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On top of technology trends, quantum computing explained an explode evolution with a conventional computer. It would be the future source of technology evolution.

The concept of Quantum computing needs a deep background in math to explain. Indeed, Quantum computing technology is involved in approaching the next gent of supercomputers. Currently, two popular quantum computing companies taking deep practices of quantum computing are Google and IBM. With the desire to revolutionize communication and machine learning, Google announced their technology achievement related to quantum supremacy impressing other tech giants.  

2021 has seen the immense movement of the world, leading to the next level of development in medicine, blockchain, and encryption. The presence of quantum computing is expected to drive the technology direction these days. Not limited to hardware, Quantum computing contributes massively in the software development sectors, especially in cybersecurity or programming in general.

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Quantum computing explained: in the context of software developmentt  

The born of Quantum computing put disruption in the development of computer science. Traditional computing systems only encode in the value of 0 or 1 (bits standard). Accordingly, their computer capacity might be restricted on some levels. Fortunately, quantum computing explained other operating structures at the atomic level, which transform profoundly computing sectors.

What is quantum computing?

In general, Quantum computing explained the application of quantum theory, which is related to the principle of energy behavior in constructing a supercomputer. Instead of traditional bit, quantum computing leverage qubits (quantum bits). In which it takes advantage of subatomic particles to attribute existing flexible states. In other words, qubit values can be both 0 or 1 at the same time.

Two principal features of Quantum technology influences quantum computing explained through:

  1. Superposition: emphasize the ability of multiple states principle. Accordingly, quantum computing superposition enables particles to be available in two locations simultaneously. The significant application of Qubit superposition refers to accelerate the computation speed in executing works.  
  2. Entanglement: define the mechanical phenomenon related to the mutual interaction of object state. In which, an object state has to reference by others no matter it is independent or not.   

The superposition and entanglement of Qubits empower computers at exceptionally higher speeds while reducing energy consumption. Quantum computing is not only a technology revolution but a natural revolution. It saves energy for Green Earth.

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Quantum computing example

quantum computing explained
what is quantum computing used for?

In reality, several industries and businesses take advantage of applying quantum computing. Especially with industries that need processing large amounts of data, machine learning, or Artificial Intelligence:

  • Cybersecurity: and Cryptography: Currently and conventional encryption system has lean on numbering break down. This factoring with traditional computers leads to data vulnerable to leakage, broken, or loss. Applied Quantum computing in cryptography promises an extremely high level of security. Quantum encryption keys are believed to be unbreakable, which do now allow copy or access without permission.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI). The application of quantum computing is explained by the capacity to rapidly process and analyze data sources. With impressive performance, Quantum computing offers efficiency and speeds up the machine learning process. Ai powered by quantum computing technology gets higher intuitive learning from experience and self-correct than using conventional programming.
  • Medication and Health care solutions: The most challenging of the drug development sector refer to interaction evaluation among molecules, chemicals, and proteins. Those can be explained as combinations. The need to analyze significant combination amount delay the launch of a new drug. Modeling in quantum computing enables simulation of potential instances of that combination. Accordingly, the time for jumping up to the clinical trials stage could be much shorter due to Quantum technology.
  • Climate and weather forecasting: Leading the weather forecast applied quantum computing, UK Met Office has proved its leader position in the market. Also, another benefit of benefits of quantum computing in data insight, the alert would be put more accuracy in warning potential bad weather phenomena based on data.
  • Applying transformation control: In practice, much research shows that using quantum computing in controlling traffic offer high efficiency. It commonly calculates the optimal rote and automated traffic light count set up. Control flow features of quantum computing also take effect in supply chain management and commodity/ food delivery, which takes time as a crucial variable.
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How do quantum computers work?

The execution mechanism of Quantum computing is explained by the attribute of qubits, which enable uncertainty in a different state. For instant, a conventional bit can be seen as a flipped coin. It has to be up or tails, which can be changed. On the contrary, qubits can be explained as spinning coins, that the coin status can be flexible.

