Adamo Brand Name changing Adamo Software

As another milestone in our splendor adventures, we dress up another name to welcome other challenges. We are now Adamo Software.

Adamo Software, former Adamo Digital started our adventure from a big dream. For 4 years of operations, the name “Adamo Digital” accompanied all our members as our lucky god. Unfortunately, it is no longer suitable for our sustainable vision. After a long time of consideration, we have to make a challenging decision of rebranding to Adamo Software.  

2021 – Brand name changing notice

After three months of preparation, we are glad to announce that our company will officially change its name from Adamo Digital Co. Ltd to Adamo Software. The change will be affected by the end of 2021 that we project to complete legal documentation at the beginning of 2022. Accordingly, we also change the website domain and email domain for that purpose starting from November 2021.

Adamo has launched our business officially in 2018. From the beginning of the difficulty, we are rapidly growing to be one of the leading software developments outsourcing companies. Adamo provides high-quality services to English-speaking clients across the world. Our services constantly grow up, that we need a more specific identity to imagine our brand. Following the plan of extending expertise in the software industry, the new brand name will be expected to help our business convey a more appropriate message to our audience.

We are not any regular digital business, but our services also strategically focus on offering cutting-edge software solutions. Adamo promise that our brand change will not reflect any adjustment in our responsibility with current contracts, collaborations, and obligations. The signed contracts and projects will continuously execute as normal without any disruptions.

Before finishing legal proceedings (preferred in February 2022), new contracts, invoices, or amendments of current contracts would be affected under the new brand name. For more details of processing, Adamo staff will send specific guidelines by email. 

Adamo Rebranding
Adamo Rebranding

Website domain rebranding

Following the new business name, we will start moving the current website domain to another from 25 November 2021. We execute the new domain at for that purpose. The new domain will be published soon after all the links and content in the current domain at automatically redirect to the new destination. Your access might be after we finish the domain moving process.

Besides, we do switch to the following business information:

  1. The website address will change from to We started to redirect all content from the old website to the new at this month. The process is projected to complete in one month.
  2. Email domain changes from to
  3. Telephones, facsimile, and team collaboration channels remain unchanged.
  4. We will keep both old and new email domains until the end of 2022. For regular contacts, we will send notifications of changes email privately.

We understand this processing time will cause inconvenience and disruption to you. Please accept our apology for any disturbance you suffer at that time. We promise to keep all projects and processes normal to protect our profits.

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