An online e-learning portal is beneficial for learners, especially during the covid-19. The rise of online e-learning portals is changing modern education. 

The world is changing every day whether we feel it or not. During the covid-19 pandemic, we can widen our knowledge and skill set by taking advantage of the e-learning app. Many educational platforms offer online courses allowing you to take part in classes, workshops, and webinars. 

Online e-learning portals provide learners various opportunities to access affordable or fall-free courses. Besides, you can obtain actual accreditations or recognized diplomas beneficial for your career path related to any topic imaginable. Besides traditional learning methods, expanding knowledge through online e-learning portals is taking over the future of education. Thus, e-learning platforms for students are transforming the education aspect. So how do e-learning apps help students widen their knowledge and workers get their careers advanced?

What is an online e-learning portal? 

Overview of the e-learning market 

An online e-learning portal is a software application that offers learning materials and educational resources. They can be lectures, learning resources, approaches for communicating with other learners, and more. It is an excellent approach for learners and teachers to monitor learning progress. 

The e-learning market will exceed $243 billion in 2022. In the United States, college enrollment has decreased in the last decade. However, the figure for online enrollment has surged, especially during the spread out of covid-19. As a result, education systems all over the world have been affected. Besides, the educational landscapes have transformed into several types of distance learning. When learning a new language or getting career-advancing certificates, taking online courses can be an excellent option. 

Benefits of online platform

E-learning app benefits business 

Reduce the effects of geographical barriers 

Online platforms allow the business to carry out virtual activities across conventional geographic borders to varying degrees. Enterprises conduct virtual training through online platforms whenever their employees are. 

Support various types of businesses 

Online e-learning portals allow projects to access targeted investors motivated by many returns funding. Besides handling geographical barriers, the platforms make it possible for businesses to expand their potential customers. 

Change business cost strategy

Using online e-learning portals helps businesses reduce costs, particularly in the search efforts, for example, for targeted customers and staff. Thus, many firms buy online courses to upgrade the professional knowledge and skills of their employees. 

Beneficial for learners and users 

Offer in-person training courses for employees 

Taking a course through online e-learning portals allows employees to work and learn in their space. It is hard to open in-person training that fits the schedule of all employees in the department or even the whole enterprise. Using e-learning apps helps workers take the pressure off to prioritize their training sessions over their work. 

Effective for obtaining information 

Large firms use outsourcing software development services to develop online e-learning portals. For example, IBM showed that e-learning solutions provide employees with skills related to leadership opportunities and advanced career paths. It also reports that employees retain the information after learning compared to conventional learning environments. 

Obtaining the information through online platforms will provide learners with a more interactive learning environment. Moreover, they can review learning materials rather than in-person training. 

Offering more flexible rather than in-person training 

In-person training allows employees to take part in a single place at a time. So it is hard for them to attend any in-person sessions. For instance, employees may be absent from in-person training due to another important project. Online e-learning portals allow your workers to complete coursework whenever and wherever they want. Many outsourcing software companies develop custom apps for educational purposes. Learners can use their commute on the train or a flight while finishing their online courses. 

Set control of the curriculum 

Offshore development teams help firms take control of the curriculum for their employees. Besides, those e-learning platforms provide a friendly user experience where employees follow and monitor the employee training progress. 

Top 10 online learning platforms 

Skillshare – One of the most common online learning platforms 

Skillshare introduces over 27,000 classes: Thrive, Build, and Create. It allows students to expand their creativity and acquire new skills through video presentations and class projects. Besides, learners can participate in live sessions and workshops. 

Mindvalley – The best educational transformation platform 

The goal of Mindvalley is to help learners succeed at work while unlocking their potential. It fits those who want to improve different aspects of their lives. With over 50 courses, Mindvalley introduces courses taught by CEOs of big companies, best-selling authors, and international speakers. 

Coursera – Offering university-level courses and programs 

Thousands of courses in Coursera allow learners to take online courses for free. Moreover, if you want to change your career path, you can enroll in one of the courses. 

Udemy – Another popular online learning platform 

Udemy has a library of over 150,000 courses making it the best online platform. Students can expand their knowledge and skills in any field. It aims to disrupt and democratize various aspects of education. – Focusing on STEM programs 

People design for children (over ten years old) and adults. It makes learning fun, engaging, and interactive. So is one of the top 10 online learning platforms for all learners, especially for STEM education. – Online learning platform providing college-level courses 

Edx offers more than 2,500 courses on different subjects: Biology, Architecture, Chemistry, Electronics, etc. Harvard and MIT have cooperated to establish Edx via professional education courses. 

