POSTED ON June 14, 2022

New Office Grand Opening of Adamo Software: A Toast For Company Business Strategies


Adamo Software celebrated the new office grand opening ceremony, proving that we are on the right track to effective company business strategies. 

Most companies have planned to grow their business and boost sales and profits. Expanding the business operations depend on their financial situation, the competition, and even government regulations. Officially running a business in 2018, Adamo Software (formerly known as Adamo Digital) has moved home office a few times. Several times, our home office is getting bigger and bigger. As a result, Adamo Software is on the right track for business development. 

As an emerging IT outsourcing company, Adamo Software has gradually gained client trust and proved itself through software development products in various industries. Last Wednesday, the Board Director of Adamo Software and all employees toasted the new office grand opening ceremony. So what does the home-office grand opening ceremony in an IT outsourcing company look like? Read more for further information. 

Pop The Champagne! Let’s celebrate the new office grand opening 

2022 – On the way to business expansion

Our CEO on the new office grand opening

Established in 2018, Adamo Software has been on the way to proving its position in the IT industry, especially in outsourcing software services. Over 4-year operation, Adamo Software has faced the problem of managing business expansion and market development. With an impressive business growth rate of 300% in 2021, the company aims to grow 600% in 2022. 

Furthermore, the company wants to expand strategies: market penetration, market expansion, product development, diversification, and acquisitions. As an IT outsourcing company, the company’s business strategy is its resources, especially human resources.

A-few-month preparation for the ribbon-cutting event 

In March 2022, the Board of Directors decided to open a new office for more slots to reach the point of business expansion. After a few months, we select locations, architectural designs and execute our office design. Unfortunately, another spread out of covid-19 has slowed our opening new office. Last but not least, we were ready for our new office grand opening ceremony. 

Celebrate grand opening: Getting sight of company business strategy 


Get on the right track for business growth 

After a few months of preparation, Adamo Software celebrated the grand opening of the second home office on the 16th floor, Lilama 10 Building. At the ceremony, Mr. Kevin CEO, and Mr. Henry CTO said “We moved our office to Lilama Building when there are more and more developers and testers in 2021. Along with our business development strategies, the number of employees in 2022 will be over 100 employees, with a business growth rate of 300%.

Therefore, it is time for us to open more slots for our employees, our second home office on the 16th floor. By 2023, we will plan for the 5th anniversary of establishment with a business goal of 600% compared to 2022. Thus, we will open a big and modern home office for all of you.” 

What does our home look like after the new office grand opening? 

The grand opening will kick off with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. All employees take part in office tours and a finger-food brunch with champagnes. The media will also have an opportunity to take photos and video footage at the event to catch precious moments. 

As a second home for all employees, the new office features fully-furnished facilities and state-of-the-art amenities for a modern office. As Mr. Kevin, our CEO said “Along with company business growth strategies, Adamo always puts people first. Hence, we will choose the best things for all employees, especially providing a better working environment”. It includes modern refrigerators, stoves, TV screens for meetings, etc. 

With the increasing demand for discussions, Adamo opens more slots for conference and meeting rooms. Thus, we introduce three meeting rooms: the Captain Room, Lighthouse Room, and Island Room of various sizes. 


Adamo Software will use the new location as a second hub for employees in the Marketing, Account, Ruby On Rail Developer Teams, Human Resources Department, and Board of Directors. Adamo prepares each employee with a personal drawer. It is just a little thing; however, they like the drawer where they can place their belongings. Having a small drawer under the table makes their working space neatly organized. Besides its state-of-the-art and fully-furnished design, a tiny drawer is a thing that most employees like most. 

Located on the 16th floor of the Li-la-ma Building, the new office offers workers a spectacular view of Hanoi in the east. After a pressure day, developers can enjoy a cup of hot coffee with an impressive sky view from the top building. Contemplating our city from the building is pretty chill. 

Adamo Software, outsourcing software services: Moving Forwards for Future Growth 

Despite holding a new office grand opening ceremony less than one year ago, Adamo Software has filled up our seats with over 100 employees. By 2023, this IT outsourcing company will be ready to expand its working space two times. 

Mr. Henry, our CTO said “The digital world is changing a lot, so it is time for us to change and adapt to the dynamic and competitive technological world. We start jumping into the latest technologies: Machine Learning, Block Chain while maintaining existing others. To meet increasing demand in the IT industry market, we should take action now or never”. As one of the best IT outsourcing companies in Vietnam, Adamo Software specializes in full-cycle software development products: mobile apps, website applications, UI-UX design, and offshore development teams

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