Exams and assessments have changed their forms online during the covid-19 outbreak. Thus, people have introduced many online test platforms for assessments. 

Prior to the development of the internet, exams in the education industry were conducted offline with pens and paper. Forward to the present, the emergence of online test platforms has supported online examinations, especially during the covid-19 outbreak. An online test platform is the best solution for educational institutions to adapt and apply. Some educational centers take advantage of technology in education to create online test platform projects. Besides, some of them hire outsourcing software development services for doing that to save cost and time. 

Conducting online assessment includes a wide range of software applications for web-based exam software, offline example, computer-based test, and more. The online examination software allows examiners to conduct various types of tests/exams easily. The article helps you have an overview of all-in-one online test platforms. 

What is an online test via software applications? 

An online test platform is a digital learning space for examiners, teachers, administrators, and students to conduct online assessments. The online examination software is also critical for distance learning with hours of learning, interacting practice materials. Teachers can build an online examination system in a virtual platform, for example, ranging from diagnostic tests, mini-test to full-length tests. 

Furthermore, an online test platform features an in-platform software solution for live group classes, one-to-one tutorials and meetings. Realizing the demand of online assessments, dedicated development teams in IT outsourcing companies start conducting projects of online examination software. As a 100-percent software application, online test platforms can be fully online, in-classroom or in a blended setup. 

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Key features of the online examination software 

Smart cheating prevention 

Online examination software offers the feature of invigilating activities in online assessments with Artificial Intelligence-based cheating prevention. Besides, it helps detect assertive actions on intolerable learners’ behaviors. Online test platforms allow test takers to live stream with real-time live chat services. It automatically captures the photos and videos of test takers during examination at a specific interval. 

Test monitoring: Real-time coverage of your exams

It is critical for online examination software to cover details such as the number of test-takers, completed and dropped tests with the number of attempts, browser, operating system, IP address, and location details. 

Enhancing smooth concurrent tests with lots of test-takers 

Schools and educational institutions have driven in colleges and skillful tests in the entrance examinations. Thus, it makes it comfortable with lots of exam takers. Examiners plan test series on the online test platforms with numerous test-takers giving the test at the same time. 

Besides, outsourcing software development services should consider the possibility of the available infrastructure to make load smooth and easy-going. Thousands of test-takers now can conduct exams together for one-time testing. It leads to a delightful reality thanks to the online examination software. 

Online examination software for all test-takers 

An online test platform potentially assists self-study for all learners. They can choose a tutor or test mode based on different levels, numbers of questions, and more. For example, examiners can create a test from a pool of questions including Unused, Incorrect, and Flagged questions. Learners can take those questions repeatedly through online examination software.  Besides, the online test platform provides the performance reports of test-makers and the record of understanding and level of test preparation. 

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How online examination software benefits all stakeholders 

The advantages of online test platform for teachers 

An online test platform helps teachers prepare for their exams. Here are some benefits of online test platforms for examiners/teachers: 

  • Online test platforms support teachers to develop hours of ready-made lessons during the multiple course durations. These lessons are designed by world-class teachers to solve all skills. 
  • The online examination software will be good news for busy teachers since it offers automated scoring for reading and listening. Besides this mobile app development provides built-in exam rubrics which helps simplify the marking process for speaking and writing tests. 
  • The mobile app development of online assessments features at-a-glance analytics tool to track student performance. Examiners can see students who aren’t keeping up with the work as “students at risk”, so they support right away. 
  • The online test platforms allow teachers to quickly keep in touch with each student, entire classes and the entire courses. 

Tremendous advantages for educational institutions 

The online test platforms are considered as self-contained “digital language centers in a box”. This mobile app development adds teachers and students, allowing the learning journey to begin. Here are some benefits for educational centers: 

  • The online test platform offers a way to standardize courses. Besides, this mobile app also provides access to lots of premium test preparation materials, ready-made lessons and assessments.
  • It allows institutions to increase learner enrolment and enhance their online test preparation courses. Moreover, the online test platforms support staff with an intuitive system which will manage teachers, students, and class scheduling. 

Benefits for students and learners 

  • There is a quote that practice makes perfect. Hence, with hours of interactive practice materials, learners are able to prepare as thoroughly as possible for exams. This mobile app development will benefit students in various ways. 
  • Students enroll in customizable exam preparation courses through mobile app development. Besides, this online test platform also accesses skill building, vocabulary, speaking, and pronunciation courses. Thus, students can boost their areas of weakness before taking any test. 
  • Within the online test platform, students access lessons on exam strategies. It helps them familiarize themselves with the structure and techniques before exams. Furthermore, the built-in messaging system provides an easy approach to communicate with examiners, admins, and other students. 
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Best online test platform free that you might know 

Using online test platforms has been the standard when it comes to creating online assessments to test knowledge and skills. Here are the best online test platform free that you should consider: 

Edapp – The mobile app development for all 

As the top online examination software, Edapp helps ensure that your teams make the most of their training. Outsourcing software development services have designed this mobile app development to make online exams easier and more efficient for busy teachers. 


This online test platform is an interactive and game-based online test creation in which users will get answers to various choice tests.  


This mobile app development application is an online examination system with more than 100,000 available questions they learners use. It helps test knowledge and skills.

Quizlet – One of the best online test platform free 

This mobile app is popular for the signature flashcard format. Quizlet allows examiners and students to engage in timed- games, questions, and practice tests for variation. For examples, Quizlet is an engaging learning approach to test understanding and retention in the workplace. 

Education and information technologies: robosting online examination systems

Compared to other exams, the online examination systems have been popular right now. Private institutions and educational centers will deploy mobile app development projects for online assessments. The online test platform is user-friendly which allows users to access anywhere and anytime. Using state-of-the-art technologies, educational organizations hire dedicated development teams to develop a more secure and user-friendly software application. 

Automated software applications 

Online examination system is completely automatic. Thus, it is accurate and valuable for teachers and students. Besides, the online test platform eliminates the necessity for conventional pen-paper-based examinations. 

State-of-the-art infrastructure 

Colleges and universities will need a state-of-the-art online examination system to analyze and support results. To meet the demands of our customers, educational institutions have invested much more on the infrastructure system. 

Reliable and secure online examination system 

AWS is the most dependable cloud-provider and also empowers software applications. Besides, AWS provides world-class disaster recovery security and scale. 

Flexible and accessible online assessments 

Students take the assessments by logging into the online examination system in the class or at home via their devices. Additionally, learners also get the opportunity to see their results and answers as feedback about their knowledge and understand the chosen topics. 

Easy-to-conduct a test 

Teachers can calculate spontaneously and give to their students. Besides, examiners can evaluate paper-based assessments which are a lengthy process and prone to mistakes. This mobile app development helps avoid human mistakes. 

The Bottom Line 

With the use of an online examination system, exams and assessments have become simplified for educational organizations. The scope of the online examination system has expanded gradually. Technological advancements have risen as a result of the increase of online assessments. With tremendous benefits, online test platforms are on the rise. The evolution of technology in education has brought dramatic changes in the education system. It makes pen and paper tests redundant. Thus, the online test platform is widely used in our daily life since it helps save time and is one of the most accurate systems. 


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