Do you know the top JavaScript Frameworks for App Development?

Do you know the top JavaScript Frameworks for App Development?

JavaScript is known as one of the top popular programming language in the world, which is used to build a desktop, website, mobile application with diversified features. Due to JavaScript, the software application becomes more friendly and attractive. That is why there are many people preferring to use JavaScript in coding. 

What is JavaScript Framework?

So do you know what is JavaScript Framework? Yes, it means the big library where developers can find a lot of basic standard code of pre-built website templates and pre-written JavaScript code. Experienced software developers usually use this library to save the time of their development process, that’s why finding and applying the suitable JavaScript framework may contribute the huge advantages as well as improve the efficiency of a software development process. In this blog, we will discuss some popular JavaScript frameworks nowadays. 

The top JavaScript frameworks nowadays

There are many types of JavaScript Frameworks in the market today, however, in this blog, we focus on 4 top ones which include: React JSVue JSAngular JS, and NodeJS. I believe that after reading the blog, you may understand why I choose to discuss only these four frameworks.

1.     Vue JS

Being written by Evan You, Vue JS is the lightweight and improved version of Angular.js. Based on the author’s experience while working with a lot of Angular.js projects in his previous time in Google. 

Vue JS is loved by developers because it can quickly adapt to developers’ requirements, with only 3 lines, developers can manage entire view layer, then it can be immediately integrated within an app using “script” tag. Selecting the best features of other JS frameworks like Angular, Reactjs, Knockout, Vue JS makes itself become the most popular front-end GitHub project in 2018. Currently, there are more than 36,000 websites are using Vue JS.

2.     ReactJS

Another popular JS framework, React JS, the one is well-known with Facebook. An open-source platform by Facebook created a huge wave in the developing market right from it appears. 

One of the key features makes React JS different from other frameworks is allowing the developer to break down complex codes and reuse them in an error-free environment with the capability of handling real-time data. It also enhances UI with the elements related to lifecycle hooks. Furthermore, it makes use of virtual DOM which allows integrating with any apps while adopting JSX to structural components and support SEO. 

3.     Angular JS 

Angular JS is an all-in-one open-source framework which allows developers to do out of the box. Through its development, nowadays, version Angular 5 and 6 work smoother than the previous ones. No need knowledge about low-level details for a simple app, developers can easily use Angular JS platform through a robust CLI. 

Following the founder of the platform- Google, Angular updated every 6 months, and of course, the new version will have better performance. 

4.     Node JS

Node JS, an open-source platform, is built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. It allows developers to write command-line tools and for server-side scripting to build a dynamic website. It can run on many platforms like Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X…. The born of Node JS is the breakthrough of the web development community, it allows using JavaScript for both client and server. 

Comparison of four platforms

In conclusion, four JS frameworks above can be known as the most popular one. Based on how they can support developers in building an amazing software product, you can understand why they are loved by many developers. As one of the members in a software development company, Adamo Software always ready to hear from you. Let’s talk to us to get more advice and support for your software development projects.

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