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How to handle visitors without appointment: customer visit plan for IT companies


A customer visit plan helps prepare for intensive meetings. For unexpected visits to your office from clients, read on how to handle visitors without an appointment.

As a story, I remember: “I have been working with the law company for 20 years. No one has been out to see my shop”. They have been a business partner for two decades; however, the law firm has not visited its business client once. It proves that nothing can compare to personal interaction between companies and their clients.

With scheduled client meetings, companies will know what to do during the client visit. So regardless of unexpected client visits, what should firms do? Read about how to handle visitors without an appointment in a software development company. 

Client visits build long-lasting business relationships. Firms learn more about clients: business opportunities, legal needs, understanding protocols, and feedback from existing projects. Moreover, companies will have a chance to meet other people and foster relationships. 

Why do firms need to make a customer visit plan?

Customer visit plan: fostering business relationships 

How do firm client visits are critical to their success? A survey into sales and marketing alignment stated that there was a significant correlation between sales and marketing and their concentration. It not only focuses on customer-centric metrics but also on regular client visits. Client visits provide valuable insights and information about a business opportunity and its operations. As a software development company, it is critical to think that client visits create and help build long-term relationships with clients. 

A customer visit plan is a key 

Some customer visits are inexpensive since it happens on zoom or any online meeting platform. Firms have online discussions with clients, which does not mean the interaction is inexpensive. Companies still invest in the same sorts of things as in-person meetings with clients. Sales teams and competitors are trying to solicit clients for business deals. Thus, clients will appreciate talking or discussing with someone who is not trying to sell or upsell. However, firms must organize intensive meetings with clients rather than invest in hearing their problems. 

_ Client visits make our customers feel appreciated and cared for. 

_ The client visit creates a bond through imitating meetings. When visiting the office, clients can see how our development teams integrate software into the workflow. Besides, firms will study the client’s behavior and show them how you will support them. 

_ Client visits help detect solutions or problems not be discussed through telephone and emails. 

_ Company workers feel more motivated since they get honest and personal feedback on your software development products or services. 

How to handle visitors in the office: create a detailed customer visit plan 

There is a story of an important client visiting the company headquarters who had been working. As usual, the client meets a receptionist at the office, tending to be easier for that company. The company occupies two floors: staff on the second floor and the reception on the third floor. When the client arrives on the second floor and no one is there to welcome them. Needless to say, that client was not happy. Therefore, preparing an intensive customer visit plan is critical for most firms during the client visit. So a software development company, what should they do to handle visitors in the office? 

How to handle visitors without appointments: Tips & Helps 

Regardless of unexpected clients, here are some tips for ensuring to welcome clients when they visit your office.

_ Training employees

_ Remind receptionists and sales

_ Personalized greetings

_ Create welcoming working environment

Training employees even for unexpected occurrences in entrepreneurship

Employees should perceive that all visitors are personal customers. It means all have to make eye contact, smile, say hello, and ask any unattended questions. It will make a difference between having an unwilling experience and a potential customer. 

Remind receptionists and sales to be attentive 

The receptionists in the office can be the most important ones since they greet customers at the beginning. If the receptionist is busy with phone calls, they can make friendly eye contact and hand gestures. Besides, a salesman will be another person who communicates and interacts with the clients during their business trip. 

Personalized greetings: customer visit plan

Is there a lobby board that says “Welcome, Mr. Veon from Adamo Software” for example? This is a single gesture that puts together and shows your clients that you care about them. It builds long-term business relationships and opens more opportunities and references. For instance, a software development company like Adamo prepares welcome posts on social media and banners on TV screens to greet clients. 

Create a clean and welcoming working environment 

Companies maintain a clean workspace, particularly near the entrance and meeting rooms. Is there any paint chipping? Creating a clean environment ensures your working space shines which will reflect professionalism. 

What is the ideal way of greeting a visitor: make the most of client visits 

Set up meeting

Here are some considerations that firms should do during their client visits: 

_ Showcases the visit as a service protocol: Advise the client to set the time for meeting regularly. 

_ If clients want to go somewhere, combine the visit into another trip. Tying the meeting into another trip makes it more efficient for firms and alleviates concerns regarding time and expense. Most customers welcome effort from clients to visit. 

_ When making client visit agenda, firms should consider activities outside of the working time: 

_ Including social time with clients: lunch, dinner, or coffee talks. 

_ Introducing other representatives whom clients have not met or who might be involved in the projects in the company. 

_ Participating in a tour: food tours, sightseeing tours, etc. 

_ Define who will attend the meeting with clients: The company can introduce other team members who have worked on the project. 

Conducting a meeting: How firms make the most of the time with clients 

_ Firms should be involved 80% of the time with clients. Besides, it is essential to ask open-ended questions. 

_ Try to understand the business and legal needs of clients. 

_ Should advance the relationship with clients. Is there anything that firms can do to help? 

_ Ask for a copy of materials: business plans, policies, and handbooks. 

Follow-up activities after the client visit 

_ Thank the clients for their visit: Send a customized thank-you note. Firms can put a sign of gratitude, for example, some firm swag. 

_ Produce a report: Share information, feedback you have received or staff who will work with you. 

_ Follow-up with any future project: In many cases, there are assignments that are out of the meeting. It includes updated information, introductions, a training program, a review of a document, and preparing a proposal for work. 

How to get clients for IT company: Open more future business opportunities 


Some valuable tips to open more business opportunities:

_ Provide value and education

_ Draft unique business persona

_ Go anywhere your clients are

Provide value and education 

A report shows that offering potential clients something valuable and educational instead of selling something will be engaged with clients. It is a great way to begin a rapport which will ultimately result in new business opportunities. 

Draft a unique business persona

Branding is much more than how products and services differ from other competitors. Building a business reputation through developing quality content and interacting on social media help firms attract new prospects and relationships. 

Go anywhere your clients are 

When customers do not get your firm, you will reach them. If your branding strategies do not work, start asking around if anyone is interested in your business. 

Clients have various choices today. If you are trying to get the attention of new clients, which makes you feel like selling sand in a desert. For example, a software development company showcases software application products to clients on social media: videos, images, and demos. 

Organize virtual events 

An effective way of acquiring new customers in the covid-19 pandemic is to hold a virtual event. You should invite current customers and potential clients. Current customers play as a live testimonial to your firm. Organizing a virtual event gives the chance to learn more about branding on a personalized level. 

The Bottom Line 

Planning a client visit to your office is a must for all businesses: scope and industry. With a business-to-business model like a software development company, we perceive that client visit is critical for a company since it helps build long-lasting business relationships with clients. Moreover, it also helps open more business opportunities with current clients and past clients. Make sure your firm will find a feasible way of welcoming guests even if they are scheduled clients or unexpected guests to your office. 

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