Adamo Software Secures 3rd Clutch Award for the Best Custom Software Development in Vietnam for 2021

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Adamo Software Secures 3rd Clutch Award for the Best Custom Software Development in Vietnam for 2021 

Today, the Adamo Software team celebrates a very momentous milestone in our company’s history! We are very proud to announce that Clutch has named us as a leading custom software development in Vietnam for 2021. 

This is our 3rd Clutch award and we couldn’t possibly contain our excitement! Here is our Co-Founder and CTO Henry Ly to officially receive this award:

“It was the 3rd time we got the Clutch award for top IT companies in Vietnam from 4 years of establishment. This award refers to a significant encouragement and prize for our effort in offering professional software development services to clients.

For years, Adamo has been keen on rapidly growing and maturing the long journey for winning clients’ trust. Fortunately, we got some initial achievements that the evidence revealed as good reviews published on Clutch.”

Being on the list of Clutch leaders for consecutive years means that we are constantly providing high-quality services to our clients.

You can expect that we will continue to hone and improve our services to continually match and eventually exceed the industry standards and expectations.

We would also like to express our appreciation to our clients for their continued support. Thank you for always choosing our team and believing in our capabilities to deliver incredible solutions for your companies. Our team looks forward to working with you more in the future.

Find out how Adamo Software can help you and your business reach new levels of success. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities at your convenience. Give our office a call today!

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What have we done with Clutch 2021?

Thanks to our effort in satisfying clients, our software development outsourcing services won the Clutch Award in several categories. Despite being a young company in the Vietnam IT development market, Adamo has caught our position in such a fiercely competitive world. We do not sleep on a victory that Adamo leaders understand that only continuous growth could achieve long-term success.

Running a client-centric business, every project done by Adamo respect clients’ unique conditions. We consider all requirements and technologies before starting the software development process. Our dedicated development team strictly follows the angles of Agile software methodology. Hence, we are proud of our incredible satisfaction rate reaching over 95%. It is the key advantage of our companies over thousands of other IT teams in Vietnam.

Top 2 Best developers in Vietnam:

Got the second runner among the Clutch review program for leading app development companies in Vietnam, Adamo showed our strength in leveraging mobile development technologies, trusted by clients globally. With 4.8 stars, we are desired to improve better our expertise and services in 2022.

This year has seen a dramatic growth of Adamo Software against the economic depression caused by the new surge of COVID19 outbreak in our target market. Despite struggling in the first quarter in America and some countries of Europe, we enjoy an incredible market share in some of the new markets like Japan, Portugal, France, and Hongkong.

The time after was seen an impressive review of our current market when we received series of new extended contact from our clients. They experienced a signal of the business recovery that needs advanced software development solutions to capture those opportunities.

Top 5 Best app developers in Vietnam

With a full-stack software development company, get one title for one service is not enough for us. Mobile app development is a focused area in running the business model. We provide native app development and also cross-platform app solutions. Besides, Android and iOS apps reached the most portions among our projects obeyed in 2021.

One of our competitive advantages over rivals is related to the pre-sale and post-sale expertise. To show our competency, we regularly offer the draft of UI/UX design for working closely with potential clients. Also, our support and maintenance services after app launching got high gratification from clients.

Top 7 Best web development companies in Vietnam  

In 2021, we signed several contracts for web-based solution development, most of them are SaaS projects requiring high advanced technology and complex programming skills. It could be one reason we got a high rank in terms of Clutch chart for best web development companies in Vietnam.

With the rapid expansion of the online food and beverage sector, on-demand food ordering software and on-demand food delivery solution take a large portion of our clients’ orders. Additionally, leveraging the rise of virtual education, Adamo is hired as a software vendor to many e-learning portals in America and the European area.

Top 5 PHP developers in Vietnam

Top 1 Ruby on Rails Developers in Vietnam

We know the magic of software companies is technologies. We have a robust team of world-class Ruby on Rails developers, owned in-depth expertise throughout several projects. It was a precious gift for us that Clutch recognized our capacity in Ruby programming above other Vietnam It companies. It is renowned for its friendly and stable framework. Our clients choose Ruby on Rails for their web app development and mobile app development projects. Following the consecutive innovation of Rails, our team would never stop enhancing our labor strength to keep our position on Clutch.

App development companies ranking by themanifest

No.19 in the Top 100 App Developers by the Manifest

Not only constrain our capacity in Vietnam, but we also catch the new achievement in the world arena. We are ranked in the top 20 among the 100 best app developers globally by the Manifest. That award expressed our effort in expanding our brand to the international market. As a software outsourcing development company, we are proud to be recognized as qualified developers to strategic vendors.

As a future world leader in the IT development sector, we intend to take on challenges to grow our business to the next level of success.


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