Hire dedicated developers: A beginning journey of outsourcing development teams

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The dedicated developers recently become valuable strategies for businesses executing IT tasks without tons of investment in a department of in-house developers?

In the world of digital transformation, aggregated the threat for IT talents that in many countries, the cost of employing developers troubles most startups and companies. In western countries, salary for software developers reaches the top among employments, which nurtures demand for outsourcing software development to other low-cost countries. Thus, it gives birth to the market of offshore development companies.

In fact, roundly 45% of American businesses end up outsourcing their software development projects in favor of cutting down operational costs. Additionally, the total value of the IT service market would reach approximately US$ 940 billion by 2027, representing the most profitable sector in the international business market.

Among software outsourcing models, the dedicated development team seemingly a promising concept, providing flexibility, sustainability, and cost efficiency for both clients and providers. In fact, a dedicated development team tends to be the concept that companies could hire developers working on behave of the company in a certain period of time. Companies only need to pay the contract without further responsibility under labor law. Basically, the dedicated developer concept refers to service, not recruitment.

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The role of dedicated developers in software outsourcing

Overall, hiring dedicated developers means a typical type of outsourcing developers to work on a specific project. In which, you, as a client, expect to work with a third party in forming a team of dedicated developers, who might be live on another side of your location. In the modern world, the dedicated team model commonly applied in offshore software development companies that businesses offer IT outsourcing services.

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Profitable sectors for both the software outsourcing company and clients

According to industry experts, the model of a dedicated team is considered a win-win approach and a result of globalization in the IT market. The optimistic side of this business model focuses on offering benefits to all parties, involving in the process.

Using the dedicated development team model, clients would reduce the cost for their projects, while software development teams gain higher income than the average of outsourcing countries. Indeed, targeted clients of these models seemingly come from the developed area, where developers get a high salary. Besides, dedicated development team providers are commonly based in lower-income areas. Two parties might end up with a quote, which lies between the two levels of income.

On the other hand, since vendors have adequate sources of available developers, clients are believed to save the cost of employing their talents. Moreover, software development vendors also deliver training and onboarding costs for their developers. Then, clients also limit those expenses. Furthermore, software companies could focus on their expertise that the specialization allows them to increase the productivities then reduce cost.

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By hiring dedicated developers, clients do not need to invest in hardware or software, which would be handle by their software development providers. Owning an in-house developer team in your office would definitely induce a massive amount of expenses, which trouble many companies. It would be solved by software outsourcing with offshore developers. Aside from that, clients also handily access to a variety of skilled developers at a reasonable cost.

Not controlled under labor law, you reserve the right to add or remove any developers at any time without a doubt of time delay or additional recruitment costs. You can handover the process to software vendors that they will be happy to instantly do it for you. In the opposite approach, dedicated development companies only need to serve their clients and building their teams. They will not be responsible for the commerce site of running software in the market. Clients will handle it and bring it to end customers.

Who needs to hire dedicated developers?

Startups: with limited resource and technical skills, hiring dedicated developers refers to a favorable option for startups to cut down the time of preparation for business launching.

Non-technical companies: Companies, which do not own in-house developers, want to deploy a software solution, assisting their business in the era of digitalization regularly end up with the dedicated development team model.

Enterprises: Several corporate want to rapidly expand their team with talented developers without wasting time in recruitment prefer dedicated developers with long contracts.

Common models of a dedicated software development team

Generally, when you hire a dedicated development team, you pay for each hour they execute your projects. Accordingly, the cost of projects depends on the hourly rates of your vendors.

Pricing model Duration Billing
Hire full-time dedicated developers8 hours per individual per day 5 days/weekMonthly
Hire part-time dedicated developers4hours per individual per day 5 days/weekMonthly
Hourly HiringUpon requestsMonthly

How your business finds dedicated developers?

Obviously, today is the era of search engine and review platforms that you can handily check your potential vendors on the screen.

Freelancers offering dedicated software teams services

If you are looking for individuals or teams with constant expertise and working independently, you might look up freelancer sites. In which platform allow you to collaborate with thousands of developers worldwide.

