Social networking apps have changed the way people interact with each other. Especially, how can social networking apps make money in the digital era? 

Social networking has changed the way we communicate with others, and the way we do business especially. People can share their thoughts and get in touch with their friends, relatives, etc through social networking platforms. Besides, conducting business on social networking platforms has changed the way people make money. In the digital era, people can do their business and display products and services. Using social networking apps to conduct business can compete the way people do business on online channels.  

You can launch a new business idea, run a marketing campaign, sell products or services and build brand awareness on social media. These social networking sites will force people toward choices they will not do without any influence. With the rise of social networking apps on making money for business, outsourcing software development services jump into developing mobile apps for social networking. Read the article below to define how social networking apps help businesses earn money. 

What is social networking? 

Social networking is a practice of using an online platform to keep in touch, interact and collaborate with friends, relatives, co-workers, and family members. The increase of going social has forced the development of social networking apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc. These social networking apps enable people to maintain social connections, share thoughts and information. Furthermore, social networking apps are now online channels to conduct businesses and reach target audiences for brand awareness. 

Social networking apps have come so far since the first social networking sites were developed, which was launched in 1997. Nowadays, the world is likely to adopt new social networking apps. According to DataReportal (Jan 2022), it stated that there were over 4.62 billion social networking uses in the world. Offshore development teams have perceived the growth of social networking apps in the digital nomads. Thus, outsourcing software development services are trying to update their skills and industry knowledge to develop mobile apps related to social networking. 


Types of social networking platforms 

Social connections: typical social networking apps

Amongst various types of social networking apps, social connections enable users to keep in touch with friends, relatives, and colleagues via online profiles and updates. Besides, users can find new friends who have similar interests. Main social networking apps for connections are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Myspace, etc. 

Professional connections 

Regarding experts and specialists, professional connection is a virtual forum in which professionals and experts connect with co-workers and knowledge-seekers. Besides, this type of social networking apps also offer an exclusive platform based on distinctive interests and occupations. Linkedin and Twitter are one of the most popular social networking sites for professional connections. For example, outsourcing software development service companies like Adamo Software choose Linkedin and Twitter as a virtual space to share insights related to technology, and software development trends. 

Social networking apps for multimedia sharing 

Nowadays, there are lots of social networking sites providing videos and photography-videos regardless of various aspects. For instance, Youtube and Flickr enable users to upload and share videos related to many things. Thus, many companies run advertising campaigns to promote their products and services. Instead of entertaining benefits, social networking apps for multimedia sharing helps businesses run advertisements and build their brand awareness. 

Informational social networking apps

This type of social networking consists of a forum for people who are seeking answers related to various problems. With desires of helping people, members in this kind of social networking apps provide specific answers to all questions. Additionally, people conduct discussion sessions and guide others how to execute tasks and projects from math problems, nature phenomenals, etc. Reddit, Quora, Medium, and are one of the most well-known social networking sites providing information. 

Social networking platforms for education 

Last but not least, educational social networking sites help promote e-learning. The educational social networking sites also allow students and teachers to collaborate on school projects, conduct research, and interact with each other. Learners and mentors will communicate together mainly through blogs and forums. For instance, Google Classroom, Linkedin Learning and ePals are one of the most common social networking sites. 

The rise of social networking platforms for education has boosted the development of mobile apps in many educational schools and institutions. Therefore, it leads to the trend of e-learning platforms. Outsourcing software development service companies tend to update their skills and industry knowledge. 

Key features of social networking apps: That makes it happen 

Simple and mobile-friendly user interface 

A social networking app incorporates elements, content, input controls, navigation, etc. Regarding target audience, the social networking apps should have a simple and mobile-friendly user interface. It allows users to find what they are looking for in a quicker way. 

Key-catching visuals and accessible designs 

Social networking apps usually fail to get users attention since they have a poor design. The social networking mobile apps feature inconsistent elements that create a sensory overload for users. It prevents mobile users from being accessible to content and social connections. Thus, offshore development teams always consider while developing any mobile app. 

