Meeting Room Scheduling Software For Your Coworking Spaces


An application of meeting room scheduling software helps your organization save time, avoid room hoarding and wasted meeting spaces. Click here for more. 

A rising trend of freelancers working from shared spaces has changed the way of business. There is also more than saving money by sharing office space and resources. Thus, this will lead to the growth of the meeting room scheduling software. Thanks to the meeting room booking system, you can book a meeting room from anywhere with an internet connection. 

Users schedule a meeting room right from your home screen. It is good to ensure your meeting room management system runs smoothly. Besides, the meeting room booking system integrated with outlook helps work run efficiently. Read more about how meeting room scheduling software can boost your productivity. 

Workspace Technology: Why should your company use meeting room scheduling software? 

A meeting room scheduling system helps organizations eliminate major problems: room hoarding and wasted meeting spaces. First of all, room hoarding happens when there is no standard procedure for booking meeting rooms. If anyone wants to book a room, they will show up early to reserve their meeting rooms. 

The wasted meeting is another spot without a meeting room management system. When people cancel bookings, what happens? This working space is opening up. People don’t know that the rooms will be empty. Hence, the meeting room scheduling software will be tools. The meeting room scheduling system allows workers to see which rooms will be available when they want to meet. It helps update the meeting rooms. Employees do not need to come early and hold the meeting rooms. Besides, they can view what equipment is available in the room: video conferencing, screens, etc. 

Tremendous benefits of the conference room scheduling software 



Meeting room scheduling software helps save time for your organization. With the conference room scheduling software, you will see available meeting rooms in a day, week or month. Outsourcing software development services are available to develop the meeting room scheduling software for its benefits. 

Booking calendar 

With a friendly user interface, the meeting room scheduling software allows users to reserve bookings directly in the calendar by just a few clicks. Users can see everything and get an overview of meeting room spaces. Drag-and-drop makes you move bookings and adjust the meeting rooms if needed. 

Efficient and fully-customized online booking tools 

This meeting room scheduling solution enables your staff to remove hours of administration time. This software application has specific regulations that users need to follow when reserving rooms. For instance, which are maximum and minimum booking times? 

User Management 

Users are the heart of any meeting room. The meeting room scheduling software gives managers the versatility to take care of any user. 

Friendly mobile UI 

Users can access the meeting room scheduling software from any device connected to the website. The meeting room services let organizations manage their bookings from any device. Users have access to a booking process for mobiles, which allows them to check availability and manage existing bookings. Offshore development teams consider a friendly user interface feature of the mobile application. 

Essential features of the conference room scheduling software 

Organize meeting rooms 

The conference room scheduling software helps set up and schedules meeting rooms and venues: room descriptions and hours. For instance, people can set times and manage resources effectively, particularly at special events. 

Customized meeting room scheduling system 

Within the meeting room system, organizations create room booking forms to get information they need. It helps collect attendee information, appointment location, etc. Offshore development teams are trying to make the meeting room scheduling system flexible for various purposes. 

Easy calendar management system 

Organizations manage the rooms on the meeting room scheduling software. It helps manage capacity, keep track of customers and appointment history, which easily amend or cancel bookings through SMS notifications and emails. 

Reduce no-shows through SMS  

The meeting room system reduces no-shows about 70% by sending email and reminders. It helps users to keep their appointment bookings. 

Reports and Dashboard 

The meeting room scheduling software produces reports and real-time analytics, supporting the management system.

Various integrations and plugins

Outsourcing software development services are developing custom apps to book meeting rooms. They will tailor this meeting booking software to fit perfectly with business processes with the extensive collections of plugins. Over 50 integrations include Google Calendar, WorkPress, MS Dynamics, etc. 

Automated meeting room booking notifications 

Offshore development teams offer mobile apps which will send automated notifications to users. The meeting room booking system sends confirmation, SMS reminders and collects feedback automatically. 

Meeting room services: Compare between Meeting Room Scheduling Software and Native Outlook 

Large organizations find meeting rooms, which can be a chore due to the lack of filtering options and interface.
The advanced filtering function allows users to locate and book optimal locations based on specific criteria. Users expand any room to show details such as capacity and photos. 
The schedule of meeting rooms surpasses its capabilities. It is hard for users to choose individual attendees and view their availability. 
Users simultaneously view rooms and attendee availability, then will book rooms directly. 
Outlook handles a simple system. If users use other functions, it will be tax.
Users reserve, track, and modify meeting room services for individuals and recurring meetings. 
Outlook still uses an outdated version. Users are hard to use interface. 
The software features a modern and simplified solution, streamlining meeting books and scheduling. 

Meeting room scheduling system integrated with outlook 

Organizations want to create a great meeting experience every time. However, just using outlook is hard to control, particularly if organizations have meetings across multiple locations or time zones. Thus, integrating the meeting room scheduling system with others is a solution for meeting room services. 

The meeting room scheduling system with outlook allows users to book rooms, have an overview of calendars, send agendas and reminders. Besides, users drag and drop their meeting calendar in outlook. Thus, it helps update information to all attendees and meeting room services if changes. The capabilities of the meeting room scheduling with outlook include: 

  • User analytics 
  • Check-in 
  • Meeting room bookings 
  • Invitation management 
  • Reports 
  • Secure features 
  • Automatic notifications 

How organizes implement the meeting room scheduling software 

When developing a mobile app of the meeting room scheduling software, offshore development teams will consider the following features. 

Show facility situations and real-time datasheets 

The meeting room booking software shows facility situations with accurate pictures and space in office premises. Besides, the software provides real-time data. Thus, managers will see which teams, which meeting rooms, etc. 

Track employee movement and meeting room capacity

It is essential to know how people move around the office and which rooms are available at the moment. The meeting room scheduling software gives managers a clear picture of how many rooms on-site and their capacity. 

Reduce booking steps and costs 

As a report, unproductive meetings will cost about $1800 compared to emails. Employees waste time and resources if they are finding rooms for meetings and inviting their co-workers.  

Organize training sessions for all employees 

Employees should get familiar with the meeting room scheduling software. Organizations can carry out face-to-face or zoom training sessions. Sending video tutorials and training courses through email are one of the best ways. 

Face-to-face/Online conferencing sessions 

Organizations make their employees accustomed to the meeting room scheduling software via presentations and seminars. 

Video tutorials 

People use video tutorials since their employees work across locations and time zones. Managers can pre-record a video about all necessary information: the meeting room scheduling system. 


After employees are familiar with the meeting room scheduling software, managers provide the employees with essential information. Using emails for training a new meeting room booking software is another feasible solution for organizations. 

Wrap up 

As the world has evolved, the meeting room scheduling software seamlessly integrates into the working spaces. The meeting room scheduling solution helps save time and effort wasted while booking a meeting room. The meeting room scheduling software boosts the work more effectively. Moreover, it can support the meeting room booking processes. As the top software development company in Vietnam, Adamo Software provides lucrative software solutions for any organization.


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