What Annual new year celebration at a Software development company look like?

Some prejudice claim that Software developers are rigid and boring. Adamo Software is here to prove those wrong. We are the home of the most attractive person on Earth.

Like many software development services, Adamo Software understands the role of staff mental health in the productivity and growth of the entire enterprise. Accordingly, we have a verbal commitment that nurturing our office culture by holding an out-of-office party at least once a quarter.

Unfortunately, the rise of the COVID19 pandemic these days is deterring us from pursuing the plan. In the beginning time, we prepared many ideas for one of the biggest parties of the year, our New Year 2022 Party. Unfortunately, we did suffer many challenging. Thanks to the tremendous effort of the whole team, Adamo finally got a chance to hold a social gathering outside of Adamo’s Office.

Leaving work behind, we went to an attractive resort, located in a peaceful suburban with a river, pagoda, forest, and us- Adamoers. We got unforgettable hours with colleagues and family, enjoyed energetic activities and lunch.

How new year celebration at Adamo Software prepared?

A good party has never constrained in meals and conversation. It needs group activities and a comprehensive flow. And a great party ought to a massive effort of preparing from all attendants. The event information had been delivered to all members one month before the official date, giving time and guidelines for teams preparing their stages.

Obviously, we have many talents, not only in programming but also in performing on the stage. Four dedicated teams with their talents had four burning weeks to practice. They all desired to express their beauty on stage.

In order to keep the party going smoothly, organizers set up two rehearsals before the new year celebration happened. That day referred to the time to review all event structures and the quality of all performances.

What happens during four hours of the new year 2022 party

On the date of the new year 2022 party, we got a comprehensive timeline to follow:

Time Setting 
8h00 Roundup 
8h20 Driving to Hoang Long resource 
9h00 Check-in time for all attendants 
10h00 Through the storm event 
14h00 Free performance 
15h00 Back to Home 

As mentioned above, our “Through the Storm party” was the time to look back to what we had done in 2021. Additionally, it was also the time to prepare for the upcoming year of 2022.  

2021 recap – Adamo Software  

  • Count downtime: after our two founders give a speech, summarizing all things that happen at Adamo Software 2021; and the new year plan. We cheer up with wine and Champagne
  • Quarter IV referred to the most lucrative time of 2021: we enjoyed dramatic growth in both size and revenue. Accordingly, we give the most oversized Quarter award ever as the recognition of all employees’ effort.

Motivated Team: Shop Stream, HR team, Marketing Team, Design team, Magpie, Sven, Rewarding

Dream Team: Testers team   

Prospect award: Viet Do, Khiem Nguyen, Lam Nguyen

Super Star Award: Thang Bui, Lan Dang

Dedication couple: Xoan Ngo, Nam Truong

Be Star competition: it was time for four dedicated teams to shine. They gave their best to four booming stages. Beyond a contest, the “Be Star” stage was the occasion to nurture the bone between members.

Lucky Draw with a bunch of value gifts.

Freestyle activities for everyone.

Year-end party Eco with series celebration after the event ended

With prize and bonus, we have a reason for a series of parties on the following days after New Year Party end.

  • Close up with tired relationship: Our software development team had spent a whole day together. Not for work, it was time we were playing together to strengthen the bond between us.
  • Nurturing sentiment with company and colleagues: Though stages, we have a long time practicing behind the “Through the Storm” Party. Accordingly, we enhance the sensation by sharing sentiments, laughs, and memorials.
  • Strengthen company culture: In turn, the company culture is all of us. It is not about the company itself; office culture is about people living in our company. Holding the New Year Party tends to be a way we show who we are and what we mean to be.


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