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The flexibility of qubits allows quantum computers to execute several complex algorisms at once. For example, for solving the problem of maze escape, conventional computing only scans every single brand, while quantum computing can crawl all paths simultaneously.

Benefits of quantum computing

In terms of quantum computing benefits, calculation capacity is on the top, making quantum computing different from traditional computers. In the business approach, market modeling refers to a significant challenge due to the large number of variables to be defined. Most of them cannot clearly be set up with the computing system. It takes a long time for a computer in calculating all possible cases to answer creators’ questions

Turning to quantum computing, its randomness match with the sophisticate of market change. Using quantum computing for measuring outcome distribution becomes more accessible. Evidently, quantum software enables the generation of remarkably possible scenarios to be analyzed.

The benefits of quantum computing have never been limited in speedy and efficient. It broadens new horizons in automation and AI-driven human living. Self-driving vehicles as an example, despite it only step on the beginning phase of this technology. Google currently claimed they are on the self-driving car software development projects with the help of quantum computing. Technologies, which seem to be only appeared in sci-fi movies, are becoming part of life currently.

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Besides, as the innovation in energy behavior understanding, quantum computing is expected to bring new ideas of new materials, supporting renewable energy in car production and solar panel. Moreover, the achievements of brain research with quantum computers bring hope to curing Alzheimer’s disease.  

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Popular Models for Quantum Computing

Basically, Quantum computing is explained by the quantum circuit method. Qubits would be registered to enter a quantum gate. However, the measuring output would differ significantly depending on Quantum models.

Quantum computing model Methodology
Adiabatic Model Based on many-body theory, it leverages the principle of continuous-time and quantum walks.
Measurement-based quantum computation (MBQC) Based on the intermediary measurement, it focuses on computer control rather than calculation output.
The Unitary Circuit Model One of the most popular Quantum computing models
Quantum annealing More suitable for computer engineering rather than mathematic execution.
Discrete-time quantum walk Built on the principle of random walk variation, resulting from small steps in the graph. In which, direction needs to be determined

What is quantum computing used for?

Currently, Quantum computing only has its application for social and economic objectives instead of regular life. In other words, in the near future, you can adopt a quantum computer on daily basis, including gaming, smartphone chip, or private quantum laptop. In fact, quantum computers have to keep in isolation with others, deterring any interference. Quantum computing currently uses as the brain for managing giant systems.

Application of Quantum computing in hardware production

Google owns a campus to build a quantum computer in the US. Since quantum computing would not appear on the commercial side, this technology needs billions of dollars for investment. Google is planning to grand access to companies, which cannot afford but still expect to approach this innovation. By launching quantum services in the cloud, Google brings quantum computers closer to the real world.

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IBM, on the other hand, has built its quantum computing system. They expect to launch it by the end of 2023. IBM system would have 1,000 qubits, which is believed as the most powerful computer in the world. In 2021, IBM has started to grand the access to the research sector entering their quantum networks, including institutes, universities, laboratories.

Quantum computing news: what trending in the IT world

Take COVID as an example, Covid-19 vaccine development curve could be shortened when applying Quantum computing. Traditional vaccine development time occupied in the range of 12 to 18 months. It was pretty long in responding to the pandemic. Several scientists expect the potential to apply quantum computing.

During the design phase, the vaccine development process is involved in complex computing execution. Models to understand protein structure need molecular simulation developed in computers. Furthermore, testing the consistency and efficiency of the vaccine also need a computing model to handle. Accordingly, quantum computing can definitely replace the conventional computer in contributing to vaccine development timelines.

Other quantum computing news is related to the software development sector. In the first quarter of 2021, the novel approach for running quantum software in a conventional computer catch attention of the scientific community. This idea accessing classic Ai algorism simulates the behavior of quantum computing. It expectedly transforms a traditional computer into a quantum computer. The term quantum software emphasizes the characteristic that it is a simulation, not authentic quantum computing, making quantum technology more accessible to many companies.


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