Udacity – Skills and project-based learning platforms  

Learners enroll in one of the courses in Udacity, and their chances of landing a job are available after finishing a course. As one of the Top 10 online learning platforms, Udacity offers courses related to various in-demand skills while working. 

Linkedin Learning – One of the oldest e-learning platforms 

As one of the Top 10 online learning platforms, Linkedin Learning has a single monthly subscription fee that learners access to all courses. It allows learners to download any course for offline access. 

MasterClass – Online platforms for all educators 

The masterClass is different from other Top 10 online learning platforms since the world-famous experts and celebrities deliver lessons. With $15 a month, you will get unlimited access to all courses. 

Futurelearn – Offering courses from the leading universities in the world 

Futurelearn is one of the Top 10 online learning platforms since it offers courses from the leading universities in the world. Students can access all the courses for free. Most courses include video and audio courses, reading materials, and short quizzes. 

E-learning trends to watch out for in 2022 

The covid-19 pandemic has ravaged the whole globe and would become the biggest pandemic since the flu in 1918. After a few weeks, organizations found a new business direction by going digital. Companies asked their workers to work from home. Besides, the organizations started thinking about training their employees to keep their business continuity. Thus, using online e-learning portals is the first and foremost step. Here are some e-learning trends for people to watch out for in 2022. 

Virtual training for remote workers 

Regarding the hybrid working model, many employees choose to work remotely. Thus, virtual training continues growing or has become an e-learning trend for 2022. Virtual training is a mode for work-from-home employees. Besides, this online learning trend is suitable for those who spread across the globe to get virtual training from experts and faculty. 

The virtual training session provides lots of benefits to workers and organizations generally: 

  • Connect people across the globe. 
  • Be interactive since offshore development teams can integrate games and support tools while developing e-learning apps. 
  • Provide tangible results via polls and quizzes. 
  • Engage audiences or learners better. 

Micro-learning platforms 

Recently, the micro-learning platform has been on the rise. It helps learners access impactful learning methods. Some micro-learning platforms support learners to obtain knowledge quickly and effectively. Some use assessment as their strategy, but others utilize gamification to make learning engaging. 

Users can easily create and publish courses through micro-learning platforms. 

Human-centered learning experiences 

The human-centric learning experience is one of the most e-learning trends in the world. Organizations provide training materials and schedule training times which do not focus on various needs. So it is hard for them to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of training courses. 

Yet the pandemic has changed all. Organizations realize that people will drive success. Thus, considering the learning experiences of employees is a great way. It leads to new approaches on how to design and deliver training courses. Outsourcing software development services are applying human-centered learning experiences to software applications, especially education. 

Future of e-learning: Online Learning Is On The Rise 

Accessing information is a fundamental need, for food, clothes, and accommodation. Using online learning is a great way to reach the maximum potential of a person. There is a gap between skill sets that learners need to adapt to in the modern world and knowledge that learners access in traditional education systems. Thus, online learning is on the rise for learners to obtain knowledge. Thus, e-learning is the future of education. 

Continuous Learning – A shifting change in education landscape 

Learning is a changing shift that the education sector has faced. It is about how people expand their skills and knowledge in a dynamic environment with transformations. 

Continuous learning adds new dimensions to their studying journey. In the dynamic working environment, workers respond to changes that are essential for today’s work. Outsourcing software development services are on the rise to develop e-learning apps. 

Social Learning – One of the forms of indirect learning 

Social learning refers to the learning methods from others through educational interactions. The live class is an example of social learning that has enabled learners to interact in a dynamic environment.  

Gamified Learning – How to reward the learners for completing tasks  

Gamification learning involves rewarding learners during their learning process. It helps learners stay engaged and get while learning. Offshore development teams introduce e-learning platforms with new functions and patterns that keep learners progressing. 

Wrapping Up 

Online e-learning portal is the future of online education in a dynamic world. Besides, e-learning has mitigated various challenges related to learning and training: time and cost. We have just provided the evidence to perpetuate an online e-learning portal as a feasible solution for problems. The application of an online e-learning portal is something that we cannot ignore at the current time. Outsourcing software development services work with educational institutions to develop e-learning apps. Learning is a continuous process that people need to achieve in various ways. Online e-learning portals are feasible ways to do that.


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