The mobile application industry becomes more and more competitive with a huge number of apps and development companies that will appear next year. From startups and technology giants, all want to invest and earn money in this industry. It’s time to make a robust plan outshine your competitors and survive in 2020. This article will provide you with a list of top application trends in 2020.

5G technology

5G technology has already entered the market this year but it is predicted to be a great significance in 2020. 5G network become well-known by its speed. 5G network is 100 times faster than the 4G network. Meanwhile, 5G wireless can speed up data-sharing up to 10 times faster than other wireless network technology. This technology can prove its strengths in data security, 3D gaming and augmented reality.

In 2020, 5G technology will change mobile app development by strengthening the mobile connection and improve smartphone experience. Thus, it creates a data-intensive environment and opens new markets for developers. They have more options to design better performance apps that can utilize the 5G’s speed. Moreover, through 5G, companies can automate more core processes and provide improved applications for presenting, capturing and sharing essential data.

It’s possible to see Verizon and Samsung’s 5G- capable chips in the market. Also, LG is planning to integrate 5G technology into its devices and services.

Artificial intelligent (AI)

AI has been the center of attention for recent years and it will continue to be on top trend in 2020. The AI market is predicted to reach $47 billion in 2020 and $190 billion in 2025. This technology proves its popularity in entering various industry around the world:

–        Information technology: detecting and preventing security intrusions; handling users’ technology problems; reducing production management work by automating, calculating internal compliance in using approved technology vendors; using runbook automation.

–        Marketing: predicting future customer payments and presenting offers accordingly; improving media buying; monitoring social media’s comments to determine overall brand affinity and issues; tailoring promotions (online and offline).

–        Finance and accounting: financial trading.

–        Customer service: automating call distribution.

The above list shows us many businesses such as IT, marketing, finance, customer service, healthcare and more have already integrated AI to their native apps. The combination of AI and mobile app development creates many benefits that stronger and smarter than others.

With AI, apps can calculate distance, maintain vast data analyze customer behavior, etc. For example, AI allows an app to learn from a user’s previous actions and usage patterns to implement essential actions without being told to do so. That’s the reason why the e-commerce app can recommend some similar products based on your previous search. Another outstanding AI-related technology is the voice-recognized app which is more efficient in understanding context.

Regarding mobile app developers, AI saves their time, effort and money.

In 2020, Virtual Personal Assistants (VPAs), Intelligent Apps, Cyber Security, and IoT will apply AI to their processes. Also, some AI-related trends will appear next year:

–        AI automated DevOps through AIOps

–        AI-enabled chips

–        Automated machine learning

–        Interoperability among neural networks

All AI’s benefits focus on the personalization trend which becomes more popular in the mobile app development industry.

Instant apps

The instant app is a native app that can be used immediately without downloading. Since being first introduced by Google in 2016, instant apps have been expected to attract many users in 2020.  Compared to regular apps, instant apps are smaller in size; process functions of a website; provide excellent user experience and need no device memory.

Travel and Hospitality
Travel and Hospitality

These benefits allow instant apps to be a trial version for many apps. They also allow developers to modularize apps. Some organizations such as Hollar and NYTimes announced that they could increase the conversion rate from 20% to 27% by an instant mobile app.

Next year, instant apps will be promised to narrow the gap between the app and its users by eliminating downloading and installation.

VR (Virtual reality) and AR (Augmented reality)

In 2019, VR and AR have been recognized in many famous apps in both retail and gaming industries such as Snapchat, Pokemon Go, etc. And their potential will continue to strike the year of 2020. According to a report from Statista, AR and VR market size are predicted to reach $160 billion in 2023. Thus, many companies are on the way to integrate these techniques into apps. AR and VR will be a necessary step in mobile app development next year since they allow designers and developers to create a more adaptive and personalized user experience to bring more engaged users.

Google and Apple use the AR platform to add AR capabilities in their apps. Users will able to see AR/VR based apps for both Android and iOS after ARKit (Apple) and ARCore (Google) are released. Healthcare, education, manufacturing, marketing, and advertising are some industries predicted to receive benefits from AR/VR in 2020. Mobile AR disruption is also an expected trend next year.

Beacon technology

Beacon technology uses Bluetooth technology and wireless transmitters to send signals. This technology is often used in Museums, Hotels or physical stores to notify customers walking around. Users can quickly get used to Beacon technology and apply this technology in location technology and proximity marketing for all businesses.

Moreover, Beacons benefits the retail sector, especially when integrated with IoT (Internet of Things). In 2020, Beacon technology will be applied in mobile payments beacons, AI-enabled chips, automated machine learning, and Beacon treasure hunting.

It’s hard to predict how long your app will survive, especially in the fast-changing and competitive industry like mobile application and software development. Therefore, you should update new trends choose the best ones to improve your app.


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