Secure logins via multiple verification approaches

Social networking mobile app users are likely to share information whether it is public or private. So they want the information to be kept secret to prevent malware attacks. An essential feature of social networking apps is to create an user account with a login setting and identification. Users have to provide names, contact details, locations, occupations, and other personal information for login purposes. 

Networking components – enabling to create personal or professional networks

A favorite social networking app features intensive personal and professional networking sites. It might include friends, family, coworkers, and people who have the same interests. Users create accounts for personal networking and business purposes; however, it is essential to add others into their social networks and follow others. 

Content sharing methods and open spaces

Most social networking mobile app users share things with their network since it enhances communication between them. Besides, the content sharing methods keep users connected via social networking apps. Users can post, send photos and videos and allow others to comment on what they share. 

Moreover, social networking apps will have open spaces to raise their voices and discuss their hobbies. Thus, building a social networking app will open a forum-type site in which people can talk about various topics. 

Real-time notifications 

Last but not least, real-time notification is a key feature of social networking apps. Users stay in the know when someone they are following posts, or important events occur in the forum. Outsourcing software development services remember to consider real-time notifications in a social networking app. 

Social networking mobile app: Pros and Cons 

Advantages of social networking apps 

Increase brand awareness

Social networking apps enable firms to reach out to existing clients. It helps promote brand awareness. 

Enhance reachability 

Social networking platforms help eliminate physical barriers between people and websites, leading to reachability. 

Build follower communities 

Organizations use social networking platforms to increase their follower community and expand reach globally. 

Pull website traffics 

Businesses utilize social networking apps to boost and get direct inbound traffic to their websites. For instance, business owners add inspiring visuals, plugins and encourage inbound linking. 

Disadvantages of social networking apps 


Incorrect information can slip via social networking sites, which might cause havoc and uncertainty for consumers. People will take any information posted on social networking platforms before verifying the source and correction. 

Negative reviews and comments from customers and even competitors 

Only a single negative review can affect the way your business operates, especially if clients leave negative reviews on the large-following platforms. 

Data security and privacy concerns

Using social networking apps might put users’ data at risk. For example, if a social networking site has experienced a data breach, users will fail under the radar as well. There was a data breach in April 2021 which leaked personal data of over 500 millions Facebook users. 

Time-consuming activities 

Promoting business operations on social networking sites requires time and effort. Creating, updating, and scheduling posts will take a huge amount of time. It means that companies need to acquire human resources and invest their budget to take care of social media. 

How social networking apps make money in the digital era 

Earning dollars through display advertising 

Display advertising is a major income source of social networking app development companies. People display advertisements via photos and videos on social networking platforms. Advertisements on social networking apps help companies target specific audiences with specific ads. It makes selling journeys more effective and easier. 

Sponsored content/ads 

Sponsored content is the same as display advertisement, except with a different intent behind each content. Since ads force people to buy products or services; however, sponsored content tends to persuade them instead of buying right away. 

Premium memberships and subscriptions 

Social networking apps rely on advertising services to keep their apps and services free. Besides, some social networking companies offer premium accounts for paid members in exchange for an ad free experience. 

Harvesting user data 

User data and user information privacy have been main concerns of social networking users recently. Social networking apps have collected every click, like, share, time spent on specific pages, scroll time, buying behavior and more. So how is the data used? Some social networking platforms bundle and sell user data. For example, selling user data makes Twitter gain 13% of the whole revenue. Social media apps will sell anonymous aggregate data for analytic purposes. For instance, which states like which pages the most, and more. 

Wrapping Up 

Social networking apps are free tools for social connections, ideas sharing, and open sources for knowledge sharing. To provide social connection services for free, social networking platforms have to sell advertising space to make up their revenue. User behaviors tend to use more social networking apps for connection purposes, so it will foster the development of social networking apps. Outsourcing software development services have received lots of business ideas related to developing custom apps for social networking sites. If you would like to generate your business ideas, contact us for more.


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