  • GitHub Jobs: one of the largest developer communities that suitable for hiring front-end, back-end, or full-stack developers
  • Upwork: a freelance market place offers to find, interviewing, and managing developers
  • Toptal: Browsing this site for talented developers who have passed technical tests that you can trust their expertise.

The professional dedicated development company

If you expect to collaborate with a development company for better expertise and resource, we suggest you could browse candidate through some popular B2B platforms specializing in software development as below:

  • Clutch: A reputation site for connecting software development companies with their potential clients, found in 1991. Here you can find lists of providers with ratings, reviews, details with trusted data.
  • The Manifest: Alternative platform of Clutch where you can find developers without sponsors players.
  • Goodfirms: a B2B research and review platform for listing top technology, software, and eCommerce companies
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Comprehensive guide in hiring dedicated developers

Since most clients, who hire dedicated developers, are struggling in executing the software development process. Accordingly, they have faced with series of challenges in managing team and assuring software quality due to improper approach with those tasks.

Supposing that you have complete software vendor selection, then ending with your shortlist providers. Before starting development, you should consider the following steps below:

1. Discuss with the dedicated team the requirement

In fact, your chosen software development company or freelancers need to understand your project before starting any further step. For discussing, clients commonly request a call for offshore software development to show ideas and goals. Expressly, you might think about the business expectations, required features, must-have expertise, and more, providing a comprehensive background about your upcoming software in a business context instead of coding.

Following the call, you can generally assess your selected vendors regarding their ability, capacity, services, and expertise. Whereby, it provides you compelling evidence to end up with the final one, who will sign the outsourcing contract and go with you in a further step.

At this time, you are required to provide a software requirement specification (SRS), which regularly cover three main parts:

  • Your targeted purpose in building new software
  • An overview of software descriptions: including intended audiences, users, and project’s scope
  • Your custom requirements regarding features: functional requirements, Design requirements, system features, and nonfunctional requirements.
  • A description of the interaction between software, hardware, and other integrated tools.

With SRS, you and your software development vendors are on the same page and ready to step into the next development phases.

2. Meet up with developers

One of the immense advantages of the dedicated software development model is that you reserve the right to add or remove developers from your dedicated team. In other words, you could control the recruitment process to interview each candidate in person.

If you choose to go with a freelancer developer team, you could only select among their members. Collapsing more teams into one tends to be impossible due to the gap between freelancers from geography and background. Alternatively, hiring a dedicated software company, they will do prescreening candidate for you. Obviously, those candidates also come from this company, but more options to be selected.

In an ideal scenario, you can schedule an interview with each team member to make sure their ability in performing your projects. If you found the one not matching your requirement, you could handily request alternative developers. At the end of this step, you have your credible dedicated developers working on behave of your business.

3. Follow the development process

With a fitting developer team, your project is ready to turn on the development progress. Recently, agile development methodology is seemingly applied in most professional software outsourcing companies due to its advantage in enhancing the quality and cutting execution times. With agile software development, you could handily keep track of all progress by taking daily scrums with video meetings and real-time task tracking.

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The heart of this step is that you can have a comprehensive insight daily, weekly, or monthly of what the dedicated development team is done in a given time. Leveraging the insights, you can timely adjust the progress.

4. Check with constant support

Each dedicated development companies or freelancer teams have their own clients support staffs, who are in charge of update the development process or report leftover tasks from developers. With constant supports, those staff would assist you in taking care of the working environments and keep dedicated developers on track.

For changes in the software development plan, you can handily discuss with support staff or gently order meeting up with the team. Currently, the agile development methodology allows dedicated developers to divide into a series of sprints for optimizing control. Accordingly, you could follow with constant support to complete each sprint with higher efficiency.

Final words: the model of a dedicated software development team remain in high demand in this decade that clients could leverage it to accelerate digital transformation to their business. It is necessary to comprehensively understand the included aspects to take full advantage of it.


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