Having a great mobile app idea? Then, what’s next?

Having a great mobile application idea? Then, what’s next?

Once upon a time, in a country where the technology is well developed, people apply technology from their lives to their work, the place where every idea has its own potential to become true, even the idea of a small application. 

Is this country in your dream? Have you ever dreamed about a very potential and interesting mobile application as well as dreamed about the future when the app is launched? 

Everyone has their own idea which appears to help them solve the difficulties in their life. But not all people know what is the next step to visualize their great ideas, especially the mobile application idea, because they may not know to code and they may think turning the idea into the reality is crazy. 

In this blog, we are welcome all mobile apps idea, and we will introduce you a brief guideline on how to transform it into reality.  So, let’s start.

Risks management

When you decide to visualize your mobile application idea, you should know that it is not free, it takes you time, dedication and money. Therefore, the first step you should do is finding if you are ready to be a startup or not. Nowadays, when the mobile application market becomes more and more popular, a mobile app start-up may face a lot of risks and receive well-deserved rewards if it succeeds. Make sure you fully commit with your idea by answering these questions:

·      How much time are you willing to spend on this project?

·      How much money do you plan to invest?

·      What will you do if your idea is failed?

Evaluating your strengths and weaknesses

If you agree to invest your passion, time, and money to start the business, you should understand your position, your competitors and find your competitive advantages to reduce the failure percentage. The next step is analyzing the potentials of your idea in both market business and the details of the app.

Your Value Proposition

There are a million apps in the App Store or in Google Play, so if you want to find out your competitors, you may use some keywords related to your application idea. However, because of the large number of applications, it seems impossible to find out all your competitors. So needless to say, create your own unique value may be your strategic weapon to achieve success. 

For this part, you should answer these questions before brainstorming:

·      What are your end users’ demands and requirements?

·      Can your app idea solve this issue?

·      What other solutions are available?

This list of questions may help you draw a draft picture of what you will do in the future, your objectives and target. Remember, creating valuable differences will be the main strategy. 

Building a business model canvas

For someone who just starts up his/her mobile app idea, a business model canvas is the best choice for him/her to get a fundamental structure. This model may help the business owner figure out the basic and how they work together. 

Source: Strategyzer

For using this model, you just need to note in each box the one you think will be the most suitable to develop your business. After finishing the table, you may have the summary ideas of your mobile application and your business, then you can use this one to discuss with your potential customers to check the accuracy of your ideas. 

Draw up your idea

Your idea is on your brain, and if you do not write it down, describe it, no one knows your idea, and no developers can visualize your idea into a reality. After all, you have to note down all your idea of the app, what you need in the app, the key functions as details as possible, then your dedicated mobile app developer team may understand your mission, vision and the soul of the app. One standard software draft idea must include:

·      RFP (Request for proposal) which is used when you stuck in something, and you cannot solve it. In this situation, you think about an application idea but don’t know how to develop it.  It can be said that, an RFP is a detailed description of your app idea, which will reach the developers to cultivate your idea into a concrete plan. 

·      Wireframe: some simple pencil sketches of your mobile application working flow, step by step as in your imagination.

·      Interactive Prototype: Your mobile app idea, then there is your design idea. You should create an actual UI/UX interactive prototype package, then both you and the developer will be on the same page from the starting, and reducing the mistakes of new elements, features, or any other elements occurs. 

Finding your Co-founders

Each person has his own strengths, and no one can do everything. That is why finding a partner or co-founder is very necessary. This person may help you and encourage you when you fail or meet some difficulties in their life. The ideal number of co-founders is two or three, then they can support each other to get the same target. 

Finding the investment

If you are ready for starting your business, are you confident enough to ask for the investments?

The investments or funding will be the key income of your business, so make sure you give a suitable number for your application. You should allocate about 10% for marketing, and another 10% for other activities for employees, the encouragement, government’s fee. You can find your angel in these lists:  

·       AngelList

·       Crunchbase

·       Gust

·       Kickstarter

Building your team 

After finishing all the required information, the next step is outsourcing mobile application or hiring the people here. If you do not know much about the technology, you should outsource your idea to a third party and manage all business strategy. When building your team, remember to get the most suitable developer team who will directly work with and discuss with you, make sure your communication occurs smoothly without any troubles from communication. 

In conclusion, there are the basic steps help you build and maintain your business based on the mobile application idea. If you want to discuss more with us, feel free to contact us, and we can spend time with each other.

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