AI and Big Data trends of using in F&B Companies nowadays

Mentioning Affiliate Intelligent and Big Data, people think about 4.0 Technology, which is applied from life to business. In each section, these will support in different ways, more details using their advantages to boosting business or simple our life. This is the same in F&B business, and this blog will show you some trends to implement these two in Food and Beverage nowadays.

AI and Big Data – the future of F&B business

Boosting Business Intelligent

To effectively develop a new dish, service or startups an F&B business, the first step you should do is analyzing a business, and business intelligence plays an important role in the whole process. Finishing a market intelligence requires a large volume of information which big data owns the great source. 

Big data includes a huge material to show the habits of objectives, and even a company can use to predict and create trends in the future. While the living standard is improved day by day, the demand for Food and Beverage also changes frequently, orienting trends or planning the right customers’ demand will help boost a company up the new level.

Serving right customers

Food is the daily requirement of the global, while understanding, planning and creating the trends of food may help owner draw a full picture of their customers, from their age, behavior, gender, and favorite. Therefore, business owners can differentiate their target customers and plan a strategic planning for each customers’ group.

Added value for Social media

Building a completed target customer and suitable strategy to meet their requirements using big data, AI then helps you to meet the right customers in the corrected moment. You may ask how a restaurant you like can target and serve your favourite dishes, or when there any sale campaign. By hiring some advertising agency, providing the target customers’ information, a restaurant owner will be in the loop of a restaurant strategy. Thanks to effective behaviour target methodologies, AI may immediately find the group of customers with the suited demand and guide these customers to their wishes.

Improving efficiency

Thanks to AI, many routine or administrative manufacturing tasks can be automated. After establishing the workflows, the schedule is updated, the machine with AI can working process. For example, the process of filter, device, and packaging dry fruit can be automated processing by AI. And the smart sensors will detect and remove all the unqualified ingredients during filtering and packaging, which help to increase the efficiency in the food manufacturing and the quality of the final product.

Additionally, from AI, the industrial engineer can export big data which will be used to optimize the manufacturing strategy and virtually increase efficiency. Specifically, with big data gained from manufacturing, an engineer can find the constraint and remove to boost up the process and the working performance.

Changing the way to support customers

When everything people can online order, 24/7 online support becomes an important part of the selling process. The quicker your sales can support customers, the higher your revenue can achieve. Then all the data can be stored in the CRM system then show the full picture of your customer insights as well as become valuable data for targeting customers and building a strategic strategy for each group. Therefore, AI may not only help to increase customers’ experience, but it also helps to gather information for analyzing.

Save costs

As all of the points above, the results AI and Big data bring to F&B business is reduce cost. Improving manufacturing efficiency, optimize the manufacturing process, providing information for predicting new trends and targeting correct customers. These will of course help to optimize and save cost, increase the revenue and develop the business.

F&B enterprises are not ready to exploit the advantage of AI and Big Data?

While applying Big Data and AI in manufacturing brings numerous advantages, many businesses seem like not ready to apply these in the manufacturing process. It’s true that they need the engineer with AI and Big data experience to work with the machine and well employ these.

Recently, when seeing the booming of robots, automated machines, people predicted that the market for manufacturing engineer would no longer exist. The fears reduce the skilled workers in the next generation.

According to the survey by ConstellationResearch, 80% organizations said they don’t have enough human resource to run AI/ Big Data projects, and only 14% said they have enough staff currently. About 40% executive said they had to make significant talent acquisitions to support AI projects.

This means that it is difficult to recruit skill AI and Big data professionals. Some business owners decide to hire AI and Big Data experience employees, some send their employees to a training course of applying AI and Big data in manufacturing, and outsourcing is also the solution of some businesses. Partner with a software provider seems like the most practical way to acquire expertise, in this way, almost AI technology are effectively exploited.

Leveraging new technologies in this 4.0 industry such as AI andBig Data plays an important role in today’s landscape, which helps to not only analyse and develop the new trends of F&B Business, but also optimize the manufacturing process and improve the productivity.


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