Adamo Company Trip 2022 – Go Off The Beaten Track in Cat Ba Island

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Kick off the summertime with Adamo Software Company trip. We start our summer by getting back to the magnificent landscapes of Cat Ba Island in Southeast Vietnam.

Adamo Software, a leading IT outsourcing company in Vietnam, took part in a 3-day-2-night journey at Cat Ba Island from 9th to 11th April. Cat Ba Island welcomed us with white-sandy beaches where we engaged in outdoor team-building activities. Besides, our teams enjoyed exclusive experiences in Gala dinner events, especially the Luau Dinner Show.

In the itinerary, we also went sightseeing around Lan Ha Bay and experienced the daily life of local people in Viet Hai Fishing Village. The company trip is the time for our developers to relax in one of the most stunning landscapes in Southeast Vietnam. Explore with us to see how an IT outsourcing company immerses itself in spectacular sceneries in Cat Ba Island and Lan Ha Bay.

Activate Summer Mood with Adamo Software, an IT outsourcing company

Summertime brings back plenty of outdoor team-building activities impossible in the cold weather. So, summer is perfect for Adamo to organize a company trip. Adamoers visit Cat Ba Island for sightseeing and stay close to the natural beauty and clear blue sky on a 3-day-2-night trip. Here are some activities that we have in the itinerary:

Day 1: Explore Cat Ba Island and participate in outdoor activities

After taking a large ferry across the ocean, our teams arrived at Cat Ba Town. In the afternoon, Adamoers took part in a series of outdoor team-building activities at one of the most stunning beaches on Cat Ba Island, Cat Co Beach. It is a perfect place to organize activities for its white-sandy beach.

Engaging in outdoor team-building activities allows Adamoers to enhance their relationship with colleagues across departments and teams. In the evening, we would have time to savor dinner together at one of the most famous floating restaurants in the town.

Besides, our teams enjoyed bustling Cat Ba nightlife activities such as night markets, clubs, bars, etc.

Day 2: Unlock the hidden charm of Lan Ha Bay – Three Peaches Beach – Viet Hai Fishing Village

On the second day of our trip, we had a chance to discover Lan Ha Bay which features 400 small and large islets. Taking a day cruise, we floated slowly through marvelous limestone mountains. Our cruise reached Three Peaches Beach, Adamoers swam on one of the most beautiful beaches on Cat Ba Island. Many things that an IT outsourcing company does are boring and might be wrong. Work hard and play hard are our slogans for every game.

We savored lunch on the cruise with finger-licking seafood dishes such as lobsters, fish, crabs, etc. Our team continued our journey by visiting Viet Hai Fishing Village. Our developers explored more daily activities of local people. Besides, we participated in fish massage sessions in the village. Other people could go on a bicycle for a short trip to enjoy the fresh air and discover daily life.

We sailed across the sea to get to the central town. In the evening, we participated in the Luan Dinner Show. The Gala Dinner event includes booming performances from talented Adamoers, employees quarter awards, the 4th anniversary, and free karaoke sessions.

Day 3: Trekking through Cat Ba National Park – Conquer Ngu Lam Peak

Continuing our company trip, we trekked through Cat Ba National Park. Employees at software outsourcing service companies seem to be not good at physical activities such as playing sports and climbing the mountains. However, we would prove that it is wrong. Our teams were excited about climbing the limestone mountain at Cat Ba National Park. The view from Ngu Lam Peak was spectacular.

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Outdoor team building activities

The event organizer divides Adamo Software randomly into three teams with different team members across departments and project teams. Those teams start the competition with a spirited performance that will bring the best of their teams.

Three five-strong teams

The organizer divides three teams into green, blue, and pink. On the white-sandy beach and clear sky, three teams do their best to compete in outdoor team-building activities that require strength, intelligence, and dexterousness.

Participate in outdoor team building activities

Outdoor team-building activities are a great chance for our developers to boost their collaboration. He continues that participating in outdoor activities allows our developers to strengthen their health in terms of physical and mental aspects.

Office workers in the software outsourcing company do not have much time for exercise. Hence, outdoor team-building activities allow people to interact with each other and boost their health.

