Angular development is a common web development platform. Its goal is to augment web-based applications with model view controllers. Read more.

Developers are using various tools and frameworks in the custom software development process for code creation, UI-UX designing, or testing. They will carefully select the kinds of the software development process that provides hands-on productivity, especially for angular development. As one of the most common software development applications, angular is a part of the JavaScript ecosystem.

Google has introduced angular development since 2009 and angular development has gained popularity amongst software development environments. We will find it a great option both regarding business operations and software development. In this post, we provide essential information about angular development related to tools, frameworks and best practices.

According to the StackOverflow survey (2019), 30.7 % of software engineers are using AngularJS and the new Angular 2+ to create user interfaces. Since 2019, the Angular developer’s community has increased 50% compared to 2018 (NG-Conf).

What is angular development

Introduce to angular development

Angular is an open-source web application and mobile software development through the support of Google and a community of software engineers. Nowadays, angular is one of the best performing web application JavaScript frameworks. So what makes angular web application development so popular recently.

Angular technology includes a model-view-controller structure, two-way data binding, pattern recognition, and directives. With angular development, developers will produce dynamic content with HTML. So they don’t need to write extra code for synchronization.

Additionally, angular web development is a fully-fledged framework with a wide range of functions. Although angular development is not the easiest framework to use, the result will be worth the time and resources.

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Various angular versions: Angular web development 2-8

The angular framework includes many versions from 2 to 8. People released the latest angular version, 8th in May 2019. In this part, we will provide the improvements to each version of angular.

Angular 2

Angular web development 2 features many changes to the initial version since software engineers rewrite it in TypeScript. The architecture style has switched to component-based.

Angular 4

People introduce angular CLI 1.0.0 with the 4th version as a fundamental element of angular web development. It is essential to render the angular universal applications.

Angular 5-6

The release of the 5th and 6th versions focuses on optimizing angular CLI and compiler work.

Angular 7

Angular web development 7 CLI helps enhance with prompts which provide tips in CLI to define functions and purposes of elements. Therefore, using CLI is more intuitive. Angular applications help improve the performance and size of the code-base.

Angular 8

Angular web development 8 is the latest version. In Angular 8, people introduce two components such as Ivy renderer and Bazel (build interface). Besides, another major improvement helps upload browser-specific bundles to support legacy browsers and upload content faster.

Angular advantages and disadvantages

Every technology application comes with certain advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at these pros and cons of angular web development.

Pros of angularCons of the angular framework
MVC architecture implementation
Model-view-controller architecture adds value to the angular framework when developing a customer-side app. MVC architecture helps isolate the app logic from the UI layer. It receives requests for the mobile app and operates with the model to prepare any data. 
Limited SEO optionsUsing angular web development restricts SEO options and it is hard to access search engine crawlers.
Improved design architecture
Large web applications have many components. Angular web development defines the way of managing these elements after the development process has begun. The architecture helps programmers locate and develop the code easily.
Complex and verbose
Angular developers consider the verbosity of the instrument. The disadvantages of angular web development haven’t changed much since AngularJS.
A module is a mechanism grouping directive, elements, and services together. Besides, it helps combine with other modules to create an application. The angular-based app will be a puzzle where each module helps see the whole picture. Angular web development solves the problem of global function by limiting the scope of all functions to modules.
Steep learning curve
If you are new to using angular web development, you might find it hard to write compared to React or Vue onboarding.
Services and dependencies injection
Sometimes, custom software development projects need dependent services to finish a task. A dependency injection design pattern helps complete these dependencies. It divides various tasks amongst services. Software development teams often use the angular injector responsibility to create instances and inject them into classes.
Lacking details in the CLI documentation
Software development teams express concerns related to the current state of CLI documentation. While being useful to angular developers, people won’t find enough information for their custom software development projects. 
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Best IDE & Angular development tools

Software development tools and frameworks have many types of text editors, compilers, code libraries, etc. Angular web development keeps the topmost JavaScript framework for developing mobile apps and web applications. The number of Integrated Development Environment (IDE) choices have increased.

Angular IDE

Angular IDE is one of the best IDE for angular development. It is easily accessible as a stand-alone application and an Eclipse plugin. Besides, this best IDE for angular development is simple for beginners to give more power to angular experts.


Webstorm is a code editor on IntelliJ. This best IDE for angular development is the right choice for developers based on the best IDE for TypeScript. Besides, Webstorm allows developers to integrate with intelligent coding assistance. It has a plugin environment with inclusive configuration and local history features.

Visual Studio Code

Another best IDE for angular development is Visual Studio Code. It supports TypeScript code, intelligent auto-completion of code, functions, debugging, and inserted modules. Visual Studio Code is a powerful code editor for custom software development projects.


Brackets is one of the best IDEs for angular development. It is an open-source modern text editor for developing web applications and mobile apps owing to its lightweight. Software development teams use Brackets when focusing on web applications. With features for web developers, it helps support Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Atom is another best IDE for angular development. It works efficiently on platforms such as Android, MAC, and Linux. Amongst major software development technologies, developers prefer Atom. Besides, this best IDE for software development has a vast community that helps developers offer active contributors to plugins.

Angular development best practices

Use Angular CLI

It is one of the most accessibility tools when developing mobiles with angular. The angular CLI makes it easy to create apps and follows many angular development best practices. Angular CLI is an interface tool to initialize, develop, scaffold, maintain and test any angular applications. This angular development best practice creates the files and folders manually through angular CLI to generate new elements, directives, services, and pipes.

Maintain folder structure

A folder structure is an essential factor before a custom software development project. Our folder structure will adapt to the new changes during custom software development.

Follow angular coding styles

Some rules help our project with coding standards:

  • Limit files to 400 lines of code
  • Define functions and limit them to no more than 75 lines.
  • Follow consistent names for symbols. People use the pattern features, especially type.ts. If the values of variables are intact, declare it with “const”.
  • Utilize dashes to identify words and use dots to separate the descriptive name from the type.
  • Properties and methods should be in lower camel cases.
  • Leave one empty line between imports and modules.


Typescript is a set of JavaScript designed to develop large JavaScript applications. For some custom software development, developers don’t need to convert the whole JavaScript code to TypeScript at once.

Use ES6 features

ECMAScript is updated with new features and various functionalities. Software development teams have ES6 which has many new features in Angular such as arrow functions, string interpolation, let and const, and destructuring.

Use track along with ngFor

NgFor is useful for looping over an array in templates. Besides, software development teams use it with a trackBy function with a unique identifier for each DOM. When the array changes, angular helps re-render the entire DOM tree.

Break down into reusable elements

Large elements are hard to debug, manage, and test. If the component becomes complex and large, break it down into smaller components to decrease duplication of the code. Thus, software development teams can easily manage and debug with less effort.

Lazy Loading

Software development teams try to lazy load the modules in the angular web development. This lazy loading will load something only when being used. It helps reduce the size of web application load initial times and improve the performance.

Use Index.ts

Index.ts helps keep all related things; thus, software development teams don’t have to be bothered about filename sources.

Cache API calls

When making API calls, some responses don’t change regularly. Software development teams can add a caching mechanism and add the value from an API. Developers request the same API, software development teams get a response from the check. Catching API calls and avoiding unwanted duplicate API improves the speed of the application.

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The Bottom Line

As one of the most popular software development languages today, Angular is a part of the JavaScript ecosystem. People have upgraded various versions of the Angular development to meet market demand and bring productivity for custom software development projects.

Besides, it’s essential to introduce the best IDE for angular development & various tools. Nowadays there are lots of angular development best practices that business owners might consider for their operators. Hopefully, this article will help you have understand angular development management.


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