-quality software products, Rikkei is one of the custom software development companies in Vietnam. 

Founded in 2012, they have successfully opened three branches in Vietnam and three affiliated firms. Rikkeisoft wants to build better lives via advanced and lucrative technologies. 

By 2025, they plan to have over 10,000 employees and become one of the top custom software development companies in Vietnam. 

5. CMC Global 

CMC Global is part of CMC Corporation to provide lucrative ICT products in Vietnam. Besides, CMC Global can provide custom solutions and software services to the market. 

CMC is proud to be the top custom software development company to offer a variety of comprehensive IT solutions and services. It ranges from traditional software development services to digital transformation, and IT consulting to various organizations globally. 

As founded in 2017, CMC Global has been a strategic move by the Corporation to enter the market. 

6. Smart OSC

SmartOSC is a fully-provided e-commerce service company that was founded in 2006. Lotte, Courts, Paypal, Boozt, SpaceX, Smartbox, and Delta Apparel are one of the large clients of SmartOSC. 

The company has a global presence of over 500+ employees. Besides, their offices are located in Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. 

The e-commerce software company offers consulting services, UI/UX design, development, and others. Regarding the technical aspects, SmartOSC provides Magento, Sitecore, Abode, Kentico, and Hybris. Thanks to this, SmartOSC became one of the top custom software development companies in Vietnam. 

7. PowerGate Software 

As a worldwide software development product company, PowerGate Software has gone through over 10 years of experience across various industries. Their offices are located in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Vietnam. 

They provide healthcare, fintech, etc. 

This company is concerned with nurturing and bringing to life those ideas. PowerGate Software promises to bring innovative software products. It will be one of the custom software development companies. 

8. Saigon Technology 

Having been established for 10 years, Saigon Technology is one of the software outsourcing companies in Vietnam. This company is so popular amongst international clients for its ranking highly in the top 15 of the best software companies in Vietnam. 

Besides, Saigon Technology showcases its international certifications to appeal to more clients such as ISO27001 and Certificate of Excellence in IT Development Outsourcing (2019). 

Clients use their software services due to high-quality and professional development services, web development, mobile app development, and IT outsourcing services. With its products and services, it is one of the custom software development companies in Vietnam. 


As based in Vietnam and Japan, BEESOFT is an IT outsourcing and BPO company. Founded 9 years ago, this company is playing a role in honing technology skills and assisting companies to achieve success in various fields. 

BEESOFT has many offices throughout Vietnam and Japan such as Hanoi, Danang, and Tokyo with nearly 600 employees to become a potential custom software development company. 

10. Relia Software 

As a software product development company, Relia Software helps you to bring ideas into live products and software applications. Besides, Relia Software also processes in-house DevOps and QA experts to build one-stop software solutions. 

They also set up development teams for companies such as Popdeem, Independence Plus, Runcaster, etc. It helps build apps for startups and large enterprises to ensure scalability and top-notch user experiences. Besides, it helps to become one of the top custom software development companies in Vietnam. 

The Bottom Up 

Software development outsourcing has risen recently in Vietnam. Top custom software development companies in Vietnam have gained more and more popularity for their high-quality software services and products at reasonable prices. Choosing the right custom software development company can be a lucrative and optimum solution for any company looking to grow its business. Selecting to build or just buy a custom software development, read here to find out. 


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