Angular Development: Tools, Frameworks and Best Practices

Angular development is a common web development platform. Its goal is to augment web-based applications with model view controllers. Read more.

Developers are using various tools and frameworks in the custom software development process for code creation, UI-UX designing, or testing. They will carefully select the kinds of the software development process that provides hands-on productivity, especially for angular development. As one of the most common software development applications, angular is a part of the JavaScript ecosystem.

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Delivery Management Service: Improve Your Real-time Delivery System

Delivery management service refers to the logistics deployment via digital tools. Let’s see how technology improves real-time service delivery management.

The emergence of eCommerce has boosted brick-and-mortar businesses to shift towards online shopping. Customers expect to receive products in the shortest time, which is hard for traditional delivery methods to scale up their operations. There is a demand to drive omnichannel experiences towards the possibility of embracing delivery management software.

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Electronic Health Records: All you need to consider

An electronic health record (EHR) is a digital platform of a patient paper chart, capturing health conditions such as history, diagnoses, medications.

Technological innovation and the healthcare industry have always gone hand in hand. Thus, we have upgraded lots of regulations, advanced administrations and learned how to use data, making physician jobs more complicated.

Thanks to healthcare solution development, doctors get immediate access to patient data, guarantee secure compliance, and manage day-to-day operations. The article provides an overview of electronic health records regardless of definition, types, benefits, and impact on the healthcare industry.

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How patient engagement can improve healthcare outcomes

Patient engagement refers to the desire to allow healthcare customers to be involved in the decisions regarding their health conditions, wellness, and care.

The healthcare industry has considerably changed in recent years since ever-evolving technology in healthcare makes it easy for patients to access care. Mobile healthcare technologies such as remote patient monitoring (RPM), wearable devices, electronic healthcare records (EHR), etc have completely transformed the ways of interacting with patients.

Healthcare difficulties have emerged along with technology changes such as mobile, fixed-locations, or workforces. Mobile healthcare technologies indeed offer huge benefits to patients and healthcare providers. In this post, we provide feasible patient engagement solutions for hospitals to improve healthcare outcomes.

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Technology Workshop: Get familiar with JMeter Tool & Insights of ShopStream project

Opening a technology workshop is a great way to update information and share experience when creating a software development product. Read the article for more.

Adamo Software organized a technology workshop that introduces the Jmeter Tool and ShopStream project on Jan 13th, 2022. This technology workshop aims to provide the fundamental things of performance testing and Jmeter Tool, a tool beneficial for software testing. Besides, audiences could gain knowledge of ShopStream Connect projects and learn how to manage software teams that bring them to life.

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Serverless architecture vs. microservices: Future of business digitalization

Serverless architecture and microservices are becoming the driving force behind the rapid digital adaptation for many companies around the data-driven world.

In practice, companies have to put enormous investments into server development, which commonly exceed the financial capacity of almost every organization. In this case, some giants would host servers and microservices serving other businesses adopting scalable targets. Instead of owning three fundamental indicators of monolithic architectures, software development companies currently leverage serverless architectures for project executions.

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Third-party food delivery services: The rising star during and post-pandemic

With its massive benefits, third-party delivery is vital to operational restaurants. Let’s check it out to see how 3rd party food delivery services work in the pandemic.

If you have a product to deliver right to potential customers, third-party delivery service is a perfect option. Third-party delivery has gained steam in popularity, especially during the covid-19 pandemic. In a savvy-tech world, online ordering software, self-service restaurants, and mobile apps are core elements in the delivery process. That helps give customers what they need regarding a fast, customized delivery experience. 

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VPN monitoring tools: what components to consider the precise options

VPN monitoring tools have become popular these days due to the booming of cloud computing. It is a gateway for managing business-critical resources securely.

VPN or Virtual private networks basically indicates a programming tool for device connection. As an encrypted tuner, VPN monitoring tools offer secured access to a private network, ensuring the network performance is secret.

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Tourism app ideas: Trendy concepts for lucrative travel apps

The world these days is heating up the competition among travel and tourism that startups and SMEs need tourism app ideas to advance their advantage against rivals.

Every travel and hospitality business needs a model to follow, of which it decides what function should be attached son the mobile app development roadmap. Evidently, in the digitalization era of travel, having a mobile app is a pivotal element to survive in the highly competitive market. So, did you ever ask about how other businesses perform better than others even when they have the same business model?

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