How to hire the best quality app development team?

how to find good developer

In the world of information technology, all technical devices and knowledge are updated hour by hour, which asks the business manager to get the up-to-date information to better boost their business. Because of the quick updating of technology, it is very difficult to have a dedicated software development team who can manage all tasks in different IT projects.

Based on our real experience with various projects from the starting, Adamo Software will share some tips to find the suitable app development team. 

How many ways to hire good developer

Hiring a developer or outsourcing software development team is not the new idea, however, how to find the most suitable team for your project will be the difficult questions that many business owner questionnaires.

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1.     What should you do with a big project?

Starting a big project, of course, many business owners think about software outsourcing or offshore solutions. Based on many reasons as follows, outsourcing should be the best choice to reduce risks in business. 

Firstly, a project requires many expertise developers to work well together and to make sure a project run well before launching. Some companies may have their own IT team, but not all the IT departments are strong enough to finish big software projects.

Your current developer team, without experience about related projects, it will take a long time to create and test each function as well as increase the pressure by lacks talent.

Cost efficiency and flexibility are the bonus for outsourcing in this case. 

2.     How to hire an IT talent without a team?

Another solution, hiring a talent developer instead of the whole team. You may have your own in-house team, but this is a big project that your developer team cannot handle. Or a member of your team immediately quit his job or is sick. Now you will consider outsourcing a talent one to complete the project on time. Then you can find the candidates from the outsourcing company agencies or you may create a job post on hiring freelancer website as Similar to the process of hiring a developer team, some key points you have to pay attention to include developers’ experience and expertise, related projects, commitment just go and check the cost.


3.     How’s about a small project?

In this case, the answer is the same as the previous section. A business owner can find a small team or a developer on some freelancer websites or recruitment sites (Upwork, Fiverr…), to attract talent. 

4.     Hiring a new member for an in-house team

For long term development, an experienced developer plays an important role in a business. Finding the key person is always the most difficult task for the HR team. A dedicated developer will be the main guy for the whole project and promise to go along with the company. Asking for some expert HR to build up your own dedicated software development team, then your role is managing and maintaining the team and boost the business up. 

Where to find app developers?

Now, you know that there are many types of hiring developer, outsourcing a dev team, hiring a freelancer, outsourcing a part of a project, or add more member to your team. But do you know where to find these developers, and how to find great IT engineers?

1.     Using research and rating website

The first solution that everyone usually thinks about is Searching. While the internet becomes a popular method for people to find and research, it is normal to find the best IT outsourcing service via the internet using some familiar channels like Google. Additionally, the rating and reviews in the community will play the role to decide which company is the suitable one and can provide a good developer team. Some famous IT review and evaluation websites should be mentioned here as ClutchTop Digital AgencyGoodFirms

2.     Based on the recommendation

While the first solution is mostly based on the research and review, this second one is based on the advice from our friends, our partners, or our family. It will be trusted and well service based on the suggester’s experience while advice you to select a team or promote a member. With their real experience working with software developer provider, they may share the advantages and disadvantages while working with a suggested IT agency. 

Hotel and OTA mobile websites

3.     Deploy the value of freelancer platform

 If you pay attention to find a new freelancer, some freelancer website as fiverr, freelancer should be the idea suggestion for you. You can filter, all the candidates before making a final decision. 

4.     From developer personal blog/website

Some experience developers have their hobby of writing and sharing the knowledge to everyone. Searching the result of an email is better than paper writing. 

5.     Finding developer from the uploaded app

There are three characters to show that we are the realities, which include: 

–       Customers and reality,

–       Years on the market 

–       Translator..

Also, couple this option with other ones on the list, like checking potential partners you found on B2B firms’ ratings and getting in touch with your partners.

Finally, HR is the difficult job, and to find the suitable devs to build their team, manage their projects, Adamo Software hopes you have a clear find to understand the situation. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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