Digital Transformation- Hotel Industry trends nowadays

Digital Transformation- Hotel Industry trends nowadays

The hotel plays an important role in developing a tourism business, and better hotel quality will attract more customers. As the support by 4.0 technology, hotel industry turned to the new trend, more interesting, more convenient, and more attractive.

Do you ever hear about the smart mirror, automatic sensor, centralize management system,…? While these terms may be new for some people, these technologies are applied to many famous hotel and location. 

Internet of Things and hospitality

Do you remember the first time you stayed at a hotel and the nearest time you booked a hotel? Do you see the differences in these hotels, the past one and the current one? 

One of the origins of the changes in this situation is contributed by the Internet of Things. 

Today, 94% of organizations implementing IoT solutions get the returns from their investments. This number shows the efficiency that IoT brings to business and convert IoT to the new trend to boost the business. This is similar to the case of hospitability, while many hotels have been applying IoT in their business. 

It can be said that IoT can solve various issues for the hospitability business, as increasing customers’ experience, optimizing management process.

When everything turns to IoT, smart room is created with automatic sensors, digital -room management. For an instant, the light will automatically turn on when customers come inside, the air conditioner can immediately control and manage room temperature, video calls in the smart mirror, smart assets tracker. All of these conveniences, even a small one, can help guest remember about a hotel as good recommendation whenever they travel or advice their friends select the hotel. 

Furthermore, for hotel managers, all hospitability activities can be managed better with the automatic tracking systems, reducing the cost of running a business while improving CX. Let’s imagine, a video analytic system nowadays can immediately detect the unusual activities and send the notification to the manager. This smart system saves time and optimizes the controlling activities of the security team.

Technology and Booking service

When mentioning 4.0 technology, we cannot forget the effects of booking app to hospitability. With support from a mobile application, the booking service becomes easier than ever. Users only need to input the location in their plan, then the list of related hotels would appear with real photos, videos. Customers can also see the comments, reviews, and rates of each hotel before making final decisions. This function makes the booking become more real than in the past when people cannot check the images or video of hotels or the service quality and reviews from other customers. Furthermore, this equals the situation of customers and business owners while providing the exact service quality reviews to customers, and boost business owners to well prepare their hospitability services. 

Customer experience and support from AI

Besides improving service quality, technology- especially AI is the reason to change the hospitability industry to a higher level of efficiency. Empowering from Machine learning algorithms, AI provides an automatically chatbots to simplify the booking process. Learning and steadily improving from customer services centre, an automatic chatbot can quickly satisfy customers’ experience and requirements, as a result, the business’ efficiency may quickly improve. 

AI nowadays can easily support and ask some basic questions to collect the information before sending to customers’ service centre. For instance, some basic questions that an AI system can support customers to filter as:

Do you have a room for 2 people one night?

What is the check-in time?

Does the hotel allow to bring a pet inside?

As quickly support customers with some basic questions as above, the efficiency and customers impression can be boosted. When collecting basic information from customers, AI can filter customers to the different group to process the booking, as well as automatically send the notification to customers to remind them about their trip schedule. 

Entertainment with VR and AR

Technology not only changes the way of hotel management but also improve the way tourism experience and entertain during their travels. For example, customers can play Pokemon Go and experience the AR game to find the treasure in the hotel. There are many interesting applicabilities of AR and VR which depends on the innovation of each business owner and their investment budget. 

To exploit the capability of technology in the hotel industry, working with a great software development team plays a major role in this strategy. Not only building an amazing and modern website but also developing the convenient and useful of a mobile app are the key to boost the hospitability business up. By the support of technology, this industry will be renovated more and more in the future with the appearance of smart rooms, smart management, smart sensors,… which will satisfy customers during their holiday. We will wait for the new surprising renovation in the hotel industry as well as other business in the future. 


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