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We are one of the top data analytics companies in Vietnam, providing tools for dealing with varied data sets, or big data, to uncover information. Our business intelligence and data analytics solutions emerge the Strategy-Architecture-Integration-Realization platform in planning, designing, building, and implementing big data analytics consultancy. We use the innovative Framework that efficiency and accuracy have proved in several leading corporations.

Our dedicated development team has contributed to various Big data analytics software tailor-made for each company. We leverage the latest security technologies to help your business keep up with trends and customer preferences. Our solution is attached with the high-security algorithm to protect you not offending Data Protection Regulations.

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Our set
of Big Data solutions

Big data analytics

Our dedicated teams of data engineers own diverse domain expertise and in-depth strategizing experience. We leverage innovative engineering...

Database management solution

As a professional software development outsourcing company, we have done several projects, from database architecture to data...

Business intelligence and analytics

With our expert-level business intelligence, you will have better decisions, including forecasting, strategic planning, optimizing,...

Visualization of Big Data

We offer consulting services in big data visualization, interpreting trends, patterns, and outliers as well as spotting relationships between...


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Big data technologies & digital transformation

Big data analytics refers to the technologies of the future, which lead the data-driven transformation globally. Many experts believed that big data would be the core motivation of the global technology pocket.

Sustainable business and workforce

Reducing the influence of humans in decision-making, Big data analytics software is expected to partially replace human workload. Hence, the power of big data solutions is believed to save the workforce from a labor shortage in the future. It contributes to the effort of building a sustainable and existing workplace.

Cut down risk in launching new products and services

Big data analytics refer to an effective risk management tool for companies before making any decision. Currently, Businesses leverage Big data and Business intelligence to predict the uncertainties that would be able to occur in the business operation. Accordingly, you can navigate the challenge and opportunities visually.

Adding efficiencies in the operation

Businesses using Big data analytics software have enhanced the flexibility to adapt to rapid changes in business requirements. By perceiving the sign and trends of the market, your responsiveness could be performed in a better way. You will emerge with a powerful tool to timely support the error in business operation.

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