Software outsourcing services in Festive season

Good Tidings of Comfort Festive Seasons 2021 around Adamo Software

What happens on Christmas day in a software development company? Let Adamo Software show you.

In the Christmas season of 2021, Adamo Software, a leading outsourcing IT service company in Vietnam, celebrated the “Ring The Bell” on 24th December. The festive and cozy atmosphere of Christmas was burning all around our office with ornamental trees, garlands, and ribbons.

Christmas Eve was coming!

It was our last update for closing the year of 2021. However, it was also our most festive update of the year. The world has started to get back to something that resembles normal in 2021 and more. So this Christmas Eve should bring lots of happy reunions amongst family members and friends after many work-from-home moments.

Things to do on Christmas 

The Christmas theme “Ring The Bell” will be brought to our office with ornamental trees, garlands, and ribbons. It also reminded us that the final holidays of 2021 are more than an opportunity to reunite co-workers and family and warm up our hearts. Besides, Christmas Eve is a great chance to remind us that we have many things to be grateful for. The year 2021 has been challenging for all that giving back is the way we are keeping forward. 

“We would like to end the year on a joyful moment by embracing the Christmas spirit and giving back to our staff and friends at Adamo Software. Although 2021 was a challenging year for all of us due to the covid-19 outbreak consequence. When gifts come from the heart, the warmth will bring joy and unity to everyone”, said CEO & Founder at Adamo Software, Kevin Nguyen.” 

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Christmas Gift Cast-Off

Marking the Christmas spirit in its 121st year, Vietnam’s leading outsourcing IT service company decorated the office in early December. On the day of Christmas, we welcomed a special visit from Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus. They are gift-bringer in North American and European tradition. They came and brought us lots of cookies with the elves and a hot cup of coffee for an energetic morning. Despite small things with cookies and coffee, Adamoers feel close and cozy enough to begin a new working day. Otherwise, we also had a chance to take photos with both Santa Claus and Mrs. Santa. Those pictures help us keep our memories of this special occasion. Sometimes, happiness has just simply come from simple and small things, even a lovely gift from your co-workers. 

Adamo Software with festive activities 

In organizing impressive activities on Christmas, our festive activities continue happening until the end of the day. Fortunately, we also have a Happy Hour session in which Adamoers have more time to get to know each other and enjoy a piece of drinks and food. On Christmas Day, people engaged in a fascinating game called “Coin Collectors”. 

All people will be divided into two teams, including teams A and B. Then, each team took turns to toss the dice, and move on the map to collect gold coins. During the game, the team members were forced to do awkward actions, dance, or sing. Finally, the winner was the team collecting more coins than the other. We feel so happy and belong to this place, Adamo Software. Undoubtedly, participating in those activities helps enhance the collectivity and relationship amongst workers. 

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Greeting from Adamo- software outsourcing service company

Christmas Eve is the most fantastic time of the year for its colorful lights, presents, and cozy atmosphere. This special occasion is also a grand opportunity to warm up your hearts, show gratitude to your family, co-workers, and friends. We will give all best wishes on New Year Eve for 2022. As the holidays draw closer, Adamo Software would like to send wishes your way for a great holiday season and a super awesome year ahead!

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