DEVOPS what is it?

Do you ever hear about DevOps? Do you understand the meaning behind that word? Do you know that DevOps means a lot in the software developing process, which can bring an outsourcing app development company to the top in the outsourcing market? It is the topic of our blog today.

DevOps Definition

It is easy to guess the DevOps is the combination of Development and Operations, isn’t it?

However, the reason for this combination is not easy to guess. This is approaches to boost the software development process from the starting point of an idea until launching the final app. As the process requires the good teamwork between development team and operation team, the DevOps definition is born.

The important of DevOps in the software development business

Do you know the story behind DevOps- the story that makes DevOps be born?

hiring top developers for your business
hiring top developers for your business

The DevOps is the new word in the IT market, which appears while the software development process was facing a big problem of the coder and supporter. People claimed that the one who wrote the code was not the one who supports and maintains after the app was launched.

DevOps is not the magic process which can solve all the problems between the coder and supporter, however, by creatively applying it in your organization, you can be against the problems we faced many years ago. Now, let’s take a look at some benefits we gain from DevOps.

Teamwork spirit

As software development includes a lot of small processes and required the combination of many people in a team, teamwork skills play an important role in the result of the process. To encourage teamwork skills, DevOps works well in building a culture of sharing, discussing, supporting, and feedbacks others during the whole process.

Team members will be automatically built for themselves the habit of “Thinking before Doing”. It means that the developer will think about how their activities affect the whole team’s activities. DevOps here can be considered as the bridge between Dev and Ops, which helps the software development process to run smoothly.

Quickly release

Both two team can collaborate well together, of course, the speed will be improved. It is the big advantages of teamwork spirit built by DevOps. The feedback, the update, the communication effectively among a team can reduce the mistakes and keep all members in the same direction, the same page to deliver the final high-quality product.

Save time for solving an issue

The mistakes are immediately found, the feedbacks are quickly sent from the Ops team to the Dev team, resulting on the faster checking and fixing bug from Dev team. While the process is built, the team member understands their role in the team, they will make the decision right after the accident happens, and have the plan to reduce the risks.  

Faster response

Unplanned work is the reality that even an experienced software developers team as in Adamo Digital may face in a real project. In every project, a PM will plan and predict all unexpected results before kick-off the process, however, they cannot cover all situations. Then when an issue occurs, the role of PM is keeping calm and work with the team to find the solution. In this case study, DevOps can do well the responsibility in connect and quickly update status to the team, it helps a PM better manage and control the issue to continue the next step.

Adamo Software sharing

In Adamo Software, we are applying well the DevOps and we can see the improvement before and after applying it. That’s why our blog today we want to share with you about this definition. We believe and want to share with you our experience to improve your business also. All the benefits that DevOps brings to, you can see in real when working with us. If you need my support in consulting during the software development service, feel free to contact us. We are always here and ready to support you.

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