Besides, outdoor team building activities require strength and dexterousness. Some games help our developers understand how strong a team is. As an IT outsourcing company, Adamo Software has a team-based project that requires rigid collaboration and strong communication in an offshore development team. Thus, those games aim to deliver meaningful messages. If team members work closely and support each other, it will lead to a strong team and a successful project.

Awards for winning team

Fully burning our energy at the stunning beach on Cat Ba Island, our teams look happy and excited about their performance. Besides, they also have a feeling of belonging and supporting others.

The event organizer will count points for each team. There will be awards for the winning team. With its strength and intelligence, the Green team won first place.

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Gala Dinner Event with the highlight of Luau Dinner Show

Adamo Software organized the gala dinner on the second night of the company trip. The gala dinner is a cozy dinner in which Adamoers have dinner and enjoy booming entertainment performances from talented testers and developers. The gala dinner event includes entertainment performances, Luau Show, Adamo Software 4th anniversary, and employees quarter awards.

Luau Show – Interesting and sparkling performance from talented dancers and actors

Inspired by the Hawaii concept, the Luau Show is the most exciting part of the gala dinner. Our developers show their talents in dancing, singing, and acting.

Four teams are HaWhy Girl, Hot Jack, The Charming, and Ricador. Four teams brought impressive performances to deliver the theme: Environment Protection and Your Actions.

The Charming – Strong and wild dances

The Charming team gathers handsome developers who bring impressive wild dances. Their performance proves our developers not only code well but also dance well.

Hot Jack – Dance cover with the message: Do not use plastic straws

The other team is Hot Jack which gathers the most humorous developers at Adamo Software. Thus, their performance has brought a spirited performance with a high level of entertainment. Hot Jack would like to deliver a meaningful message: Do not use plastic straws.

Ricador – A short story called The anger of nature

Unlike other teams, Ricador chooses another format. Ricador builds a storyline called The Anger of Nature through action. In the office, our developers work closely to develop software applications. However, our teams will not stay out of any game. Our audiences and judges are impressed with their outfits made of plastics, bags, and other recyclable materials.

HaWhy Girl – Impressive and hot dances

HaWhy Girl gathers five young and beautiful girls who deliver a hot and impressive performance. It brings another picture of an IT outsourcing company that is energetic and dynamic. The best thing is that HaWhy Girl has brought an outfit that is recycled and reused from plastic and iron. With outstanding performance and ideas for plastic recycling, HaWhy Girl competes with others to get the first prize in the competition.

Happy Adamo Software 4th anniversary – Professional software company

Established in 2018, Adamo Software went through ups and downs through 4 years of growth and development. Adamo Software moves forward to enhance our position in the information technology industry. We have gained considerable business success by growing 300% in 2021, aiming to get 600% in 2022.

Despite one year of office widening, Adamo Software has obtained achievements with over 100 employees. We are also ready to double our office area in 2023.

As an IT outsourcing company, each individual will be an essential puzzle for our success. The company trip 2022 seems to be an opportunity for us to make our employees feel connected. Moreover, we also celebrate Adamo Software’s 4th anniversary on Cat Ba Island.

Mr. Kevin Nguyen and Mr. Henry Ly are excited to make speeches before celebrating the company’s 4th anniversary.

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Employees Quarter Awards – Recognize the most outstanding employees

Beyond a usual gala dinner event, Adamo Software celebrates Quarter I milestones for the motivated teams, prospective awards, and superstar awards for individuals. We give the prize to motivated teams such as Travel Brands, Monmonkey, and the HR department.

Additionally, there are prizes for prospective employees: My Vu, Anh Nguyen, Cao Tran, and Huong Le. Last but not least, Hien Nguyen receives the superstar award for the best employee in Quarter I.

The Bottom Line

The company trip 2022 is a perfect time for our teams to relax and enhance their relationship among team members. Engaging in different outdoor team-building activities boosts team member collaboration and communication. Luau Show brings exclusive experiences for Adamoers through many booming and remarkable performances. Besides, immersing yourself in the most stunning beaches and discovering magnificent landscapes in Southeast Vietnam make the company trip 2022 unforgettable. We still have many exciting events throughout the year 2022. Check here for further details.


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