Automation testing workshop: The foundation 2021

Workshop: Automation testing from Adamo Software

Our Adamo QA team made “The foundation of automation testing” workshop to provide a better understanding of automation testing.

Concerning the software development team’s performance or Looking for a proper way to boost their productivity and eliminate all mundane tasks? The answer is: automation is a key to improving a team’s productivity and bringing fruits to software development projects. 

In custom software development practice, testing often makes up around 50% of the total development effort. Therefore, it is imperative to cut the cost and enhance the effectiveness of software testing by the automation testing process. In the last decade, much effort was spent on developing automated test cases, automation test oracles, and other testing techniques. As software testing has an ever-growing practice, more meaningful automation testing is possible. Thus, automation testing activities have become an essential part of industrial practice. 

Launching the business officially in 2018, Adamo Software has been growing to be one of the leading software development outsourcing companies in Vietnam. Adamo provides high-quality IT services in software development to English-speaking customers from all over the world. Our services are from mobile and web-based solutions to web application and portal development. With extensive experience, rounded technical expertise, and profound knowledge of various industries, Adamo is promising to add value to customers. 

With nearly five years of development and serving customers around the globe, Adamo commits to building software products with end-users in mind. We always strive to satisfy our customers with our software development products with millions of downloads and trustworthiness. At Adamo, we believe our team is the best fit for customers’ requirements. As changing our brand name into Adamo Software, a former of Adamo Digital, we are striving to extend expertise in the software industry. We expect our new brand name to start a new business journey and convey a more meaningful message to valued customers.

As conquering new business journeys, Adamo Software realizes that focusing on training and enriching the knowledge of our team is a must. Thus, we need to open our team spaces to exchange and discuss experiences, challenges, and solutions during the software development process, especially automation testing. 

“The Foundation of Automation Testing” 2021 is the first workshop entirely concentrated on the foundation of automation testing. The workshop gives a brief introduction to automation testing, technologies, and project demos using automation testing. To enrich knowledge, Adamo Software has just held a software development workshop on automation testing.

This workshop brings testers and quality assurance a forum for exchanging ideas and sharing hands-on experiences. Moreover, Adamoers can define the fundamental challenges and find feasible solutions during their custom software development projects. The workshop also provides attendees with automation testing tools that will help them identify problems and errors. From that, testers might get ideas to handle their software development problems and lay the foundation for future development. 

Adamo Software Workshop Automated testing foundation

In the workshop, Mr. Viet Do, a Quality Assurance Engineer at Adamo Software shares his hands-on experiences of using automation testing. He says that there are a few things to consider when applying automation testing in software development. First of all, people using automation tests should consider evaluating the time they spend on using rather than the values of this technique to the project. Regarding those values, he states whether automation testing can bring more value to the project compared to manual testing or not. In terms of the scope, people can not use automation testing for most test cases. Last but not least, it should be flexible when choosing automation testing tools. People should consider real situations, time for testing, and project scope that needs testing. 

During the workshop, he introduced several technical applications in automation testing ( Selenium IDE and Katalon Studio). Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a Firefox and Chrome extension, making it easy to record and playback tests as a test case. Selenium IDE is quite suitable for automation testers, especially beginners. Furthermore, Katalon Studio is a robust automation tool working on mobile, API, and web. 

We tailored this workshop for our teams who want to begin seeking automating solutions as much as possible on their software development projects. It was a 100% hands-on workshop where attendants shared/ discussed their problems and feasible solutions. 
Automation is a transformation of the software testing process on a larger scale. Thereby, having advanced level knowledge of automation will become a must for testers. Hopefully, the workshop will be a good chance for our teams to exchange and gain knowledge of automation tests. As one of the leading outsourcing IT companies in Vietnam, Adamo Software commits to bringing the best products and services to our clients.


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